The best s****r ever part 6

Yes this is all true and please start reading from the first story please.

The next morning again me and my s****r were the early rises and had a fun idea for revealing the f****y secret to my girlfriend. First we went to our parents room to tell them that we were about to tell her this morning everything so we went downstairs to the kitchen and started to cook some toast.

Just before all the toast had been made, my girlfriend came down and walked over to us. She came over to me and when she went aroud the counter she saw all of us had no bottom cloths on and all had hard cocks and she just grinned at me. "cum on toast babe, guys. Feel free to join in mom and get on your knees bitches.", both girls got down and started working on our cocks and after about 5 - 10 minutes we were ready. Just before each of us came we each put some toast under our cocks and jizzed on them then offered them to the girls.

We all sat down and my girlfriend asked questions about how this started and what is it like being able to do this. While we were recharging our cocks the two girls started to go at each other and the my mom pulled out a spare strapon and squirting dildo and they went at each other as if they were both a****ls for ages. When they were done we were ready and started going at each other as well and having an mmf threesome hardcore and half way through the girls joined back in.

The endless anal penetration into our holes went on for about 30 minutes and at one point all our cocks were stuck up my girlfriend in a "tp" and its hard to do that. We decided to do that again to my girlfriend but this time we all creampied her ass at the same time roughly and when we came out our mom cleaned all of our cocks off one by one.

"well i hope im not imposing but can we live here instead of a different house please, it would be too dull out there by ourselves." and a collected grin came from everyone in the room but no answer . When we finished we made some tea and my girlfriend said that we should just stay naked what was the point gettin changed we all knew each other inside out and then she milked her tits for he milk. "saves you money me doing that and theres more flavour to it i think, dont you?"

Ending: Final chapter

Ever since that day we did decide to move out to oour own home however we did invite our s****r to live with us and she does. We go to our parents house every 1 or 2 weeks and the sex always follow after the day is done and my s****rs cock is now grown flly to a 9" monster matching mine but thicker so my girlfriend gets regular stratchign whoever goes with her. We all sl**p in one bed.
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Loved this story
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Give us more stories!!!!
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Wowe what a family thanks Candi