First Time in a Hotel With Tom

OK, you got the basics of what happened with Tom and me. We both worked full time and were full time students, not a lot of money or free time. Most of our relationship at first, was making out in the car after work, generally followed up with a handjob or blowjob and once in a while getting me off.

In Feb of our first year dating, if you call parking dating, Tom asked if I could take some time off from work with him and maybe go some place nice alone. I jumped at the chance, we both asked for the time off from work over President's Day weekend, since it was a three day weekend, and we both got it approved. We didn't go far, but we did go to a pretty nice hotel. I wasn't sure what would happen, but I wanted to take full advantage of finally being alone with Tom not in his car.

After we checked in and unpacked, we were planning on being there Sat and Sun, Tom wanted to go to the pool area. I guess he wanted to see me in a bathing suit, which we did bring along swimwear, just in case. So we did, we did the jump in the pool, swim a few laps and then went to the big hot tub. It was nice and relaxing but after about a half hour, we were bored with this and went back to your room and showered to get the chlorine off. This was the first time we had seen each other totally naked and I liked what I saw, Tom got an erection almost right away.

We showered together and "helped" each other lather up. I guess he wound up with the cleanest cock and balls and me with the cleanest tits, ass and pussy in town. Seems that was the only places we spent any time cleaning. After drying, I started to get dressed and Tom asked me not to, so I stopped at bra and panties, he stayed naked. We layed on the bed together and started to kiss each other and feel each others bodies, all over. He started to kiss my neck and work his way down to my breasts, I rolled slightly so he could undo my bra and I slipped it off. His warm mouth felt so good on my nipples, first he would suck on one and then kiss across to the other and do it again, this went on for quite a while and I just layed with my eyes closed enjoying the feeling.
As Tom started to work his way to my pussy, I stopped him when he got to my tummy and pulled him back up. We started to kiss and explore each other's mouthes with our tongues and since he was on his side I could feel his hard, hot cock against me. I reached down to eat while we kissed and slowly squeezed it and stroked it very gently. I could feel the precum oozing out and got it on my finger, I brought my finger up to my mouth and licked it off before going back to kissing. Tom brought his hand to my pussy and started to insert his fingers and push in and out, I took his hand in mine and pulled it out and brought his fingers up to my clit and rubbed them gently on it. He got the idea right away.

We did this for what seemed like an hour, both of us getting extremely turned on. He tried to pull my panties down a couple of times, but I didn't let it happen. Then I slowly worked my way down his body to his cock and licked the precum off the end of it while holding his balls in one hand and gently massaging and squeezing them. After I got the precum, I put his cock in my mouth and started to go up and down on it with my face, Tom groaned and said he couldn't hold back too much longer. I stopped sucking on his cock and sat up so I could watch his cock cum as I stroked it with my free hand. I just loved the way it felt and couldn't take my eyes off it as he started to shoot his load all over his tummy. When he was done cumming, I cleaned his cock off with my mouth.

I was really horny now and layed back on the bed and pulled my panties off. Tom immediately went right to my pussy with his mouth. He tried to work a couple of his fingers into my wet pussy while licking on me but it didn't work very well. I told him what I wanted and he went right to work doing it. He sucked gently on my clit, moving it in and out of his mouth while flicking it with his tongue. It wasn't long before I was climaxing like crazy. This was unbelievable. We had both climaxed and it wasn't even mid afternoon.

I put my bra and panties on but asked Tom to stay naked, he wanted a T-shirt on so he didn't get too cold, I agreed to that. The rest of the afternoon and early evening we watched movies on tv interspersed with me stroking his cock to get it hard or we both made out for a while. We decided to have room service deliver dinner, that way Tom didn't have to get dressed. He hid in the bathroom while I signed for the dinner wearing my undies and a hotel robe.

After dinner we played around together for a while when Tom told me he wanted to make love to me. I wasn't sure I wanted to do that, I was still a virgin and told him so. That seemed to get him even more excited. We did make out and I found something that even now I still like to do. I told him I didn't want to make love right now, but I had an idea. I had Tom lie on his back and I straddled him and moved myself in position so I could rub the head of his cock on my pussy and clit. Between his precum and my own juices, there was plenty of lubricant for me to hold his cock in my hand and squeeze an stroke it while masurbating myself with his cock.

His cock felt so good against my skin, so hot and smooth, I was just about to orgasm when Tom started to groan and grunt and shoot his cum all over my pussy. That did it, I just kept masturbating his cum right over my clit until I climaxed. I collapsed on top of him and we just hugged and kissed for a while, I rolled off and we both fell asl**p. We woke up around 10:00 PM, I'll tell you more about the weekend later. This was my first time alone and naked with a boy, I was both nervous and excited.
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2 years ago
So sweet and sexy
warm and well worded
your own invention
of riding alongside
for your arousal, Alex

We will remember well
your memories - Peter Pan
2 years ago
Another interesting chapter in your personal life. Thanks again for sharing your most intimate life details with us.
2 years ago
So hot...and so sweet.
2 years ago
Great story I loved the part about you grinding on his dick with your pussy. I use to and still do that with girls I love it
2 years ago
FAB story :)
2 years ago
great story hon
2 years ago
Nice story. Thanks for sharing!