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First Sissy Fuck Part 2

I resist the urge to plunge straight into the cute sissy pussy and attach a cord to the cock cage so that I can pull on it and make her squeal. She is obviously very aroused and the constrains of the cage are causing her some pain - increased when I tweak the cord.

The cage and cock are resting on the back of the sofa very visible hanging below her ass and but plug. I tug on the cord, shaking the constrained cock from side to side and slowly pull out the plug to reveal a lovely pink hole slowly starting to close. I insert 3 fingers into the gape and begin to massage round and around, this causes her to grunt, obviously in both pain and pleasure. All the time keeping tension on the cord fastened to the now purple contents of the cage.

I can take the sight of the smooth sissy ass in the air no more - together with stockings, suspenders and shiny fuck me shoes - I am ready to burst and need the feel of the sissy pussy sphincter tightening around my cock.

'If you are a good girl and squeeze me like you did the plug - I will release your cock and make you come.' And this she does with relish - tightening and relaxing in turn. The sensation is fantastic and I start to build up a rhythm, holding around her hips and thrusting as deeply as I can, balls slapping on her ass.

She continues to squeeze and relax until I release my load of cum into her ass - and she is still squeezing me dry until I am spent.

'Good girl' I say now clean off my cock and you can take off the cage.

To be continued

Posted by honestjohn1962 2 years ago
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2 years ago
Sounds great so far maybe your be rewarded even more in part 3.....
2 years ago
Mmmmmmm love it, when's your part 3 up?
2 years ago
wow now that was better but it needs more story