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Hi everyone! I'm Kortni, I'm 19, new to xhamster, had a friend show me the site and loved it! I'd like to tell you a but about myself, I have a strange thing for ass smell, weather its guys or girls, and even my own, and enjoy meeting others who share the same fetish. It all started for me when I was young and a guy approached me while I was picking berries and pulled my panties off me and masturbated in front of me while sniffing them. I was curious as to why he liked the smell and smelt a dirty pair of mine that night at home. When I smelt the little brown stain in the seat of them, I couldn't get enough, and ended up masturbating for the first time and having my first orgasm! After that I'd sniff my panties at night in my bed and masturbate, until one night I found a pair of my mom's thongs on the bathroom floor and sniffed them. Her ass smelt awesome and I started sneaking her panties as well as my friend's and their mom's! I used to take their panties and sniff them for a few days and return them, throwing them under their bed, so they'd think they just got kicked under there! I was never caught taking their panties and spent many nights savoring the smell of their asses!

I also became obsessed with watching guys jerk off, and spent hours in front of my computer masturbating, sniffing sk**-marked underwear and watching strangers whack off! One guy offered to give me his dirty underwear and I met him in a parking lot by my school. I got in his car and after he gave me a baggy containing his underwear, asked me if I wanted to see him jerk off in person! I agreed and after he got it hard, I reached over and touched my first cock! I got the hang of jerking it off quick and soon he shot his load all over his legs and my hand. I licked what had landed on my hand and liked the taste. Still do actually! I sniffed his dirty underwear that night, picturing his cock in my hand spurting it's load! We got together three more times after that, and the third time I actually sucked him off, letting him cum in my mouth! Again that was my first time sucking a cock and I loved it! I went online that night and as soon as I logged on got a message from him. He asked how I was doing and I told him I was super horny from blowing him earlier and the response I got was I was actually talking to his wife! She logged off and I never heard from him again! I felt bad, but how was I to know it was his wife!

My first boyfriend was Shawn and he was my age. We fooled around on our second date, at the movies and he fingered me as I jerked off his small cock. Shawn was only 3" tops, but I loved it and still love small dicks! The next day, we skipped the afternoon and went to my place and got naked in my room. We layed in my bed kissing and caressing each other, and I asked him if I could try something. I got him on all fours and got behind him and sniffed his ass while I masturbated. It was such a turn on to smell a real live ass that I came fast and hard! Shawn didn't say anything, and after I came, sucked him off. We rested for a bit before I went back down on him and got him rock hard before riding him to another orgasm! I didn't get off and asked if I could smell his ass again to cum and he let me. After that, I'd sniff his ass for foreplay and fuck his brains out! We became really close and I spent all my time with him, becoming best friends and lovers! He moved away the following year, and I was crushed, but we kept in contact over the net and phone. We get together to this day, as Shawn only lives a few hundred miles away! I still love sniffing his ass and he loves fucking my pussy! We're actually getting together in a few weeks, so I'll be sure to share what happens!

After Shawn left I found myself craving sex, and started meeting guys online. Usually we'd just have a quick fuck and suck in their car, and some would even invite me to their house. One guy I met shared my ass smell fetish and we chatted online for a few weeks, camming and sniffing dirty underwear, he'd sniff his wife's and daughter's and I longed to find out what they both smelt like! We had been camming and chatting for almost a month when he finally agreed to meet me. He had me go to his house, and when I got there, was shocked at what I saw. As he led me to his bedroom, I seen a bunch of f****y pictures on the wall and recognized a girl from school! She was a quiet nerdy type, and I didn't really know her as she took advanced classes, but I knew her to see her! It turned me on to know I was in her house, about to fool around with her dad, whom I'd watched numerous times sniff her dirty panties! My pussy was drenched by the time I stripped off my clothes, and as I stood in front of him, letting him sniff my ass and pussy, wondered what she'd think if she walked in on us! After he was done licking my ass, I asked if I could sniff his daughter's panties and he smiled and went a grabbed a pair. They were filthy! She had huge sk** marks in them and the crotch was stained yellow with her pee! He explained she was absent minded and concentrated too much on school work to change clothes and would sometimes go days at a time without changing! I sniffed the raunchy sk** marks and masturbated right in front of him, cumming, imagining his daughter on all fours in the change room at school, letting me sniff her ass! He seen how turned on I was from his daughter's scent and grabbed her hairbrush, telling me he heard her at night sometimes, masturbating with it! I quickly grabbed it from him and sniffed it as he got on his knees in front of me and licked my pussy. When I started cumming, I sucked the handle, tasting her pussy juice! At that time, I figured I had sniffed over forty girls' ass and pussy, but had never been with one. I knew from her ass smell I needed to be with her and after letting her dad fuck me, I went home to figure out how!

Her name was Stacy and when I went to school the next day, seen her in the cafateria and sat beside her. She looked at me sheepishly and smiled, before lowering her head and taking a bite of her sandwhich. I introduced myself and asked her if she would be into tutoring me. She agreed and we started meeting at my place after school. After a week she relaxed and we started becoming friends, so I asked her about her personal life and if she was dating anyone. She told me no, and that she never had as she was too shy and guys thought she was too nerdy. I told her that I'd only been with one guy and told her since he left, I was back to masturbating. She blushed and said she did the same. I asked if she watched porn and she told me she did, and when I asked what kind, she grinned and said she liked girl/girl stuff! I asked if she liked girls and she nodded, looking to see what my reaction would be. When I smiled and said cool, she relaxed and asked if I did too. I told her I did, but had never been with one, and she said she had only fooled around once with her cousin a few months back. The two had kissed and fingered each other under the sheets. I asked if she wanted to fool around with me right then and she lowered her head and asked if we could wait until the next day. When I asked her why, she said she hadn't showered in a few days, and was stinky. I told her how much I liked ass and pussy stink and she looked at me and asked if I was serious. I told her yes, and she smiled, telling me she loved it too. She told me how she'd go days without showering or changing her panties, so they'd get nice and stinky, and she'd sniff them while she masturbated with her hairbrush! I told her I did the same and told her to stand up and take her pants off so I could see her panties! Her panties were as filthy as the ones I'd sniffed while her dad ate me out, and there was a think long sk** mark going the whole length of her crack! I sat on the edge of my bed and had her bend over so I could nuzzle my nose into her stinky bum! It was awesome! It was the first time I ever sniffed another girls ass and I loved every second of it! My pussy was dripping wet and as soon as I rubbed it through my jeans I came! Stacy stood up and asked if I could do the same and I did. I loved feeling her nose stuck in my crack, and I could feel her breath through the material of my panties! When I heard her cum, I layed her back on the bed and kissed her. We ended up naked and 69ing, cumming numerous times together! She left late and I layed in bed dreaming about the next time we would be together!

The next day at school, I met Stacy for lunch and she told me how much she enjoyed the previous day. I agreed and we ended up in a stall in the bathroom, me eating her out as she stood in front of me. After she came, we switched and she sat on the toilet and I stood in front of her. We went back to classes with each other's pussy scent on our breathes! After school she came over to my place and we fooled around some more. We continued playing with each other until she moved away for school, but we still get together when she comes home for the holidays! It was funny the first time she brought me home, and her dad saw me! I thought he was going to freak out, but he just smiled at me and winked! When we were alone, he asked if I kept our encounter secret and I assured him no one would find out! He patted my ass and thanked me, telling me I could leave him my panties if I wanted to whenever I came over!

Anyways, I have a lot of experiences that I'd love to share, so many of your stories have made me cum, and I hope mine turned some of you on! Right now I'm sitting in my bedroom at my desk, (I live in an apartment with a friend and yes she's female! but no we haven't fooled around! and yes I sniff her panties all the time!) and I'm wearing my roommate's dirty panties from her pilates class. They're cotton thongs, and they have brown sk**s in them from her big butt, and while I was writing this I had my heater blasting beside me, making my ass sweat mix with hers! Now I'm going to lay in bed and sniff them as I use my vibrator! Sweet dreams everyone!
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2 years ago
LOVE the story and pics 8)
3 years ago
I love the musky smell of girls damp panties mmmmmmmm
3 years ago
God that was so fucking hot.
3 years ago
i love this story and all your first i woulod love for you sniff my ass and i would sniff yours i ber it stinks so good
3 years ago
great story realy hot,love it
3 years ago
wow this was HOT
4 years ago
That was hot!!! More please! I would love to sit on your face and rub my asshole against your nose and spread it wide so you can stick it deep in there for a good sniff. Want to webcam/ chat? would love to hear from you!
4 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmm very hot!! can't wait to read more!
4 years ago
I can relate. I'm a panty sniffer and sometimes it's like being drugged on the aroma. Sometimes I think they should make a perfume like this for perverts like me.
4 years ago
4 years ago
Wow....... That was hot. Sweet dreams indeed lol