Cleaning but first sex!

Larna sighed as I ran my fingers over her wet bulging clit. "We're gonna have to fuck soon or the top of my head will blow," she laughed. Ever direct, Larna never left me, or anyone, in any doubt about what she wanted. Lying on a blanket in the grass behind my place the sun was hot on our bodies, not that I intended this but things happen!

Earlier I'd collected Larna from her place to do her usual three hours of cleaning and clearing at mine. I lived like a typical bachelor so while clearing up was needed from time to time I preferred to help the local economy by paying a nice looking woman to do it! I'd done the same in the City when I used to work there during the week and had a top time with a good looking Latin woman. But back to Larna. A friend introduced her some weeks before in the summer so I started her straight away, mainly because she was very easy on the eye especially when she wore shorts and a T shirt and not much else! She was easy to talk to tho keeping my eyes off her boobs when speaking was hard. I reckoned 34D was probably right and a pert butt to match. With her hair sc****d off her face into a big blond pony tail and an all too ready smile she was without doubt just what a bachelor needed.

I'd wondered (and who wouldn't!) what she'd be like to tumble in my big bed upstairs and after 5 weeks I thought it was time to make a move. What I didn't know was that she'd decided exactly the same thing. We'd got to know each other quite well so I knew she didn't have a husband or another guy and that her daughter, Leity, lived with her and was a bit of a teenage tearaway - so, much like any girl of that age! As we drove to my place she suddenly asked me to pull over by a convenience store. We went inside to the alcohol section and I was wondering just what was happening. But only for a few moments. She grabbed two large bottles of fizzy European wine and held them up towards me. "What d'you think?" I was looking at her boobs straining under her T shirt. "Irresistible!" She rolled her eyes. "Not my tits, the wine!!" Strange how women always seem to know when we're not paying attention! "I'll go with both.. Is it chilled?" She rolled the bottles over her tits then held them up again. Her nipples had hardened instantly. "Cool enough!" and with that she headed to the checkout with a certain urgency. I followed, her butt seemingly taunting me to get her over the counter. Such a thought..

As we drove the last mile to my place I asked what sort of cleaning was in prospect for the afternoon that involved chilled wine. "No cleaning" she said "it's too hot. Anyway, it's a shame to waste the sunshine." "Bit of sunbathing then?" I suggested. "For sure." she laughed.

"Where are those nice wine glasses you used to have?" Larna's voice came from the kitchen. "Hang on, they're in one of the top cupboards." I went to the kitchen to find the glasses for her. I turned and very nearly dropped them. Larna was standing behind me in her shorts. I did a quick update to my estimate of her boobs. Now that I was staring at them literally in the flesh I reckoned 34D+ and fully self supporting - definitely all her! Her nipples could have been that hard because it was cold - but it wasn't so this was one warming up lady. "Come on, get out of this." She was tugging at my belt and pulling up my shirt. I handed over the glasses and got out of my shirt so there we both were, in shorts.

Spread out on a large blanket in the sun we put away the first glass of wine. Larna stretched herself and shrugged out of her shorts. "What about this real estate then?" she asked, running her fingers over her Brazilian. "Inviting!" I'd decided to go for broke. "You don't know how inviting yet!" As I poured second glasses Larna had my shorts off. "I thought so, look at this hard-on." She had a big smile on her face. "How many women have had this length in them?" "I don't count!" I didn't dare say that it's quite a lot, well, a lot then!

I was still on my back when Larna rolled on top, swinging her boobs in my face. "How many then?" "Ten," I offered, "give or take a few." "I asked how many, not how long!" My dick was straining up my stomach now with her Brazilian motioning to and fro over it. I slipped a finger into her cunt. Wet, wet, wet! Rolling a nipple between my lips it stiffened even more. No going back from here! That's a huge buzz, the point of no going back.

"So how many women have you fucked bareback then?" Larna's breath was getting shorter.
"All of them."
"All of them?"
"I don't do condoms or pulling out."
"What never?"
"Never. Pumping spunk while I look into their eyes is top end."
"Can't do that if you dog them!" she laughed and squeezed the three fingers I had in her cunt.
Larna sighed as I ran my fingers over her wet bulging clit. "We're gonna have to fuck soon or the top of my head will blow," she said.
With that she pulled herself up then pushed back onto my prick up to my balls. Moving so that she was astride me she thrust in and out while I made the most of her tits and nipples.
Her first orgasm was a huge grunting affair while I rhythmically pushed down on her hips to deepen my upthrust. As she climaxed I could feel her cervix and I had to fight the urge to shoot my load into it. Suddenly sweat was trickling down her tits and onto my face. Her convulsions slowed and stopped and she laid quietly on top of me.
"Nothing like it - being fucked by a hard dick is like being on another planet! It's been ages ...."
She reached for her glass.
"I need fucking. Is that normal?"
"I hope so. How long's it been?"
"Too long. Months. I've wanted to fuck with you ever since I first came here!"
"Well it didn't show! Still, I would have fucked you on day 1."
"Really? That's nice to hear! But don't blokes do that anyway? I mean, you're all randy all the time!"
"Not necessarily!"
"Hmm, but you are now. I feel a rising hard dick in my cunt!"
True, my prick was hardening and feeling her clit Larna was getting wet again. We finished our glasses and as I rolled her onto her back Larna smoothly opened her thighs to the sun and me.
"Sun, sex, a big dick and nice wine. All I need is a serious load!"
"No doubt about the serious load... are you on the pill?"
"Haven't been for ages," she breathed into my ear, "why, does that make a difference?"
I felt my pulse rate rise. Of course it made a difference - fucking a woman and maybe making her pregnant is another high. I stroked gently into her cunt as her hips rose to meet me on each stroke.
"Have you worked out if you're safe to be fucked bareback?"
There was no answer for several seconds as she groaned and pulled my buttocks onto her . Her eyes closed and breathing heavily it seemed as if Larna was elsewhere in her pleasure.
"Safe? I don't want to be safe. I want to be fucked by you." Another pause as I buried faster into her and she wrapped her legs round my back. "I want your spunk and lots of it."
I had the sun on my back, Larna moving beneath me and probing her with my prick. I savoured the prospect of a huge creampie and her wanting it no matter what.

On the other side of the garden and directly in front of me was the high fence and back gate leading from the grass on which we were fucking to the woods beyond. I looked up from fucking Larna to see that the gate was partly open and a young girl had quietly come into the garden. Her back was towards me as she reached up to close the gate. Then she stood watching us. I didn't stop - I was too far gone - and wondered who she was. I hadn't seen her before but I then noticed a startling resemblance to the semi-conscious woman moving beneath me. It could only be Larna's daughter, Leity! She waved to me and put a finger to her lips from which I assumed she didn't want me to interrupt Larna with the small matter of Leity's arrival.

Larna climaxed for the second time but instead of slowing and relaxing she became agitated, thrusting her pelvis hard.
"Make me come again, I feel so fucked, just keep your cock going, don't stop, don't stop!"

Nothing soft about that, she was loud enough for Leity to hear. Leity gave me a thumbs up and thrust her pelvis in my direction. I had to remember that she was only 15. It would be difficult. I bent my head and sucked a nipple and stretched down to thumb Larna's clit. She moaned and lifted her cunt upwards and kept it there. Another orgasm was on the way and I could feel her cervix closing over the top of my cock on every penetration. It was all too much for me. As Larna's body was convulsed by another orgasm I started to let go of my load. As I did so I looked up - Leity was completely naked. Too much, too much, load away! When I cum it's usually in four or five large spurts each of which I feel leaving my cockhead as if bursting free. I buried my head into Larna's boobs as the spurts shot home. On the last I thrust in as far as my cock would go and held in. Larna's legs clamped across my buttocks - she wasn't letting me out of her any time soon.

"Did I get all of your cum?" she whispered.
"All of it, and then some!"
"Could you do me again?"
"Again. I've never felt so fucked!"
She wasn't to know that I can do that. My hard-ons don't just vanish but rest and if the opportunity is there I can go again. Not such a load, tho, but a fuck all the same. I've had times when a woman wanted me to cum over her rather than creampie then to fuck again, thinking I'd have no load. Mistake!
"Not satisfied then?" I joked.
Before Larna could answer I was jolted back to the wider reality.
"Hi, mum!" Leity was walking towards us, butt naked.
"Leity! How long have you been here?" Larna was smiling at Leity.
"Long enough for a tasty sex lesson!"
"Well, it was a good one so I hope you learned a bit."
I was still buried in Larna, held by her legs.
"Not letting him out then?"
"No, mustn't waste a good load!"
"Hmmm. You told me some weeks ago that you'd stopped the pill." Leity paused. "In fact, wasn't that when you started here?"
Larna coloured up a bit and her cunt squeezed my cock.
"It could have been..."
"No 'could have been' - it was!" Looking at me Leity continued "You fancied not any man between your thighs but this one!"
"Did you know mum wasn't on the pill?" Leity asked me.
"That's what she said," another squeeze on my cock "and we've gone for it!"
Leity smiled. "I like the idea of a black b*****r or s****r!"
My cock was hardening again and I could feel Larna getting wet.
"I thought you would. I just wanted to be bred by a black man and to see if it's true about black dicks."
"And is it?"
"Well, it certainly is here." she said glancing towards her cunt.
Leity looked a bit odd, shifting as she sat on the blanket with us. Her hand slipped towards her shaven slit.
"What's the matter?" asked Larna, as if she didn't know.
Leity fell silent but not for long.
"Did you get all his load?" she asked Larna
"Certain of it. Why?"
"Well, I wondered if I could have what's left."
"There's not much left - I've had it all." But Larna knew I was rock hard in her. Not much indeed.
"What do you think?" she asked me
"I don't know, Leity's a bit young. Is she on the pill?" Larna and I were teasing Leity now.
"I'm not on the pill but it won't matter if you've shot your load into mum, will it?"
I started moving ever so slightly in and out of Larna. Larna looked at Leity and sighed.
"It's certainly feels good, that's for sure."
Leity looked mortified.
"Don't go doing it again or there'll be absolutely nothing for me!"
Larna looked up at me.
"Looks as if you have another cunt to fuck! She's not a virgin tho so you won't have all that to deal with. She'll still be a tight fit!" she laughed.
"Not a virgin?" I looked at Leity. It was her turn to colour up.
"Not for a couple of years," Larna went on "I've caught her with at least two skinny youths giving her a threesome but it all started off at 13 with a boy younger than her!"
Leity relaxed now that this was all out in the open.
"He had a big dick though and could pull out and shoot spunk up to my chin!"
I reached over and pushed a finger into Leity. Nice. She shifted to get it further in. Wet, wet, wet!
"Come on, I'll let you out." Larna pulled off me to reveal my sperm covered cock to Leity whose eyes were a picture as she saw what she was going to get in her. I rolled onto my back as Larna reached into her bag for wet wipes. Leity had other ideas though. No sooner was I on my back that Leity straddled my cockhead and guided it to her slit, pausing to massage her clit and lips with its spermy wetness.
"We should wipe off the spunk!" Larna chided
Too late - Leity sank onto my cock and with a prolonged gasp took it all and just sat there looking at Larna. She breathed deeply as I massaged her clit with one hand and her pointy nipples with the other.
"I'll get another glass while you two get your genitals acquainted." Larna said. With that she strode across the grass. I notice spunk on the inside of her thighs caught by the sunlight. Me randy? By now for sure. Leity was in for a load, unless she jumped off in time!
I held Leity by the hips and thrust up into her. She had bent forward and was breathing into my ear. Her cunt felt tight, incredibly smooth and very wet.
"God I've needed this, I feel so stretched," she whispered, "I want you to fuck me for the rest of my life!"
"I'd like to but your mum too!"
"Do us both," she murmured, "do us both and do loads and loads and loads."
Larna returned. I looked across at her as Leity buried her face in my shoulder as a small orgasm struck her. Larna smiled.
"Like mum, like daughter!" she said.
Leity had paused but was now humping again, urgently, into another climax. As she came Larna put her face next to mine.
"Time to give Leity a load." she whispered.
Leity interrupted.
"I need your load now. Now!"
I rolled Leity over onto her back and after a couple of strokes got her onto her knees. I knelt behind her ready to penetrate when Larna grasped my prick and massaged it firmly. She then straddled Leity's hips with her cunt facing me. Sperm was still dribbling out of her. I thrust into Leity. She gasped at the entry. Larna massaged her clit and smiled at me.
"Is she tight?"
I couldn't speak, desperately trying to hold off my load. Larna was getting wetter and Leity was well on the way to going stratospheric. In the end it was all too much. I shot a first load into Leity then pulled out to half stand. As I did so the second load hit Larna's cunt but I was buried up to my balls in time for the third and a half hearted fourth. Back to Leity for a finish up. I'd succeeded in getting both of them.
"Stay in her," smiled Larna "don't let's lose any..."
"I'm exhausted." Leity said so we slowly collapsed into a spoons position with me plugging her.

Needless to say there were more threesomes and twosomes at their place and mine. Larna is three months pregnant now and Leity has another young bloke in her life so we have 2-somes, 3-somes and 4-somes. No sign of Leity being pregnant despite going bareback all the time. Someone isn't doing something properly!

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Nice story. Thanks for sharing