Fucking the neighbor and his two best friends

For the record, I am 23 and 6'1 feet tall with an 11.5 inch cock. It was a normal Saturday morning and I was trying to jerk off in my room to some porn. I look over and I noticed that i forgot to put down the blinds on my window. I'm staring out the window in surprise and then I realize that the neighbor, an 18 year old k** who I only knew by sight, was jerking off with his two friends. As I stare in shock I can't help but to notice their dicks, which were all about 8 inches. In my mind I think: not bad for a couple of 18 year olds. In a few seconds they notice me too. I forgot to cover up so I'm sitting there with my cock in my hand and still fully erected. When we notice each other, we start running around to cover up. So now I'm dressed and really embarrassed and I'm hoping that they will just forget it. Only a few minutes later, someone knocked on the door. My face fell when I opened it to see the three teenage boys from earlier. They asked if they can come in so i invited them in. One of them started to say something but i cut him off and told him: Look, its no big deal. There is nothing wrong with jerking off. It was embarrassing that we saw each other but its really not that big of a deal. Just keep it between us. They looked really relieved. One said: I'm glad that you said that because we kind of didn't know what to say to this. But now that we're here, can we ask you a few questions. Its like its easier talking to you about this stuff. I guess because of what happened. This was getting weird for me but i don't see them everyday so it was easier to say whatever we wanted. Also, I felt that I at least owed them this. So they started to ask the usual. We were all straight. They asked how much experience I had and they told me their stories. They weren't very experienced and didn't even know of any good porn sites. So I started to humor them. I told the truth but i got into detail, trying to gross them out so they would leave. It didn't work and they got really aroused and used every trick in the book to cover their boners but they didn't do a very good job. So they were about to leave when things got really weird. They asked to see me naked cause they wanted to know how people looked naked. I was kind of shocked and tried to make them leave. They wouldn't leave so, grudgingly, I told them fine, but only for a minute. And when sex was newer to me I remember wanting to know how people looked naked. So we went into my room (I closed my blinds this time) and started to stip. They were shocked by my huge boner. Then they started to strip and suddenly, one of them started to deep throat me. At first it felt good but then i realized what was happening. I was being fucked by an 18 year old. I almost flipped and asked what was going on. Then he went back to sucking and another fucked me from behind and the third shoved his cock in my mouth. It felt so good even though my ass did hurt and I was almost gagging on the cock in my throat. So we took turns in the "middle". That meant that that person would be ass-fucked, get a blowjob and give a blowjob. After we were all pretty much covered in cum, we stopped. We all had a few pains afterwords. Especially the three teeens due to my huge cock. Now this is a regular thing.
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3 years ago
That was one hot experience.
3 years ago
u can fuck me 2
3 years ago
Still a great story dude ;)
3 years ago
Yes tobe young again thanks
3 years ago
I made up some of this story. We really did catch each other jerk off and they did come over and ask questions. We are straight and my penis is really big. They did ask to see me naked and we did show each other our dicks. Really the only made up part is the whole gay gangbang part