fun on a boat...

well...don't know if anyones interested..but heres another of my fun trips last year....
I was invited to visit an older guy in Florida...promised a fun time if i was up for it..really not up for a fun Well..after much internet chat..a few pics & working out some travel details..i found myself on a plane south. I arrive in Miami & he picks me up...or should i say his driver does.Upon arriving at his place which is a BOAT!!!...granted..a very nice boat..& large.He takes me aboard.. guess you call it when getting onto a ship..
gives me a huge hug & says sit down...i'll show you around in a bit. We had already had brief discussions of what he came some details.
First rule if i agreed to it was no clothing while on board.Will be allowed to wear only 1 thing at a time...either a thong bottom or a skirt wrap...nothing else. Second...all & any guests could enjoy me anytime they wanted.I would be allowed 6 hours each day to not be available to them...other than that...i could never refuse any or all of his guests.I was to be their total slave as far as sex went.Whatever & whenever they wanted..i would agree to do...this was my only chance to agree or not...sounded like a great trip...nice places we were going...& is never a bad thing & i love to go...
We then proceeded on the grand tour & met the people who ran the 6 guys i guess.After the tour we relaxed on the sundeck grabbing some sun...which was super...& he told me to enjoy my tomorrow we would head out for Nassau & when i got 10 he said...i would begin my duties.Funny...thing...he never did make a move on me...oh well...saving that for later maybe.
I had a great sl**p & woke around 9 or so...but had been told to wait till i was sent for..& to only wear the 1 i showered & put on the skirt this time breakfest had been delivered which i ate.I could feel the boat moving so i knew soon i would be called for...a little neveous...but excited too.Right at 10 a knock at my door & a crew guy asked if i was ready that i was wanted on eyes hardly left my breasts...think he liked.
As i came up to the sun deck at the rear of the boat...holy fuk...there were 10....10 guys there...every 1 except my host was black...& big guys...i mean all were like well over 6' host introudced his "boy" to me...they played basketball...he owned the team & i was their reward for playing for him.
All were wearing bathing suits..& icould see some large bulges they liked my titties.In no time ..each kissed me & had a quick feel & hug...some a little longer than others.By now we were well away from port...drinks started to flow & soon no guy had a swim suit on & my skirt was long gone....i was surrounded...& kisses came from every they were real deep throat kisses...& cocks were hard as poles. I knew fun was about to start.Then...out of the host asked them all to stop...he was 1st...& proceeded to push me to my knees & shoved his cock down my throat...announcing heres how your to do her....he shoved all he had as far down my throat as he could & face fucked me roughly saying his was small compared to their cocks & he wanted to see them into the balls everytime.After he came in my mouth...he pulled out saying...for the reminder of your time on board...shes yours to enjoy.....
more of the trip to cum!!!!
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1 year ago
id love to be part of that fun
1 year ago
Sounds fucking awesome
2 years ago
you should travel down here to South Africa
2 years ago