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We had been chatting for some time via email, text and phone conversations and had discussed what we would like to happen if or when we met to have some fun. Our only previous meeting was a brief one to prove that we were both genuine and instantly seen that there was a spark between us. Due to various commitments we had just not had the time to meet. She has been in a loveless marriage for sometime and had never been with anyone before, her husband was aware of the messages and what we had planned and had agreed completely to the situation. She was older than me and had a larger figure but sh... Continue»
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Tuesdays with J xx

You are wearing a blindfold I have your wrists tied to your ankles
I have your ankles tied to your thighs
You are completely helpless on the bed with your face in the duvet and your ass in the air
To make the sensation more intense I have plugged your ears with industrial buds
You can't see or hear anything and you are feeling very vulnerable
I lean over and nibble your neck and ears and massage my way down your spine
I squeeze the cheeks of your ass and then continue to massage my way down your thighs . . . .
I take a soft brush and I tickle the soft insides of your thighs with... Continue»
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First Sissy Fuck Part 3 - alternative ending

She stood up and with cum dripping down the inside of her thighs she turned around to face me, looking expectant. I still had the cord tied to the cock cage in my hand and I led her towards an armchair in the corner of the room, tugging quite strongly now and again, to hear her wince.
I sat down in the chair so her caged sissy cock was on a level with my face. Parts of the flesh of her cock were exposed and I started to rub my finger against it. I took out a bottle of flavoured lube and applied it generously to the cage and the contents - and then I worked my fingers inside the cage so that I... Continue»
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[Story] First Sissy Fuck Part 3

With cum leaking out and slowly dribbling down the inside of her thighs, she kneels and starts to take long and slow licks up the length of my wet cock. Then she teases the tip with her lips and slides a finger into my ass.
The feeling is delicious.

'Good girl' I say 'Let me take off the cage'

I sit on the edge of the bed and she stands in front of me with her sissy cock level with my face, I can smell a mixture of sweat, cum and perfume, I can see veins pulsing as she is obviously very aroused, and there is a bead of pre cum on the tip. When I unclip the cage her cock springs out and ... Continue»
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First Sissy Fuck Part 2

I resist the urge to plunge straight into the cute sissy pussy and attach a cord to the cock cage so that I can pull on it and make her squeal. She is obviously very aroused and the constrains of the cage are causing her some pain - increased when I tweak the cord.

The cage and cock are resting on the back of the sofa very visible hanging below her ass and but plug. I tug on the cord, shaking the constrained cock from side to side and slowly pull out the plug to reveal a lovely pink hole slowly starting to close. I insert 3 fingers into the gape and begin to massage round and around, this c... Continue»
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[Story] First Sissy Fuck part 1

I am in a hotel room and there is a knock at the door. I open it to let in a sissy girl in heels, fishnets and a very short dress. She has lots of make up and very red, shiny lips.
'I assume you are wearing everything else I requested' I ask.
She giggles and hitches up the dress to reveal lacy panties barely concealing a but plug at one side and a cock cage at the other.

She asks for permission to touch me, and when I nod she feels stokes my erection which rises to the occasion and trembles under the soft touch.
She kneels down in front of me and unzips the fly, releasing my fairly av... Continue»
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