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This is a fiction story. No real name was used in the making ;)

It was a cool Friday night in August. A 5'4 girl named Deborah was sitting at home waiting for a call from her husband saying he was in her way home. It was 10:30 and she was starting to get worried so she gave him a call. As she was calling him, she heard loud music in the background and she hung up without another word being said. She got up and went to bed. As she was laying down her best friend Patrick texted her asking her if she wants to hang out tomorrow. She replied saying yes. Tomorrow morning around 10 am patrick came to pick up Deborah. Deborah answered the door wearing a blue skin tight dress with black heels. Patrick could of done nothing but take in the beautiful look of Deborah. Then he started to realize that he was getting a boner and he tried to hide it. No matter how hard he tried to hide it without deb seeing it was useless. They walked to the car where patrick opened the door just to get a good look at debs ass. Once in the car, they started to drive towards the mall. As they was driving deb looked over and realized how hard she was making patrick. She said " Does that happen all the time you drive or is it because of me lol". Patrick replied saying "it's all for you baby ;)" They stated to talk about what they would do when they was at the mall. Patrick had took out 5 grand from the bank and was planning on spoiling her the whole entire day. When they arrive to the mall they started to walk around and came to the store Victoria's Secret. Deborah said " it's been awhile since she bought some new clothes". They went in to check what they have and patrick found some black lace boy shorts and said " I would love to see you in this". Deb smiled and said let's buy a few and you maybe will get your wish. Patrick bought 10 pairs of panties and 5 bras. The cost was 350 and deb said never mind but patrick said I got this and paid for the items. They continued to walk around and found a new dress store. They went in to check it out and found a few dress for deb to try on. Deb went to the changing room and asked " patrick would you like to join? I may need your advice". Patrick face lit up like a c***d on Christmas Day. Deb grabbed his hand and took him to the back. Patrick sat down on the bench and watch as deb started to stripped in front of him. When her dress finally hit the floor she turned around and asked what he think. Patrick say " she was the most beautiful thing he has ever seen his entire life". Deb felt butterflies in her stomach and she hasn't felt that way since she got married two years ago. Deborah had smiled and said "thank you". Patrick had got up to stretch and he forgot he had a hard on. Deborah smiled and said " is that because of me". Patrick smiled and said "yeah it is. Do you want to see?" Deborah felt her face get hot and she replied with a smile. Patrick zipped down his pants and released his cock for Deborah to see. Deborah was surprised by the size of it. It was bigger and thicker then her husband. Deborah walked closer to patrick and dropped on her knees in front of her new best friend. She put her hand on it and found that she couldn't wrap her hand around it. She opened her mouth and started to suck patrick cock. Patrick moan in pure pleasure. It was like a dream come true. Deb started to go faster and deeper and that only made patrick moan so loud that the store assistance came and knocked on the door asking " is everything alright". Totally forgetting where they was Deborah replied "yes". They got dress and got out the store in a hurry, forgetting why they went there in the first place, they hurried back to patrick car. Once inside deb unzipped his pants and went back to work. Patrick lift up her dress and started to play with her ass. Deb wondered how far she could take him in her mouth so she started to deep throat. She could only take 1/2 of it in her mouth. Patrick's breath started to get faster and that told deb he was going to cum soon. She went faster and in secs patrick shot a huge load down her throat. She swallowed everything. Patrick drove to his house in a hurry. Once inside he pushed her up against the door and kissed her roughly. He lift her dress up and tore her panties off in one quick motion. He dropped to his knees and lift her leg up and started to eat her pussy like a hungry a****l. Deb was moaning and screaming in pleasure. In five mins patrick gave Deborah her first intense organism. When patrick got up deb fell to the floor, weak in the knees, and said " her husband couldn't even do that". He lift her up and carried her to the bedroom where he undressed her and took a minute to admire her beauty. Too be continued...
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11 months ago
great start ...... more please
11 months ago
not bad can't wait for the next part