The best s****r ever part 4

Yes these stories are true and please start from the beginning. So far me and my s****r have been fucking for about 4 or 5 years and our dad has recently caught us and joined in.

Out of our parents our mom spends the most time at work so we always found it easier to have sex now that our dad knows whats going on. Over time he let us fuck him anal and he enjoyed it as much as I did and we started to do something called "naked hour" which happened every friday evening, where our mom works until 11pm if she comes home early.

After several months of doing this naked hour sessions and we could tell that dad was troubled and when we asked him he replied "I cant bear to lie to your mother anymore I should tell her, no lies in this f****y!". Now me and my s****r didnt know what to do because we had both toyed with the idea of telling mom ourselves but didnt have the courage or know how to go about it.

We gave our ideas out loud while fucking each other over the hour and agreed on a plan. The next friday mom had booked a day off from work to relax and me and my s****r went upstairs and dad said he had a surprise for her but to wait downstairs. What was actually going on was me and my s****r lay down in our parents room and did a 69 on the bed while dad started to fist me and then he called down "darling could you give me a hand here".

She came upstairs and entered the rom when she saw us and we expected only two thing which was either her shouting at us or her joining in. Her reaction was neither at the start she just sat down on a chair for about 3 minutes until dad stopped and came over to her. She stood up and walked out of the room when we told hi to give her some space for her to take it in and shove your cock in your daughters ass now. 10 minutes went by and finally she popped her head around the corner and said "you guys are a bunch of dirty fags...and I like it" and the surprise we had when she walked in with a huge 10" strapon.

She slowly walked over and shouted "get up and lay down facing the window in front of you" which we all did kind of getting what was about to happen. Mom then started to fuck dad in the ass and then me and then my s****r and we were all well fucking and to be honest in agony from the size. "cum on yourselves and eat it then you fags. Me and s*s did so straight away but dad was more hesitant so me and s*s decided to both eat his cum and then kiss him so he gets a taste of it.

The weekend was great and I have not seen mom so relaxed in her life and she has given up the strapon and takes tp in the pussy at once.

To be continued.....
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2 years ago
everything remains in the family
3 years ago
Good continuation, finally we see the whole fam in on the action
3 years ago
mmm yes more, good one please