My First Date

Dad would not let me date anyone until I was eighteen, very protective of me. Needless to say, except for watching porn, a couple of encounters with lesbian sex and lots of masturbating, I didn't know much else about boys. Yes I had snuck off from group dating events to make out a little with a favorite boy at the time, but it was mostly hugging, kissing and some feeling up throught the clothes. Not exactly an erotic adventure.

I was really attracted to a boy in school named Jimmy, we would talk and flirt every time we saw each other in class or the hallway. He even was allowed to come to the house a few times when dad was there, but we had to stay in the living room, along with dad. Talk about a party kill to have him there, pretending to watch TV with us. At least when he would leave, dad wouldn't follow us to the door so I could at least sneak a kiss. Oh you just can't imagine how horrible horny I'd be by the time I finally got to my bedroom. Almost as soon as I'd get there I'd pull my pants and undies off, lie on the bed and start to rub my pussy. I'd alwas start slowly, with my eye's closed, pretending it was Jimmy. After rubbing is for a while I'd slip a couple of fingers inside my pussy to feel how wet I was, then I'd lick my fingers clean so I could get back to masturbating. As my clit got hard I'd spend all of my time with one hand, rubbing it gently, while with the other I'd reach down and put my fingers in my pussy, I wanted a dildoe, but knew I couldn't hide it from dad, so it was just my fingers.

My pussy would ache from the excitement I would hold off on climaxing as long as possible, sometimes stopping for a few minutes, just so I could make it last longer. When I did climax it was unbelievably strong, my entire body would shake, I would moan softly, it felt like the spasms in my pussy would never stop. I would keep masturbating until I couldn't take it any more.

Finally I turned eighteen and Jimmy asked me if he could take me to a movie, at first when I asked dad he hesitated. I reminded him that he said I could date when I was eighteen, he consented. I don't think the grin came off my face the rest of the day after I told Jimmy yes, and asked if we could make a day of it, maybe start with going to the beach. He thought it would be fun, dad didn't think so, but he said OK as long as I was home by 10 PM.

When Jimmy picked me up I had my bathing suit on under my clothes, It was a pretty skimpy two piece red. It was almost to risque, but dad finally approved of it when he saw his other choices and was happy I didn't go to crazy. I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts with sandals and had stuck panties and bra in my purse to change into before the movie. I was already getting horny as we pulled out of the driveway, I wanted to throw myself at Jimmy and kiss him and reach for his cock under his pants, not through them like we had been doing, it was pretty obvious he was thinking similar, because he asked if it was ok to go to a secluded beach, so we could be by ourselves.

We parked in a lot near the far end of the beach area and walked to it. Once there, we headed south down the beach, he said it was a bit of a walk, and he was right, I didn't care, we were holding hands and we'd stop every once in a while and kiss a little and during one of these stops we took our street clothes off and put them in a bag I brought along and we just walked in our swimwear until we were out of sight of the other beach goers. We went up over the dune line into the sea oats and found a little depression that blocked the wind and spread out our beach blanket. He asked if I'd put sunscreen on his back and I couldn't wait, I just loved rubbing my fingers over his warm skin, feeling the muscles in his back as I rubbed on the lotion, I guess I was taking too much time because he stopped me and rubbed the sunscreen on the rest of himself.

I started to lotion up by starting on my legs, he was watching intently, I think he liked watching me run my hands over my legs. Then I went up and did my tummy and chest. Without me asking him he asked if he could do my back. My top tied in the back and he undid it, at first I jumped a little and asked what he thought he was doing and he told me not to worry, as soon as he lotioned my back he'd tie it up again, and he did, but first he reached around and cupped my breasts in his hands and held them for a whilel. It was electric shocks went through me, no boy had every touched my breasts, I mean, no boy had done that right on the skin. I had been felt up though a top and bra. I just loved the feeling of his strong hands holding my breasts so gently and slowly rubbing my nipples. We laid down on the blanket.

It wasn't too long we ran out of talking stuff and rolled to face each other. Without even a thought, we both leaned in towards each other and started kissing. I started to run my fingers over his chest and down his abs while he was reaching up under my top to play with my breasts and rub my nipples. I asked him to undue my top so he could get there easier and I slipped out of it, the hot sun felt so good on my bare skin and I moaned a little bit realizing this was the first time I had been topless with a boy. He quickly went down my neck, kissing it all the way, until he was right on my breasts. He kissed both of them, over and over, and then started to suck on my nipples. As soon as he started sucking I could feel myself getting wet and I knew my clit was getting hard, he was getting me so aroused. I pulled his head up so I could kiss him on the lips, and as we started kissing I reached my hand down to his cock. Wow, it felt so huge and hard through his swim trunks, I wanted to feel it, for real, not through his clothes.

Jimmy must have read my mind, he rolled onto his back and slid his trunks off and gave me a kind of sheepish smile and asked if that was better? I know I must have been just grinning and stairing, his cock looked so beautiful to me. I remember Susan's dad's hairy cock, but this was like something I had seen in the porn movies. It was hard, standing almost straight up, my guess maybe seven or eight inches long and he had his pubic hair trimmed very short, making his cock look even bigger. I just had to have it and I immediately went down on it with my mouth. When I took it in my hand it felt hard and hot and as I got my mouth towards the tip of it I could see a little bit of precum oozing out. I didn't even hesitate, I took as much of his hot cock into my mouth as I could and started to suck on it while rubbing my tongue over the head of it. I started to stroke it as best I could with my hand. Jimmy moaned and told me it felt good, but he wanted me to hold his balls in my hand, don't squeeze hard, just a little bit. As I did that he slowly started moving his cock in and out of my mouth, like he was making love to my face.

I sat up a little to look at his cock, as I did that I let go of his balls and started to stroke his cock with my hand instead, then I got the idea that if he liked his balls held, what if I did my best to hold them in my mouth. I went back down on him only now I was stroking his cock with my hand while starting to lick his balls, I wanted to take them into my mouth when I heard Jimmy moan "I'm going to cum". I sat up and watched one white stream after another of cum shoot out of his cock and onto his chest and tummy. I couldn't believe it, not only did I get to watch him cum, I was the reason for it happening. I loved the feeling it gave me to know I had the power to make him cum.

After Jimmy wiped the cum of he rolled towards me and said he wanted to go down on me. As badly as I wanted that, I froze and said now. He looked hurt but said ok. Then he pulled me towards him and we started kissing. I still had my top off and he once again worked his way down to my breasts, I rolled onto my back and with one free hand, Jimmmy slid his hand under my bottoms. I didn't even try to stop him, it felt so good. His warm mouth on my nipples sucking and licking and then his strong hands on my pussy. I felt his fingers working around, feeling at my pussy and when his finger rubbed over my clit I moaned really loudly, he knew he was at the right spot and started to slowly rub my clit, he'd stop and slide a finger or two into my pussy and rub my juices on my clit to get it wet and keep going. I was so turned on after making him cum I didn't last long, I started to cum and my whole body was shaking, Jimmy started to move his hand from inside my bottoms and I held his arm to keep it there, he kept rubbing until I couldn't take it any more and then I pulled his hand out and brought his fingers up to my mouth, they were wet from my pussy and I slowly licked and sucked each one clean.

We layed there in the sun for about an hour. We were so spent we didn't even talk. I didn't bother to put my top back on and Jimmy left his suit off. Wow, it was just early afternoon and we still had the rest of the day ahead of us.
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2 years ago
Such a sweet sexy start.
I'd love to congratulate her.
But I read it too late :-(...

Alex will be in my memory
for what she shared here - Peter Pan
2 years ago
A beautiful story, and well told. Most first time sexual encounters don't flow so smoothly. You were lucky. And so was Jimmy, obviously.
2 years ago
a lovely story of first boyfriend and a beginning of sex...loved it
2 years ago
Excellent! I loved hearing about it! So awesome, so excitingly hott, and so much fun!
2 years ago
sweet start
2 years ago
No! Such an awesome story with a supr tease ending. More!
2 years ago
wow honey that sounded like a hell of a time i know for sure jimmy loved it
2 years ago
That was awesome story honey
2 years ago
Looking forward to more...