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[Story] Just a little something..

Alvah let out a soft sigh as her husband quickly moved to the driver’s side without kissing her goodbye. It was always like this, every morning, so mundane. He would take himself to work without even an uttered “I love you.” He made her feel so damned unsexy, so unwanted on top of all of that he had the nerve to complain when he would come home and smell her spent juices on her panties in the hamper from her masturbating. Most men would grow excited at such an aspect, but not in her particular case, luck of the draw, her luck was bad. Waving goodbye and watching him from the driveway, she co... Continue»
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Attention! Men.. men.. men...

I want you all to understand something, and I mean this with all of my heart. If I allow you to speak to me on skype, pretty please, do not demand that I do things for you. I would like to think that I am a highly intelligent woman who knows what I want in life. I am not a -pardon my language- a fuck bot, for you to use over and over again, at your command. Last time I checked my pussy and my ass are not coin slots and I am not offering a peep show to those of you who cannot offer me more than a "I want you to cum for me baby". Get to know me, or at least try to, you might be surprised a... Continue»
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