Holiday sex 2

So, Steve and i are still on holiday, we have still 3 days left after the girls we had been fucking left,( SEE PREVIOUS STORY). We made up our minds to just get tanning by the pool in the day, and hit the hotel bar at night. First night though we got talking to two older ladies, cougars today i suppose, they were both 34, good looking, nice fit bodies, large tits, great rounded arses. One, Sharon, was really into Steve, while the one i was chatting too, think her name was Rita, was not really interested in me, ah well, cant win them all! Anyway, she split after a bit, and i, not wishing to cramp Steves style, excused myself and went for a walk on the beach.Later i went on up to our room to be greeted by creaking and moaning from behind our door. I could not resist a look in, so in i went, and theres Steve balls deep up Sharon on the bed, both naked, Steve slamming into her good style, balls banging her arse, while Sharons big tits are swinging back and forward to his thrusts. My cock is hard in seconds, so i put my hand in my shorts and started to slow wank, still not been noticed! But as Sharon let out an especially load moan and tossed her head she saw me there and squealed in surprise, Steve saw me then too! Shit, i pulled my hands out, but then saw that they were both laughing. "No worries mate" says Steve, "We were hoping you would come back soon, Sharon wants a threesome!!". And by the big smile on her face, i knew it to be true! So i dropped my shorts, cock springing up hard, and walked to the bed. "Let me suck you off" said Sharon, so i knelt in front of her and she grasped my cock and guided it into her mouth, hot and damp, with a darting tongue. Steve went back to pounding her doggy, grabbing her tits, i grabbed her head and started to face fuck her. Fuck, it felt soooo good. Sharon came first, gasping and moaning, then Steve gave an extra hard thrust and his cum shot out into her pussey and over her arse cheeks. We all fell apart, but after a while Sharon said, "You havnt cum yet, and i want it now!" I said, ok, of course! I asked her if she would ride my cock cowboy, and to my surprise she asked if she could ride me with her arse! Steve was back hard by now, and he says" What about me then!"So i said to Sharon, "Have you ever had a dp?" She smiled and says its something she had always wanted to try. So i lay on my back, Sharon straddled my cock facing away from me, and lowered herself down, i lubed her ass-hole with my saliva and some of Steves cum that was still in her pussey, and on the second try my cock-head popped in, followed by my shaft, till i was balls deep. Sharon lay back on me, so i grabbed her tits, just as Steve entered her pussey again. We lasted about 30 mins till i shot my load up her arse, and Steve came again, Sharon too. Fucking fantastic!! The feel of his cock on mine was a real great experience, one i have repeated a few times!!
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