First Time in a Hotel With Tom: Part 2

After we woke, we wanted to go down to the hot tub, but that and the pool area were closed so we went back to our room and changed from swim wear to street clothes and went out to get something to eat. When we got back I told Tom I didn't want to have him dressed in more than a T-shirt for the rest of our stay. I would take care of getting us our meals or we would have room service. He wasn't sure, but said he'd give it a try. He didn't realize that my obsession with naked men went this far. I had to tell him, he's the first one I've spent any time with.

We showered and got ready for bed, Tom was naked, I had on a pair of boy shorts and a tank top. We hugged and kissed for a little bit and fell asl**p. In the morning Tom was up, at least his cock was as I reached down to it. Tom kind of gave a low moan as I started to slowly rub it, spreading the precum that was oozing out over the shaft. Tom started to kiss me and explore my mouth with his tongue and was feeling my breasts though my top. As he got turned on and his breathing started to change, I stopped playing with his cock and kissed his neck as I moved to his chest. I kissed his chest and sucked on one nipple then the other, I felt his arm go down towards his cock and I took his hand so he couldn't reach it. I looked up at him and said we needed to get some breakfast. the hotel provided a free continental breakfast, I slipped on a skirt and went to the lobby to fix us a tray. I told Tom to leave his cock alone, I'd make him cum later, he grinned and said OK.

When I got back to the room I took off the skirt, Tom had put on a T-shirt and we had our breakfast. Tom asked if I'd go topless and I told him maybe later. Then I asked him to stand in front of me so I could suck his cock, he liked that idea and came straight over by my chair, I stroked his balls with one hand and started to stroke his cock when the precum came out, almost a string of it, I think he was pretty turned on already. I licked the precum and started to suck on the tip of his cock while rubbing my tongue around on it. I pulled down a little bit on his scrotum and he moaned as I gently squeezed his balls. I moved my mouth from his cock to his balls and started to lick on them while moving a hand up to stroke his cock. I alternated between his balls and his cock with my mouth two or three times, then I stopped. He wanted me to keep going, but I smiled and said later, I want to see his cock hard.

I got up and went over to the bed and turned on the TV and surfed around until I found a movie for us to watch. during the movie we hugged, kissed, and he played with my breasts and pussy through my clothes, I wouldn't let him reach inside my clothes to touch me. He said it was driving him crazy. After the movie, I turned off the TV and started to kiss him again, then I slowly worked my way down his neck to his chest and on to his cock. His cock was wet with precum and I could feel it throbbing in my hand as I took hold of it. Tom gave a sigh as I licked the precum and started to suck on his cock. I sat up, pulled off my shorts and got on top of Tom. I slowly slid on top of him and moved myself down so that his cock was pushed against my pussy. I moved around and got positioned so that his cock was rubbing my clit as I slid slowly up and down on it. I could feel myself getting wet and lubricating his cock, it started to feel really hard and hot as I slid on it. Tom started to breath hard and said he couldn't stop and then he started to cum. I could feel the hot cum hitting my skin as he shot his load all over us as I kept sliding, I kept doing this until he told me I had to stop, he couldn't take it any more.

When I rolled off him, we both had a lot of cum spread around on us and I started to use it as a lubricant to work on my clit. Tom surprised me, he went right down on me and started to lick inside my pussy, no cum went in there, I didn't think or he wouldn't be licking on me. Then he went to my clit and started to suck on it, slowly moving it in and out of his mouth while using his tongue on my clit. It was too much for me, I started to orgasm and when I did I pulled his head tight against me, it felt so good, he kept going until I climaxed a second time, but then I couldn't take it any more and made him stop. We just kind of laid there for a while and then decided we needed to take a shower. So he got his wish, I was now naked with him in the shower.

This was becoming a very nice day. We showered and helped each other get clean, we scrubbed each other's backs and of course I had to make sure his cock and balls were real clean, I cleaned them so much he got hard again. I love that. Of course he made sure my breasts were very clean, especially my nipples as they got hard and he loved to clean my pussy, he kept telling me how nice and soft and smooth it felt since I was shaved. He told me I was the first pussy that he saw or touched that was shaved. Other girls he had been with were trimmed, but not all shaved like I was. So I let him in on the fact that I started shaving as soon as the hair started coming in, I didn't like the way it looked or felt so I just kept shaving. So, as of now, I've never seen my pussy with hair.

Tom thought we should get dressed and go out for lunch. I told him I wanted him naked, he had a choice of room service or me going out. Since room service was so expensive, we opted for me going out and getting us some sandwiches, fries and sodas. Need to keep his strength up. After I got back and we ate we watched some TV, every once in a while we would stop and make out. But we would always go back to the TV before we got too far along. We talked quite a bit about likes and dislikes so I told him why I liked to jerk him off in the car, because I liked to watch, he admitted that he was a bit of an exhibitionist and this weekend was really turning him on to it even more. As we talked his cock was getting hard so I reached down to it and just held it and squeezed it. He asked how many boys I had sex with and I had to admit he was actually my first boyfriend and I was still a virgin. When I said that his cock twitched, at least it felt like it did. He said he had a couple of girl friends in high school and had sex with them, but nothing like what we were doing.

I asked Tom if it would make him uncomfortable to jerk off for me. I really wanted to see him do it. He blushed a little and asked if I would take off my shorts and masturbate for him so he could watch me at the same time. Without answering I pulled off my shorts and tank top and got back on the bed. I asked him to stand near the bed and I spread my legs open and reached for my pussy. I didn't realize how turned on I was, it was like the juices were starting to run out of my pussy. I got up some on my fingers and licked them clean as Tom started to stroke his cock. When I brought more of my juices to my mouth to lick it off, he moaned and started to stroke his cock a little harder. I started to rub my clit whle watching him, I just loved how hard his cock looked I was thinking I could watch this all day, I was wrong, almost without warning I started to climax, I couldn't stop and didn't want to stop, I had my eyes closed, my body was shaking as I heard Tom say he was cumming. I opened my eyes just in time to see the first wad of cum shoot out and hit me right above my pussy, I started to smear it into my skin as the second wad shot out, not quite as far and then more cum just started to ooze out and down to the floor. Needless to say, it was time for another shower.

The rest of the day was spent talking and watching TV, I did reach over to his cock every once in a while just to get it hard, then stop. He would reach for my pussy or breasts thgough my shorts and top, he liked to get my nipples hard so he could see them through the tank top. I went out and got a pizza and sodas for supper. Except for him being naked, it was a pretty ordinary afternoon. I did agree to him putting on his trunks and I changed into my bathing suit so we could go to the pool and hot tub. There weren't too many people around and we had fun, then it was back for a quick shower to wash off the chlorine. This time I didn't get all the way dressed. I had a big t-shirt along that came below my butt so that is all I put on.

We pulled the bed covers down and got into bed facing each other. We started out just kissing each other a little bit, then he kissed my cheek and ear lobe. I sucked on his neck for a little while, he seemed to really like that. We kissed and explored each others mouth with our tongues. The whole time he was playing with my nipples though my shirt and I was just holding onto his cock. I kept holding onto his cock as I worked my way down his neck, to his nipples, down to his tummy. As I turned around to get to his cock I felt his hand on my leg, it felt wonderful, as he slid up my thighs towards my pussy. I felt his fingers explore around my pussy before he pushed one inside me, then I felt a second one. He slid his wet fingers out and started to rub my clit while I started to suck on his cock. We worked on each other like this for about ten minutes with me alternating between his cock and balls and him alternating between finger in my pussy to rubbing my clit.

I sat up and asked him to slide down and turn around so his head was at the foot of the bed. When he did that I pulled my T up and straddled his face so he could use his tongue and mouth on my pussy. I didn't have to ask, he went right to eat. His hot mouth felt so good as he started to slide his tongue around cleaning up all the pussy juice he could get to. The whole time he was doing that I was watching his cock in my hand as I stroked it up and down, smearing his precum all over the shaft to make it slippery. I found myself moving my hips a little bit to rub my pussy on his mouth. He pushed my butt up a little and told me he was going to cum, I squeezed his cock as I stroked and he asked if I would suck on it. I leaned over and took his cock in my mouth, as I did that he started to cum. I felt the hot cum in my mouth and swallowed most of it as he came. The whole time he kept licking my clit and I started to climax while he was still shooting cum in my mouth. It was totally an unbelievable feeling.

When we were done, we didn't even bother to clean off, we just slid under the covers, kissed and fell asl**p. WOW, what a day for both of us.

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2 years ago
Wonderful how you write you had your way, Alex.
2 years ago
I love reading about your fetish for keeping him naked while you remain clothed, and being fascinated with watching him cum, especially now that I know the origin of this particular manifestation of kinkiness.
2 years ago
The whole story is great, but I love the face sitting part.
2 years ago
you did again, you keep this up and you will have me filling the ocean with my cum lol, it was a sexy story great job
2 years ago
Very exciting story
2 years ago
Love reading these stories. Always a big turn on when I do.
2 years ago
2 years ago
im hard from that stuff
2 years ago
sexy story from a lady that knows what she wants
2 years ago
flowed along nicely,very good read
2 years ago
Great to read some proper sexy writing. Loved it.