The Friend - a true story, a Homegrown Moment

Life on the porn set is oftentimes a weird combination of unexpected serendipity and unbridled carnality, usually, more often than not, when you least expect it. I had learned to appreciate this early on, to be patient for it - that moment when the Universe smiles down and opens up to allow fate and pleasure to walk together hand in hand down the path to erotic bliss. Even better when the whole magic of the moment is captured on video... Trying to f***e those occasions was always a mistake. Better to let nature take its course.

Taz was still very new to shooting amateur sex videos, a porn fan herself, very much turned on be the idea of sucking and fucking on video. Her husband was away in the service of Uncle Sam but they were into swinging, a freedom worth fighting for quite frankly. She had his blessing to do videos. In fact, he wanted her to make videos to send him so he could watch her having sex with guys and girls while he was away. Bless his heart, but also give a bit of credit to his hard on, the guy had a freaky little kink about watching her get fucked in her tight asshole by stranger's hard cocks.

She had just discovered that she was actually pregnant with their baby too. Her breasts had already begun to swell even though her stomach still wasn't showing. Her hormones were already going wild.For some women, this is not pleasant but for the lucky ones, they will never feel more sexy and horny and want to be fucked as bad. Taz, a natural redhead, with a beautiful smile and blessed with a tight and toned body was born lucky, but also born with the right attitude for taking advantage of such good fortune.

The cameraman warned me that her "Tazmanian Devil" tattoo was a bit goofy. Why ruin such perfect pale skin with a cartoon inked on probably during some sort of d***ken debauchery, but what it stood for in her case made absolute sense. She was a wild one, openly flirtatious, and very comfortable in her smooth skin and slinky promiscuity. Fairly short, the kind of girl often referred to as a "spinner". So in a way that deserves credit for providing truth in advertising, the tat suited her just fine.

She was nervous about performing with me. Her first amateur porn effort was simply a solo masturbation. Having sex on video with someone that she was going to be meeting for the first time was as good a reason as any for being nervous. I had agreed to let her girlfriend be on set in order to offset that feeling which oftentimes can get in the way of making sex videos; very few like that "deer in the headlights" look and those that do usually are the sorts that make porn scary to the average person, the ones that don't blow cumshots on faces and have anal sex every time they fuck.

Personal comfort levels always seem to set the mood better than any lighting tricks or anything else that models use to get into it. Her friend was hot, more than just a friend but someone that she and her husband had played with in their private lives. We didn't want her on camera but it was fine for her to watch if she kept out of the way.

So things got started. Taz and I were very, very, very comfortable together. She liked my hippie length long hair and that I was laid back contrary to what she expected. I admired her spark and sincerity, so critical to making great amateur sex videos. She announced that she was horny as fuck and wanted to be fucked hard. I tried to act cool about it. Between such hot horny heat and cool checked reservation, everything was about to get fogged up steamy. Get that camera rolling because this is when anything is possible and hot raunchy fun is thick in the ozone of the moment.

Being pregnant seemed to make her pussy tighter, wetter, and just a few degrees hotter. It was hard to be inside without wanting to cum like a fucking stud horse on derby day. I looked over at her friend. I would be damned if I didn't just about catch her with her hand up her own skirt. I couldn't be sure. Was she watching us and rubbing her wet cunt? Was she getting off watching? Her smile was devilish with mischief and I swear it looked as though she were shining with just a thin layer of sweat. San Diego has hot summers, especially ten miles in from the beaches. So I didn't want to let my imagination get the better of me. Besides, I had more important stuff to focus on.

Like putting my hard cock up Taz's tight asshole.

First I fingered her ass and applied lube generously, fucking her hard in the pussy, but slowing down to play with her butt and work up to putting my dick up her backside. I looked again at her friend. How would she feel about me fucking her girl anally? Repulsed? Intrigued? Curious? Perhaps if I shifted just a bit she would be able to get a better view. When I looked this time I caught her red-handed. She was on her breast, apparently sneaking a tickle and pinch of her nipple under her white blouse and still behind the protection of her brassiere. She smiled again at me as I proceeded to slowly penetrate Taz's sphincter.

But again, I didn't want to be distracted and if ever there was a time to focus on the matters at hand, where I was, and who's ass I was fucking, this was it. Taz gripped my thighs, digging her nails into me if I moved to fast, rubbing her swollen clit and paying attention only to the place where the line between pleasure and pain is drawn by a feather that tethers one to the other.

Then I felt it. Was that a cat that just walked underneath my butt and tickled my nuts with its tail? What the fuck? I looked over. The friend was no where to be seen. I looked down. A girls hand had reached underneath my ass. Taz's gal pal was kneeling behind me. The long nails on her fingers were gently touching my balls as I fucked Taz in the ass. I swear to Ron Jeremy on my first porn camera that my dick grew several inches and became more electrified than any vibrator on the market.

I was in shock. I tried to shake myself out of it by mumbling something about being sure she was ok with being on camera but I am not sure it actually sounded like English. She was fine with it. She was more than fine. She wanted to be part of it.

Everything from that point forward was a blur of the girls kissing each other, playing, doing what they liked to do when there were no cameras rolling. I was hanging on like it was some sort of sexy new ride at Magic Mountain. It was a wonderful threesome - was even nominated for an AVN sex award at the time... but you would just have to watch the video for yourself at and be the judge yourself...


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3 years ago
Thanks, great suggestion - definitely literate and positively critical and truly helpful for sure, much appreciated!
3 years ago
Nice account.......maybe a BIT more t=details of what you "felt".....any aromas....etc....but.....quite good overall.