Luck of the Irish

OK, my girlfriend dumped me and I wasn't going to sit home another weekend with no fun. It's a long time since I've gone to a bar by myself but I coulnd't find anyone wanted to go out so I decided to take a chance. I heard of a lesbian bar not too far away and decided to go. I don't really have any party type clothes but I figured a denim skirt and a short sleeved black silk top would be appropriate.

When I got to the bar it was a lot busier than I thought it would be, pretty noisey with womem playing pool, talking and dancing. I saw an empty table near the bar so I took it, the waitress came by and took my order, red wine. While I was sipping on my wine, I was pretty much being ignored, a little eye contact and a smile or a wave here or there was nice. I almost jumped when I heard someone right next to me ask if she could share the table, she apologized for startling me, with both kind of smiled about it and she sat, she was carrying a glass of white wine. At least we had something to talk about.

We introduced ourselves, her name was Shannon, she was taller than me, maybe by four or five inches, pretty, and from what I could tell with her clothes on, a very nice body. She had on a little dark blue dress that really set off her shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I asked, with a name like Shannon if she was Irish and she said partly, I had to smile and tell her that I was too, quite a coincidence, two Irish woman drinking wine in a bar alone.

For a while we made idle chatting about wine and being Irish and just stupid stuff so that we could visit. It seemed to be getting louder and it was hard to hear each other. Shannon reached across the table and touched my hand and asked if I'd like to go somewhere quieter, I nodded agreement, we left a tip and got up. When we got outside I asked her where she had in mind, and she responded with how about my place, it's not far and it's quiet. At first I hesitated, she smiled and I told her I'd follow.

When we got to Shannon's we went in. She told me she didn't want to mess up her dress and went to her bedroom and came out in her panties and bra. She looked at me and said if I wanted to I could just put my skirt and top on a chair, so I could be more comfortable too. I guess I looked nervous because she said, not to worry, she wasn't going to attack me or anything. I gave a nervous smile and asked her why not, was something wrong with me. That broke the tension. While I was getting out of my skirt and blouse Shannon said she didn't have any red wine but she had a really nice gewurztraminer. I told her that would be fine.

It was really fun visiting, we exchanged the we are both alone right now stuff, did some work talk, the silly chatting people do when they first meet. Shannon got up to get us another glass of wine and came back with a tray with some cheese, hard bread and some melons. She said it wasn't much, but figured we could use a little bit to snack on. After we were just about finished with our wine she asked if I wanted to go out to her hot tub, I told her it would be fun, but I don't have a swim suit along. She gave me a smile and said you don't need one, so I said I can't go in my underwear, I'd have to go home wet, this time she gave a big grin and said no one said you had to wear anything, I don't. With that she undid her bra pulled off her panties and said come on, what could I do? I got undressed and followed.

It was warm outside, there were a couple of low level lights around the hot tub so we could see where it was. As I climbed in Shannon turned on some music, nice quiet acoustic guitar and turned on the jets. She said she'd be right back and went in the house, now I was a bit nervous, naked outside at a stranger's house, then I saw her coming back out and felt better, she was carrying two plastic glasses and said it was a cooler, she didn't like to get d***k and she figured less alcohol would be good, I totally agreed. She put the drinks in holders built into the top of the tub and she got in and sat right beside me, a bit startling. She smiled again as I felt her hand touch my leg. I smiled at her and asked if she was coming onto me? Her hand jerked back and she asked if she upset me? I told her no, I just wanted to know because if she wasn't, I was going to and I put my hand on her leg and smiled. Once more, the tension was broken, I felt her hand take mine and we sat for a few minutes, quiet, just holding hands.

I don't know if I moved first or if Shannon did, but we both leaned into each other and started to kiss, at first just a nice soft kiss, her warm lips barely touching mine and then a little more pressure and I felt her lips start to part. We continued kissing for a minute or two and Shannon pulled back and asked if she was being to forward. The only answer I gave was pulling her head back to me and kissing her again. It wasn't long and we were kissing passionately, hard, wet, our tongues exploring each others mouth, lips, and tongue. I just couldn't believe how intense it was, I felt like I'd do anything she wanted, she had me so turned on by her kisses.

We stopped kissing for a moment and I told her how it made me feel, she said it was doing the same to her. Almost in unison we reached for our drinks. After we put them back in the holders, we leaned in towards each other, I put an arm around her and started to kiss her cheek and moved over to her ear so I could smell and taste her as I nibbled her ear, the scent of her hair got me even more turned on as I started to kiss her neck, I slid of the seat in the tub as I moved in front of her, kissing her neck around to her chest then slowling kissing and moving my face towards her bresats, I had to stop at the water. I looked up into her face and Shannon looked so relaxed and calm and beautiful. She looked at me and said we should go inside. We stood up and got out of the tub, she got a couple of towesl for us, we dried and headed inside, as we got inside, Shannon didn't say anything, she just took my hand and led me to her bedroom.

I'm not sure, but I think she was anticipating this, the sheets were already pulled down, then I saw it, I knew this had to be the luck of the Irish, first I met a really hot Irish woman, then she took me home, she likes wine, but this did it, I had to tell her, I love flannel sheets, and that's what she had on her bed. She laughed and said she slept nude and loved the feeling, I agreed. She said, then it's settled, you can stay here tonight and enjoy my sheets, we smiled and then I got serious for a moment and said I lived with my dad I had to call him so he wouldn't worry about me. I called, his response was typical of him, drive careful in the morning.

I hung up her phone and turned to Shannon, she was lying in the bed propped up against a couple of pillows looking at me. As I got into the bed, I resumed where I left off in the hot tub, I straddled Shannon and started kiss her breasts, first one then the other, she has such wonderful breasts, nice size, firm, wonderful pink nipples, and she smelled good, sweet, like cotton candy, maybe it was my imagination. Her skin was warm and soft as I kissed her breasts I started to suck at her nipples, I slid further down her and started to kiss her tummy and lick at her belly button. I felt her hands on my face and she pulled me back up to her face.

We kissed briefly on the lips and she started to move across my cheek to my ear, I felt her warm breath on my ear as she nibbled at my neck and kissed it. Then she started to go across my neck to my chest kissing all the way, when she got to my breasts, she gently nibbled at one of my nipples, they are sensitive and it sent shocks of pleasure through my body, firt she did one then the other. As she started down my tummy I stopped her the same way she did me. As she got up towards my face, I slid out from under her and told her to just lie on her tummy.

I buried my face in her long blonde hair, I was right, she smelled like cotton candy, I love it. I kissed her on the back of her neck and then slowly kissed across her shoulders, alternating kissing with little licks then I went across her back from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, kissing and licking, then I started to kiss her down her spine, I felt her shiver as I started and heard a moan, she was really enjoying this. When I got to her butt, I kissed her butt cheeks as I moved to her legs, I just loved the way she smelled and tasted as I went down her thighs and calves to her feet, then up the other leg. I asked her to roll onto her back and she did so with a sigh.

As I kissed her thigh Shannon spread her legs, I could see her pussy, it looked so wet and shiny, I guess my kissing was getting her really turned on, I could feel my own pussies wetness as I moved. I got between Shannons legs and kissed the inside of her thighs, near her pussy they were wet and I licked the pussy juice, she was sweet and the musky scent from her pussy was putting me really on the edge, I wanted to touch my own pussy and make myself climax but I wanted to taste Shannon's pussy even more, her labia was light pink and I could see her clit was bulging hard, I leaned forward and licked her clit and Shannon moaned, I put my tongue in her pussy and then went back to her clit to suck on it and to lick it. Shannon stopped me and told me to stay where I was, just get on my back.

When I did that Shannon moved over me in the 69 position, she teased me with her hair, letting it fall gently on my breasts and she moved it back and forth in a brushing motion, it sent little shivers through my body, she worked her way further down towards my tummy, continueing to use her hair to tease my flesh but as her breasts got near my mouth, I held them in my hands and moved my mouth up to kiss them and to suck on the nipples, I felt Shannon move over me to get to my breasts, now we were sucking on each others breats and nipples together. She started to kiss me down my tummy and I did the same to her. When she got to my pussy, she just kissed and licked all around it, she kept her pussy above my face but too far for me to reach it with my mouth. As I was looking at her pussy and seeing her juices seeping out I moved one hand to it and started to rub her clit with my finger after I wet it inside her pussy. As I started doing that, I felt her mouth on my clit, I moaned loudly as she sucked it into her mouth and worked on it with her lips and tongue.

Now Shannon lowered her pussy onto my face so I could do the same to her. I licked out her pussy, I savored the flavor of her juices as I got them into my mouth, I licked at her labia and pulled at them with my lips. When I started to suck on her clit, I felt myself reaching orgasm, I couldn't hold it back much longer but I loved the feeling. I was just ready to climax when Shannon did, I felt her body shake and her pussy start to have contractions as I let go and climaxed all over her face.

When we were finished and lying next to each other, we took turns kissing and licking our pussy juices off each other's face. When we were done we just held each other close. It wasn't long before I fell asl**p.

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2 years ago
Well written sweet sexy story of lesbian love!
Thank you for sharing it - porn poet Pete
2 years ago
I liked how Shannon teased you with her hair. Nice details, and well told. I also liked the reference to her cotton candy smell.
2 years ago
you really know how to turn a girl on... :-)
2 years ago
I think my name was Shannon in a past life... hehe!
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Loved the vivid picture you painted with your story. The detail was very nice, sensual and erotic.
2 years ago
I actually felt I was in the room with you, and that was a very pleasant feeling.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Excellent story!! Your reference to taste, touch and smell (cotton candy) leave me wet with desire!
Well done!