The best s****r ever part 3

As always yes my s****r is a shemale and yes this is all true every word of it.

So since we have formed our new relationship we have been fucking not stop for about 4 years now so im 14 and my s****r is 16 years old. I have now a thick 6" hard cock and my s****r has a huge 7 1/2" cock and we are both familiar with each others bodies but her breasts were so perfect, they were 32DD cups for a shemale.

Well it was a Thursday and both mom and dad said they would be working late which gave my s****r the grin I loved to see and I just grinned bak at her. We heard the door close and the car leaving and we wereboth already sucking each other in the 69 where we then arried on to the doggy style in turns. As always we ate each others cum and then my s****r suggested we have our dinner now and fuck again later.

An hour went by and we had both finished our dinners and then both sucked each other again and follwed the same process. We were so involved at that moment in time that we hadn't heard the front door open up and our father shouting "im early want to go to the cineMA!!!!" me and my s*s both bolted for the stairs when he said "stop its too late" and we stopped and he said calmly to sit down.

After a long painful silence our father spoke saying "how long has this been going on for k**s?" and I answered "4 years". The look on our fathers face was one of dissapointment and surprise but not as much as when our father said "well carry on you might as well finish you've been doing it for this long you mind doing it while im here".

As he said it my s****r jumped up and shoved her cock in my face and I sucked more than ever because of the arousing experience I was having at that moment. "mmm I didn't know you sucked cock son you look like a natural" to which I replied "come over here dad you've seen it all but you havn't experienced it all".

"ah, ah, ah not in cloths, come on dad its only fair" and from that dad was naked in seconds with a raging hard-on from a straight guy and after 5 minutes of feasting on two big cocks (dad has a 9" b**st). I turned my attention to my s****r and started to fuck her doggy style, then after this she fucked me then we both looked at dad and he said no at first but then he was gettin blown by my s****r which convinced him to let us fuck him.

It was wierd fucking our dad because he was hairy and we had not had that sensation and to be honest we both didnt like that new experience. About 15 minutes later we decided on a necklace blowjob where I sucked off my s****rs cock and my s****r sucked our dads cock while he sucked off mine. By the time we had all cumed our dad was really in the mood and was going at it like an a****l. My s****r came first being the pro cocksucker i am then my dad blew my load and I blew last.

when me and my s****r had eaten all of our cum I look at our dad and saw he had not eaten any yet so I leaned over and cleaned his face off. "ok k**s have a shower and do what you need to and I'll keep mom downstairs for the next 10 minutes when she gets home. I'll book next thursday off ok k**s its our little secret".

To be continued.....
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3 years ago
yes more please so hot
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Hot story keep up the good work
3 years ago
Very good