loosing my virginity to a $20 street hooker.

Grew up in a small town. In high school I was on the football team, had friends, was a bigger guy, but not obese. i was naturally shy when it came to women so I was a virgin all through HS.Fall 2005 I move to a mid-size town for college. Still naturally shy when it came to women. All of freshman year I remained a virgin. Lame, I known. What kind of guy can't get laid in college.

One night sophomore yr I decided it was time to lose the V-Card, and I decided it the only guaranteed way was with a hooker. I ride around town looking for hookers. My idea of what I would find was based off women and HBO specials, women walking around half naked. After 2 night of no luck i do some research and find out that's not how it is. After research I had a good idea of where to look, and I was right. I drive to the area and Im nervous as hell. I see a woman walking, I stop, roll the window down and she asked "if i could lend her $2". I ask her how bad she wants it. she told me to fuck off. No luck that night.

Two night later i ride out to that area and I see this blonde in short shorts walking back and forth. As I pull up to her she is not the best looking lady, but her body is decent. I could tell that she was a d**g addict(at that time i wasn't aware most were). I asked if she needed a ride, she hopped in. She asked if i was a cop. I said no. I asked her the same,she pulled her shirt up said no and grabbed my dick. She asked what i want, i said pussy. She said $20. We go to this back road,she get out and hops on my trunk missionary style and spreads eagle. I start fucking her and her pussy is wet as hell. Yes, I had on a condom but that's just how wet it was. I fuck until I come and drop her back off.It's the best pussy I've had in my life. Sounds crazy and lame that the best pussy I've ever had is from a crack addicted hooker, but it's true.

And that is how I got introduced to the world of street hookers. i can pretty much spot any area where there is action now. And can give tips on to avoid police stings.

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1 year ago
how "loose" was your virginity? has it been tightened since?
1 year ago
same here man..my first time was with a pro. pros have given me the
best sloppest wet head i have ever too. haven't met a regular chick to top
skills out there in the street when it comes to head
2 years ago
Despite the howls of protest?
Every guy I've ever know has, at some stage,
'used' the 'services' of a hooker!
So what?
So! You're not alone mate! :)
2 years ago
My first was with a hot black hooker, Yum, No better women than whores!