I Have Been Taken by Juliann

It was after work, a new restaurant specializing in tea had opened up, I wasn't in a hurry to go home and thought, I like tea, lets check it out. I guess a lot of people had similar ideas, it was packed, I ordered a green tea with raspberry and was looking for a place to sit, it had to be fate, or something like that, I saw her, cute as can be, blonde hair in a pony tail, blue eyes and a smile that could warm you just be seeing it with the cutest dimple. I had to meet her, I just love pony tails. There was an empty seat at her table and since she was smiling at me I asked if I could join her.

When she answered with "I'd love to have someone to chat with" I knew I had to hear more. Not only was she cute as anyone I'd seen in a long time, she had this wonderful Irish brogue. It sent goose bumps down my spine, the whole package was quite charming and sexy. I sat and we introduced ourselves, her name is Juliann, from Ireland and was only to be in town a couple of days, she had job interviews. The third one they made an offer and she accepted, now she had some time to kill.

As we talked I just kept staring at her, I had this tingly feeling inside. I don't know when I realized it, but I was really turned on by her, the look, the sound, the conversation was all wonderful. This just doesn't happen to me. Since we were eye to eye I figured she was about my height, 5'3", my guess, 110 pounds, not big at all, nice looking breasts, from what I could tell through her top. I guess I was staring too much because I heard her ask if I had heard what she said? I blushed and told her my mind was wondering, she smiled and said it looked like my eyes were too, either that or I must have thought her eyes were on her tits. Now I got really red, I know it because it felt like my face was on fire. She told me it was alright, she was happy I approved, another smile. What a beautiful smile. She repeated herself and asked if I'd like to go somewhere less crowded to visit, she wanted to know more about me. I told her I only live a few miles away, I could make us tea at my house, before I even got it all out she stood and said "let's go". Her rental was parked in the same lot as my car and I told her to just follow me.

When we got to my place I asked if she'd like a tea or I could pour us some wine. She thought tea would be fine, so I made some green tea with lemon and a little bit of honey, she liked it and we visited. I just loved listening to her talk, I had a hundred questions just to keep her talking. As we were finishing our cup I asked if she'd like another, now she got kind of an impish smile and asked if the offer for a glass of wine was still open. Of course it was. I opened a bottle of Merlot and fixed a little plate of snack stuff, nothing fancy, cut up a granny smith apple, some white cheddar cheese and some glazed walnuts. This was becoming fun.

The conversation turned to boyfriends, she simply said she didn't have one and asked about me. I told her I had one, but we broke up. She looked a little disappointed and I asked why. She told me she really prefered women and she was hoping I did too. Wow! I couldn't believe it, I just blurted out "but I do like women too" and that got a smile from her and she said "I guess I have a chance then?" I was falling in lust big time.

Since we were side by side on the sofa, I slid over to her and gave her a little kiss on the cheek and told her yes. She held my head as I pulled back and said "that's not how we kiss in Ireland" and she leaned forward to my mouth. It was wonderful, I felt that tingly feeling again, her lips were soft and she smelled sweet, a hint of vanilla and spice. I pulled myself in closer to her so I could get an arm around her as we kept kissing. I felt her tongue start to probe just a little bit into my mouth and I melted, she was getting me so aroused, I went for her tongue with mine and we kept kissing and probing each others mouth, she was so tasting so good, her arm went around me and I literally just melted into her, she had me.

I felt her hand go down my back and then start up inside my blouse. I pulled away a little bit and she looked a little hurt, I told her I didn't want to stretch the fabric and as she started to apologize I unbottoned it and took it off, I stopped her apology and said this is better, now she smiled and said she didn't want to spill wine on hers and now we were in our bras pulling ourselves back into each other's arms. Her skin felt so warm and soft to my hands and I loved how her hands felt on me, we were kissing and exploring each other's back when I just had to do it, I unfastened her bra, leaned back so I could get it off and she helped, she looked at mine and without saying anything, I pulled mine off too. I was right about her breasts, not large but nicely shaped and firm, mine are a bit on the small side, but they are all me.

We went back to kissing, but Juliann quickly stopped kissing my mouth, she just moved right down to my breasts and started kissing first one, then the other, moving slowly between them, stopping briefly on each nipple and going back to kissing. Finally she stopped kissing and just started sucking on one while using her fingers on the other, I leaned back and just enjoyed the feeling of her warm mouth and lips against my skin, I was getting turned on a lot. I just had to taste her skin so I pulled her face up to mine, gave her a kiss and then went down to her breasts, just like she had done to me, they were very firm but the skin was warm and soft, her nipples were sticking out very hard as I started to suck on first one, then the other, I felt Juliann lean back and she sighed, I think I was doing what she wanted. She was making me happy letting me do this.

I sat up to kiss her, but before I could, she asked if she could take a quick bath or shower and gave me a little smile like she had more on her mind. I have a garden tub with Jacuzzi jets and we chose to bathe together, not a lot of room we made do, enjoyed the jets for a while before cleaning up. I washed her back and she did mine, after we dried we went to my bed and fell into each others arms again, she felt even softer than before and I loved the feeling of her breasts against mine, I started to reach my hand down her back towards her butt, I just loved the way it looked and now I had to touch it. I felt Juliann reach down my back too, but as she got to my waist, she moved her hand around to my tummy, I moved away from her a bit so I could get to hers too, but I had to feel her pussy, it looked so nice when we bathed. She has her blonde pubic hair trimmed very short and shaved just around her pussy, I was feeling for the shaved part and as my hand got close, Juliann moved her leg a little so I could get to her. As my fingers felt her pussy I could feel before I even got them to her labia, she was wet, there was a little trickle of pussy juice coming out of her, I got it with my finger and moved it up to my mouth to lick it when she moved her mouth onto it and sucked it off. She smiled and said she liked to do that, I whispered so do I and I moved so she could get to my pussy, I felt a finger go in and then move up to my mouth so I could clean it off, I was getting so turned on. We took turns tasting our own and each other's pussy, she was sweet and very wet.

Juliann started to kiss me down my neck again, I thought she was going for my breasts again but she kept kissing at me and moved so she could get down between my legs. She kissed the inside of each thigh before moving her mouth to my pussy. As soon as she touched it with her lips, a shiver wnent up me of excitement, that beautiful face was on my pussy and I loved the thought of it. I felt her tongue probing inside me and making it's way to my clit. As she pulled my clit into her mouth with her lips I let out a sigh, she had me and I loved it. I was so horny by the time she started to suck and lick on my clit I clmaxed in just a few minutes. She came back up to my face and I could smell my pussy on it and I kissed her so deeply, I was in love. After I made her climax we both fell asl**p in each other's arms.

I awoke, facing the door like I usually do, that was one heck of a dream. I was wet, I must have been really horny in my sl**p, I reached down and my pussy was wet. Unbelievable dream. I felt a russle on the other side of me and tehn a very warm hand reached around and I heard the Irish voice say, "good morning lover".
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2 years ago
Your daring dirty dream turned out to be true! ;-)P
2 years ago
love it
2 years ago
very sensual story
2 years ago
I hope I have a dream of Ireland tonight.:)
2 years ago
very well written and enjoyable... I would've liked to have been in that Jacuzzi...
2 years ago
a really erotic story and very exciting