Holiday sex

My mate Steve and i were at sea together and , being bored at home on leave, booked a late holiday deal to Greece. Best decision we ever made. We were both 19, pretty fit ourselves, and soon got into a crowd of other k**s our own age in the hotel. The usual stuff, out drinking together, all day by the pool, tanning, a few trips to the local sights etc. But 2 girls really stood out from the rest, both black, Toni... great figure, big tits, lovely ass!! And the girl i really had the hots for, Rochelle...stunning, more honey coloured than deep black, long hair, pert tits , and a very peachy ass. They were both a great laugh to be with, and Steve with Toni, and i with Rochelle came to be a bit of an item by the pool, or partying. Fuck they were amazing in bikinis, and really hot in their going out gear. One night tho, the girls went to a dance exibition, while Steve n i stayed in the hotel bar. We went back to our room about midnight, Steve the worse off on the booze crashed out on the bed, i stripped off, lay on my bed, and listened to some music cassettes,( cassettes the in thing then!!) Just then there is a knock at the door, so i pulled on my shorts and answered it, wow, there is Rochelle looking fantastic in her bikini. "We are having a party in our room, beach party, wanna come, you and Steve"? Well i said i would luv too, but that Steve was out of it. "OH, come anyway" she said, so i went with her to her and Tonis room, door was open and music playing, soft, sexy stuff. In i went, Rochelle shut the door, Toni on the bed in her bikini. Only us 3 there, so i said, "Wheres the party"? At which Toni n Rochelle have a fit of the giggles, look at me and say, "We are it"!! Well, like a fool, for a minute i just stood there, till Toni got up and started to slow dance with me, then Rochelle joined in too. Well, cock was well hard in seconds, very noticeable in my shorts!! They laughed again, then together pushed me onto my back on the bed. Rochelle sat on my chest and started to kiss the face off me, heaven or what!! Then i felt my shorts being pulled off, cock springing up good style, and Toni just took me all in her mouth...FUCK!! I had Rochelles bikini top off and was kissing and fondling her fantastic tits, she moaned and groaned, and all the time Toni was giving me a real good bj, sucking my balls, licking my shaft, flicking her tongue up n down too. I was close to cumming, Rochelle sensed this by my moaning, leaned down and whispered, "Cum in Tonis mouth, she luvs it" Well this sent me over the edge, and just as i started to cum, Toni fingered my ass!! Shit, cumm shot out, loads, Rochelle rolled off and i could see my cum in Tonis mouth, on her lips n chin too. Fuck, what a great sight!! We lay there for a short while recovering, the Toni says "Shower time", and we all piled into the shower, all naked in no time. We soaped each other up, i fingered them both to orgasm, and i was rock-hard again. "Bed"!! i said, and we all tumbled onto the bed, all still wet, but soooo horney too. I got on top of Rochelle, pulled her legs over my shoulders, and slid my cock in deep. She squealed and moaned as i rammed in n out, that hot , wet pussey. Toni got behind me, kissing my neck, shoulders n back, kneading my ass too. "Fuck her real hard" she says to me, and i did my best, cock in n out, balls banging Rochelle fab ass. She came again, and i just had to shoot another load of cum in her pussey and over her pubes, Fan-fucking-tastic!! We stayed at it all night, best position of the night, me up Toni doggy n eating Rochelle out at the same time. We crawled down to breakfast just before they closed, and there is Steve waiting for us all. He guessed at once what we had been up to, n called me the luckiest bastard on earth!! I know that Toni gave him a sympathy fuck later that day in the dunes, cos me and Rochelle were in the next hollow, me being ridden cowboy style!! We spent the last two days of their holiday fucking as often as we could, but they were only there for 11 days, us 14, so we parted at the airport. No phone numbers or meet ups back home, we all just wanted a holiday to remember, and fuck did we!!
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1 year ago
Grt story... Cassettes.. Lmfao..