Our Night On The Town Part 2

And with that she squeezes my cock, then pulls her hand away. I can feel precum oozing out of my dick but when she pulled her hand off it and stopped squeezing it kind of just barely pours out, not like when it's milked before sex. It makes me crazy, the feeling of me wanting it to shoot out. My balls are a bit achy too.
She leans over, puts her arms around my neck, pulls my face to hers and looks me dead in the eye. I can feel her breath on my lips. I can smell her breath and her own scent, slightly sweaty from the dancing. God she smells good, her hair, makeup, all of it -- wafting into my nostrils. But her eyes are so intense, looking at me like an open book.

"Ricco, would you like to see my husband fuck Vicki?" Dead pan serious she asks me this -- with her pentrating gaze.

I can barely look at her but at the same time I can't break her gaze. Fuck I'm getting more and more warm, more and more dizzy, yet alert at the same time. This isn't like any d***keness I've ever experienced before. And the more time passes, the hornier I feel. It feels as if whatever was going on at the time it would be magnified, amplified. And right now it's sex and the idea of seeing another man have sex with my bride.

"Yes. Yes, I would like to see your husband fuck my wife..." I finally tell her.

She says, "Good. I'm glad, because I was going to have you see it anyway. This way we'll both get to enjoy it." And with that she takes me by the hand and pulls me from the booth. As I stand up bl**d starts to circulate more and that warm/horny feeling sweeps over my body heavily. I feel so submissive right now. She could pretty much do anything to me and I'd go along with it. Her touch, gaze, scent, all of it is just giving me sensory overload and I love it.

She takes me the same way her husband pulled Vicki. We get to the elevator and by this time I've forgotten about my hardon and it's soft again. Why bring this up? Because as we come to a stop she pushes me against the wall and presses her body against mine. Her tits feel fantasatic! She kisses me hard on the lips while slipping her hand between our bodies to massage my crotch. Wet kisses, the smell of her lipstick, her hand rubbing my cock and balls, the smell of her hair and the feel of her body are wonderful. My cock starts to get hard immediately and is rock hard when the elevator arrives.

There are people coming up from the garage so we just slip inside as if nothing is going on. But she keeps reaching over and touching me -- just touching me. I don't know how to describe it but just having her reach her hand over and touching the inside of my elbow, touching under my chin, touching the small of my back, putting a light pressure on my hip, these things are driving me crazy...

We get to their floor and get off -- the only ones to get off on this floor. My cock softens once more as we walk down the hall. I start thinking about Vicki. What's she doing? Is she alright? Is he making a move on her? My mind is swimming with all these things -- all while I'm being guided around this building like a puppy dog on a leash.

We get to her room and she says to me, "Put your ear up to the door and listen. Tell me what you hear."

I do as I'm told, listening as hard as I can. I tell her, "I don't really hear anything. Maybe a rustling or something like that, but no noise otherwise."

"You know why that is Ricco? It's because Vicki probably has my husband's cock in her mouth. Otherwise they'd be talking, wouldn't they?" I nod "Yes" while shrugging, "I guess so..." I think she can sense that my cock is soft.

She pulls me to her, her hand rubbing my cock some more and says, "Ricco, I want to see your wife suck my husband off. It turns me on so much to see him take another man's wife. Will you watch this with me? Tell me you'll sit on the couch with me and help me get off watching Vicki suck my husband's pole, baby. Will you do this for me?"

I tell her I will. Fuck, I'm so horny! I still don't think that's what's going on in the room (don't even know if anyone is in there) but I'm willing to go along with it because she's so hot and is getting us both turned on.

She unlocks the door and slowly opens the door. We both kind of sneak in so as not to disturb anyone in there. We look around the corner of the entryway and I can't believe my eyes. There on the floor, on her knees is Vicki! I can tell it's her even though I'm looking at her back. In front of her is the man, I don't even know his name! His eyes are closed and he's leaning the backs of his legs against the bed. He could sit down if he wanted but he seems to be enjoying standing. I see Vicki's head bobbing to and fro. She's sucking his cock right there!

The wife (I don't know her name either) puts her finger to my lips. Again, I can smell her scent and find it intoxicating. She pulls me to the couch on the other side of the room. We're now able to watch the action from the side and for the first time I can see both of them.

Vicki looks so hot, fully clothed, on her knees, eyes closed, so submissive, sucking Hubby's cock. Her hair is pulled back and I can see her mouth, jaw and throat, all working to please Hubby. She seems oblivious to anything else but his cock. Didn't even seem to notice we came in. What kind of spell is she under? And what about me? The scene is so sureal.

He's totally naked, standing there, hands on hips, eyes closed with his cock in my wife's mouth. I can see his penis, shiny with her saliva, appearing and disappearing in her mouth over and over. My cock is straining in my pants and Wifey notices it. She pushes me into a chair right next to the couch and kneels before me. I'm so excited! The thought of getting head while watching my wife suck off another man is just too much. I wasn't expecting her to just lightly rub her hand on my crotch and lay her head on my thigh - I thought I was going to get a blowjob!

Hubby then says, "So, you guys came up! Glad you did!" and Vicki comes to her senses for a second, looks over our way and starts to get flustered. He instantly leans down, plants a kiss on her and whispers something in her ear. She seems to almost melt and drops back on her haunches and her hands kind of on her thighs. She looks very pretty but pretty d***k (or something).

He says, "Ricco, so let me get this straight. You'd like to see Vicki taken by another man? You'd like to see your sweet beautiful bride be fucked by another man? Is this what you'd like?"

"Well, um..." I look at Vicki and see total lust in her eyes. "I'd like to see her pleasured, you know. I mean..." and with that Wifey grips my cock firmly milking some precum out of my hard cock and tells me, "Say it Ricco. Tell him what you told me downstairs..." and starts to glide her hand back and forth over my cock.

I swallow hard, "Yes. Yes, you're right. That's what I would like to see." I look Vicki right in the eyes, then the man, then the wife and back to Vicki. "I would like to watch you fuck my wife. I then look down and notice how hard his cock has gotten during this exchange. It's pretty big, maybe 8" or 8 1/2" but it's also very thick. I just look at the head for a moment and get this image of what it would do to the inside of a vagina, my wife's vagina.

Wifey then walks over to Vicki while I sit there. She pulls Vicki's hair back and while looking at me starts to stroke her hair. She says to me, "Look at how pretty Vicki is Ricco. What a beautiful wife you have..." She grasps her husband's large cock and pulls it toward's Vicki's mouth. "There you go honey. Suck on this for a while. That's it, nice and strong... You like my husband's cock honey? That's a good girl." She kneels down next to Vicki and starts to kiss her face -- I watch as my wife's mouth opens and closes as she sucks it in and out. Wifey keeps looking at me as she kisses Vicki's face.

I start to rub my cock which instantly get's wfiey's attention. "No! That's not for you to do! If you're going to have this fantasy come true you need to let me take care of you..." I tell her that's fine and she walks over to me, telling me to get undressed. Hubby has Vicki get undressed as well.

Wifey reclines my chair (it's a Barcolounger type of chair) and now that my penis is free takes note of all the precum drooling down the sides of my cock. "Mmmmmmmm, look at this Vicki. Come over here. See how hot it makes Ricco to see you with another man's cock in your mouth? Kiss him baby. Kiss Ricco for me so he can taste what you tasted."

Vicki stands over me and plants a very passionate kiss on my lips. It's the first time we've touched each other since our last dance. I can taste the muskiness of Hubby's cock when she kisses me. And as we engage in this nasty kiss Wifey taps the underside of my cock. Just taps it a few times but it feels good. We break our kiss when Hubby asks Vicki to come over to the bed.

Wifey isn't giving me much pleasure, but is holding my cock between her thumb and forefinger and pulls up, milking out a bunch of precum. She kind of scoops it and then rubs it on my asshole. It feels good (I've played with my asshole a few times, no lying about it here. I've even inserted a finger or two before). She stands up, kisses me and then starts to slide a finger inside my ass. I like it and so does my cock -- getting harder and almost jerking.

She breaks the kiss and continues working her finger inside me. She has me move so my ass is at the edge of the chair but I can still see Hubby and Vicki. He's laid her down on the bed and is between her legs, licking her pussy. I watch as she massages her own breasts and slowly moves her head from side to side, the moaning starting to come out of her mouth. She looks so beautiful.

Wifey has a finger deeply implanted in my rear end. It feels pretty good as she moves it around. I then look down and see a small pool of precum on my belly. Then I notice my cock is partially flacid. It's not hard really, well kind of at the base but not really. It still feels good, but not as if I'm being jerked off or something.

The next thing surprises me. I feel a bit of burning sensation in my rear and then see cum sort of "falling" out of my cock. I didn't orgasm but cum is pouring out of my cock onto my belly. And holy crap! There's a ton of it! I'm a little shocked at how much cum just poured from my cock and it still keeps coming out.

I push a bit on her finger as that's the only source of erotic sensation and she says, "That's a good boy Ricco. Push against my finger baby. Help me get all that cum out of those poor balls of yours..." and I do. She continues for a while longer, until there's more cum than I've ever seen. She pulls out her finger and then sort of milks my cock to get more out of the tube. That feels really good! And it's something else with that good feeling. I notice my cock starts to get hard, just with that!

She moves right next to me but on the couch (I'm in the chair right next to the couch) and leans over to kiss me. "Look at Vicki, Ricco. Look at how good she must feel. See how her body's moving? I think she likes my husband's tongue. Mmmmmmmm, what do you think?"

I don't know what to think. I'm just watching Vicki get eaten out by another guy, listen to her moans and recieving kisses from Wifey. She grips my cock, now that it's hard, and starts to jack me off. Finally! Finally I'm going to get to cum!

I watch Vicki's body get more and more animated. Her breathing is jagged and shallow. Her face has a look of pleasure/pain that goes along with an orgasm. I know she's going to cum soon.

Wifey, while stroking my cock, says, "Mmmmmmmm, do you like that Ricco? Do you like seeing your wife cum on my husband's tongue? Tell her to cum for you. Tell her to cum on his face..."

"Vicki, that's it baby. Cum for me! Cum all over his face baby. Yeah, do it. Just cum honey, let yourself cum for me..." and after saying that Wifey just let's go of my cock! Just like that, stops. I'm fuckin' dying here!

I look back over and see Hubby standing at the foot of the bed and Vicki sort of shuddering/convulsing. She came really good. He walks over to Wifey and me, "Alright, come on over here you two. I want you to see something."

We walk over there, my cock starting to soften once more, and see Vicki laying there, post-orgasm. She looks so beautiful. Her hair pulled down and spread out over the bed.

Wifey kneels on the bed on one side of Vicki, closest to me. She starts stroking Vicki's thighs, inner, outer, on top. And Vicki seems to enjoy the soft feminine hands on her. Wifey starts to pull up on Vicki's knees, making her pull them up -- I know why, she's preparing Vicki to take Hubby's cock! Vicki complies, willingly, sort of our of her senses, d***k, under a spell, something. She lets Wifey pull her knees up and spread her legs, all the while stroking her thighs, tummy and occassionaly brushing her pussy.

"Look at Vicki now Ricco. Look at her spread open like that. Does that turn you on to see your wife looking like a slut for another man?" She starts to play with my cock once again, making it hard while she talks.

"Yes, yes it does. Vicki, you're so beautiful."

Wife says she needs me to do something for her. "Anything!" at this point I mean it too!

"I want you to get on your hands and knees next to Vicki. Put your face up to hers baby."

I do this, my ass is up in the air, my face down with Vicki's and we start to kiss. Hubby is poised between Vicki's legs, his cock semi-erect and then Wifey comes around behind me. What the?

Wifey starts to play with my cock as it dangles down. She says, "Kiss Vicki, Ricco. Give her a passionate kiss for me baby... That's it, kiss her just like that." My cock feels so good in her hand and it's now hard again. And kissing Vicki while her legs are spread open like that with this other couple is intoxicating.

Just at that point I feel her finger on my asshole. It's wet, slick and slides in easily this time. I groan into Vicki's mouth when she pushes it deep.

"Ricco, reach back here and stroke my husband for me doll. He isn't fully hard yet and will need to be to fuck Vicki. Is that okay with you Vicki? Would you like Ricco to stroke off my husband so he can fuck you with his beautiful, thick cock?"

Vicki glances down at his semi-hard cock, remembering what it was like to suck, then looks at me on all fours with Wifey's finger in my ass. She says, "Yeah. I'd like you to do that Ricco. Would you please get him ready to fuck me? I want his cock as hard and big as possible."

Numbly I reach back, now on my knees with a finger in my ass and grasp Hubby's cock. It feels weird to have another man's penis in my hand, but I dutifully start to massage it.

Wifey, "That's it Ricco, stroke my husband's cock like a good boy. Make it nice and hard."

Vicki, "Mmmmmm, that's turning me on honey, watching you jack another man off for me. Oh my god I can't believe you're jacking him off so he can fuck me. I'd never have thought it would be so erotic to see you do something like that..."

At about the time she says this I have a hard cock in my hand -- very hard. Let there be no k**ding around, Hubby liked all of this too!

Wifey, "Vicki, wouldn't you just love it if Ricco guided that into you? Mmmmmmm, wouldn't that be so hot to have your man guide another man's cock into your body?"

Vicki, "Yes! Oh my god honey, please do that. I want you spread my pussy with it, I want you to feel it sliding into me -- his fat cock head openening me up. Yesssssss, that will feel so good. Please baby, put it in me. Feel it open up my pussy and help it get in there."

I can't believe I'm stroking another man's cock, let alone going along with all of this. But I reach over with one hand and spread Vicki's super wet pussy open. She moans from my touch -- damn, what's gotten into her! It's like the slightest touch is magnified for her. I then strop stroking, milk some precum coming out of the slit in his bulbous head and rub that around for some lube.

While I do this Wifey is breathing super heavy. I swear she was about to cum just from directing and watching all of this. She started sliding her finger in and out of my ass, maybe there was 2, not sure. Then she just started snaking it in and out, in and out. Then buried it and started that little motion she did before. I noticed quickly that my cock was soft again but I was still as horny as hell. It felt like more precum was oozing out, probably because it was getting soft and therefore wasn't as long -- being f***ed out by gettting smaller. I started to feel that pinching feeling again although not bad or anything -- but the best way I can describe it is a pinch/burn.

At the same time as Wifey works on my ass I start to pull Hubby to Vicki. I push his meaty cock head up to those beautiful wet lips -- wet with his saliva and her cum. I start to guide it to the hole, pulling on his cock while spreading those lips as far as I can. The head starts to make the hole bigger. Fuck, his cock head is thick. And she can tell it. Vicki moans and lays her head back down, enjoying the feeling of her pussy finally getting some cock tonight.

I watch as his head finally pops in and I see the top of his cock head dissappear inside my wife's vagina. She moans as I hold it there for a second, watching her pussy shift to accomodate him. I can't believe I have my fist around another man's cock and have just pushed the head of it inside my darling bride...

I start to pull more of him into her and then slightly out so her wetness can lubricate the rest of his shaft. I then reach behind him as my hand can no longer be between them and push on his back, making him enter my wife fully. I look down and see his pelvis and my wife's come together fully as she lets out a groan/gasp and takes a deep breath.

Wifey, "Hey Vicki, does that feel good? Huh baby? You like my husband's cock?" Vicki nods in approval. "Well, look at this doll. Look at your husband Ricco." I'm back on all fours as she continues to massage my insides. Vicki gets up on her elbows, Hubby's cock fully embedded in her but not moving yet, and see my soft, dangling cock start to drool cum. I feel it pouring out of me again. It's weird. It feels good but not satistfying like an orgasm. My cock was so close before but now I look down with Vicki to see strings of cum kind of falling out of it onto the bed. There's a good amount of it coming out as Wifey continues to milk me. Not as much as the first time by far, but still a good amount.

"Kiss Vicki, Ricco. Kiss your wife while my husband fucks her." I lean over and start to kiss Vicki. With that, Hubby pulls out a bit and slides his cock back into her. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Vicki moans into my mouth. We continue kissing...

I'm so horny I'm beside myself with lust. I need to get off and can't. My body is aching for an orgasm. I've cum tons (in huge volume) but haven't "gotten off" at all! And now I'm tasting the cock of another man on my wife's breath while he starts sliding his pole in and out of her.

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2 years ago
Damn hot! I want part 3
2 years ago
Very hot. We both enjoyed both parts. Eagerly waiting for more.
2 years ago
greatest story so far! part 3 soon please!
2 years ago
hot hot story Mmmmmm