Closing time

Closing time.

Just before closing Leah enter into the abandoned supermarket. At the end of the last aisle she stands for refrigerated display cabinets. A hand reaches past her and grabs something from the showcase. Although he stands behind her, his body barely touched hers. His breathing down her neck when he says "You smell horny”. She clears her throat and says "What do you want from me". Arjan comes closer and says "You know what I want". Leah feels his hard cock as he pushes against her ass. He puts his hands around her and let his hands resting on top of the refrigerated display cabinets, so Leah can not move. He starts to dry fuck against her. His hand slides around her torso and grabs her big tits. Leah slowly turns around. Dizzy, as if no one is present in the supermarket, touching her lips to his and she feels lightheaded and receives his tongue and his touch pleases. Arjan is showing its purpose and Leah relaxes her body and she enjoys his hands. It seems as if his hands all intimate places knows that begs for attention, and it feels like an orgasm but intense. As his fingers in front of her pants slide, she gets a spontaneous orgasm. Tentatively she is in heat for him and feels intimate with his hand in her crotch. Eagerly, she answers his yearning for rampant sex and lascivious receive his hard rod deep inside themselves. If an endless mantra slowly in and out, Leah she cums. He sucks her breasts and runs his tongue over her nipples and belly. He turns her around and drives his rod behind inside and Leah milking him with her trained muscle. Then Leah feels his throbbing rod to explode and enjoy as the sperm spraying. Arjan is exhausted to relax and feel her mouth surrounds his rod while she rubs her hands over his stomach and horny moving her buttocks.

At that moment I step into the supermarket looking for Leah, because to wait in the car takes me too long, and I'm horny to! Quickly I look around me and pull out my hard. I gets behind her and penetrating her on my erection and it has good lubrication. Leah enjoy the exploratory hands of Arjan, with his lustful look on her hooters. With my throbbing rod in it, Arjan explore her voluptuous body and voluptuous tits he enjoys caressing her breasts with the big tits. I am challenging with my pole deep into Leah marshy cunt and Arjan sucks and caresses her breasts. She rides my rampetamper and I grabbed her buttocks to go deeper. While her tits up and down swinging, Arjan with his face between her breasts and smothered by her huge Jugs he finished moaning. Leah fingers herself and she enjoys being banged from behind.

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4 years ago
very good theres more to this