Stranger: :)

You: yea

Stranger: ahhhhh why have you k**napped me?!

You: because im goin to use u as my sex slave

Stranger: Untie me from this dank dungeon!

Stranger: I wanted kinky not this!

You: no not until u have swallowed all my come and tasted my piss

Stranger: my hands are tied behind me and my ankles too, i struggle to get free

You: stop struggling or im going to fuck u up the ass

Stranger: I stop suddenly, wishing I could shower away the sweat

You: ill shower away your sweat.....start pissing on u...u like that slave??

Stranger: ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I shake my head and splutter the piss, but I am a little thirsty...

You: open your mouth and drink it if ur thirsty

You: do u like my piss??

Stranger: Ugh No! I will never drink it! I close my mouth

You: i grab your hair and hold your nose till u open your mouth and shove my cock in your mouth and piss down your throat

Stranger: AHHHHHHHHHHH! I gargle and try to spit it out, fighting my tied hands behind me and flailing my tied feet!

You: hahahaha u cant escape slave so just enjoy it and wen im done with u ill let u go

You: clean up my cock

Stranger: I give in and gulp down the piss and then start licking your cock

Stranger: and sucking it deep

You: yes thats it enjoy it and suck it till i cum as i reach down for your pussy

You: you like that slave?

Stranger: I keep sucking but I moan as you reach my pussy, all open and defenceless to your touch... I gasp

You: oh your wet so u are enjoying this i slip in 2 fingers its so tight i moan as u start sucking harder

Stranger: ugggggggggggggggh I moan into your cock as I suck and suck and suck, my pussy tightening even more!!!

Stranger: ugggggggggggggggh

You: oh no slave your not cuming yet i pull my cock out of your mouth and put it in your pussy

You: u groan as my fat cock stretches your hole

Stranger: OMG! uhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm ugggggh! The pain and pleasure is one and my whole body arches! I forget about trying to escape mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

You: i f***e my cock all the way in and begin pounding your warm pussy u groan wit every thrust

You: i can feel myself ready to burst

Stranger: ugh ugh ugh! UGH! Suddenly I'm scared again, the pain is intense as is the pleasure

You: im getting harder and faster i stick a finger in your ass do u like that??

Stranger: ugh no master!

You: well wen u come ill take it out hahaha mmmmmm im fucking u so hard nearly ready to fill u up

Stranger: I am embarressed as your finger is up my ass but I try and ignore it, fingers and toes squirm with pain and pleasure from my pussy

You: oh yes are u ready slave im gonna fill u up cum with me cum on NOW DO AS I SAY!!!!!!

Stranger: ugh ugh ugh UGH UGGGGGGGGGH uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Stranger: I cum so hard and gush

Stranger: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

You: OHHHHHH YYYYYESSSSS i cum inside u and coat u wit 8 thick shot of my seed i collapse on your back

Stranger: May I be untied now master? I say breathless

You: yes slave u have done good

You: i begin to untie u

Stranger: I flew my wrists and ankles, thankful

You: this will be happening again do u hear me

Stranger: I gulp

You: i grab your face DO U HEAR ME??

Stranger: Yes! I shout

You: good and if i smell another guy off u it will be your ass this goes in next time *grabs cock

Stranger: I nod

You: no go clean yourself off and leave..

Stranger: CAn I be untied then master?

You: yes i untie u

Stranger: I get up and dress myself and go to leave

You: i grab u back throw u against the wall and piss on your pussy as a mix of wee and my cum roll down your legs

You: i laugh at u as im doing it

Stranger: ahhh! I punch you in the balls!

You: OHHHHH BITCH but i drop to the floor in pain

Stranger: I run for the door, half naked!

You: i try to get up but cant because of the pain GET BACK HERE SLAVE!!!!

Stranger: I grab rope and tie your hands behind you, then your ankles!


Stranger: I strap you to a table and pick up a buzz saw

You: ok lets calm down wtf are u doing

Stranger: I turn it on and move it slowly to your dick


Stranger: Fine, I just leave the dungeon
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