Start of Summer: Day 2

We both slept in late, I guess the day before wore us out more then we thought. Tom took a shower and I took a bath, we got dressed and went down to the restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast, I wanted to play around but we decided that with what we were spending for this place we better use it. So, for the rest of the morning, we played in the water parks. I don't like slides and stuff but I loved the wave pool and the swimming area, Tom went down every slide and chute he could. He looked like he was 21 going on 12, he was having more fun than the k**s.

After lunch we went back to our room and showered off the chlorine, I asked Tom not to get dressed, and I didn't have to ask him a second time. By the time I got done in the bathroom, Tom had the start of an erection. I went straight over to him and sat down beside him so I could kiss him and hold his cock. It didn't take long before his cock was rock hard and standing straight up. I kissed his cheek and sucked on his ear lobe. Tom was reaching for my breasts, I was wearing a T-shirt and panties, he gently squeezed one nipple then the other through the shirt.

I slid down and started kissing his neck, working my way to his chest. His nipples were hard and I sucked on one for a while, then the other. The whole time I was nibbling and kissing, I was slowly stroking his cock and squeezing it gently on every up stroke, he just started to moan. I kept kissing him as I worked my way down to his cock. Now his hand was on my ass, rubbing it through my panties, trying to feel my pussy through them too.

I could see the tip of his cock was wet from precum and I had been rubbing some of it in while stroking his cock. I put my mouth on just the head of his cock and sucked it and licked off as much precum as I could. I got back up so I could kiss him some more and we felt each others tongues darting in and out of our mouthes. Tome was getting really horny, he was moaning and his breathing had changed.

While still kissing him, I worked my way around so I could sit on his lap, facing him. Tom quickly lifted my shirt so he could get to my breasts. He didn't even bother to work his way down, he went straight for them, first sucking on one nipple then the other, the whole time working his hands around my breasts. He was really getting my nipples hard and I know I was getting wet. I slid back on his legs a little bit so I could get his cock between my legs. I pushed it against my pussy and started to rub back and forth, rubbing his cock on my clit, it sent shivers through me. I could feel his hard cock, hot and throbbing against me.

As I continued on masturbating his cock with my pussy, we were kissing. I felt his body tense up a little and I told him that if he came on me, he was going to have to lick it up. He just groaned and told me I better move then. I slid over to be beside him so I could suck on his cock and before I even got my mouth on it he shot a load that hit me right on the mouth, I quickly opened my mouth and lowered it onto his cock as he kept shooting cum into it. When he was finished, I licked the cum off my face, using a finger.

Then I went over to the bed and told Tom I really needed him to finish what we started. He came over to me right away and went between my thighs, licking them. He looked up and said I was really wet, then he smiled and went back down. It wasn't long before I felt his hot breath on my pussy as he lowered his mouth onto it. He started by licking from deep in my pussy up to my clit, he did this until I was pretty well cleaned out, then he started on my clit. He knew exactly what I liked to have him do and it wasn't long before he was sucking on my clit while rubbing his tongue on it at the same time. When I climaxed I almost squeezed his head with my thighs, it felt so good, I didn't want it to end. But it did.

We took a nap for about 30 minutes and went down to the water park for the afternoon. We had supper in one of the outside snack areas before going back to our room. Once more into the showers. I didn't say anything, but when I came out, Tom was naked, lying on the bed with his cock in one hand smiling at me saying he just wanted to get it hard for me, I caught him. That was cute.

I told him not to stop, I wanted to watch, I got onto the bed and positioned myself so my head was close to his cock. As it got wet with precum, I'd take it off with a finger and lick it. After a while, I was getting really turned on by this and slid my undies off so I could get to my pussy. When I put my hand to it, it got soaked, I was really wet, I licked my hand off, that got to Tom, he moaned when he saw me do that. I wet my fingers a couple of more times and licked my pussy juice off, then I started to slowly rub my clit with my legs spread enough so Tom could see.

Tom was warned, not to cum, if he got close, just stop and restart late. He did this twice, I knew I couldn't take it much more and asked him if he had a condom with him, I never saw him move so fast. He went straight to the nightstand and held one up. I told him he didn't win something, I don't want to see it, just putit on, and he did.

It's most comfortable for me to be doggy style, I got a couple of pillows down so that I could lie on them with my butt in the air, I was barely comfortable when I felt his hard cock start to penetrate. I told him to take it easy, start slowly, he did, for about one minute, then he was moving in and out. One thing I like about doggy style is I can reach my clit with my hand and I did. I started to rub it. I was more turned on than I thought I was because between the hard and hot cock going in and out of me and my fingers on my clit, I started to climax, when I started, so did Tom, it is the first time, I think, that I climaxed at the same time as the guy, it was wonderful. As soon as he was finished, he pulled out and said he needed to clean up.

Tom pulled off the condom and used a tissue to clean his cock off. Then he laid next to me so we could make out. Wow, watched each other masturbate, made love and didn't even kiss until it was all over.

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2 years ago
Very sexy start of Summer and the very first time.
So sweet to read how Alex lived her love life.

So rare to read someone relate so well - Peter Pan
2 years ago
Very sexy...very nice.
2 years ago
very hot story. Nice work.