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My fantasy. I go out to a club dressed like a little slut short skirt no knickers the tightest top i can find with no bra on stockings and suspenders and high heels. I'm stood at the bar getting d***k all on my own when you walk up to me and say who the fuck do you think you are dressed like that, i don't answer you and go to walk away knocking your drink out your hand has i do you grab me by the hair and say i'm going to teach you some fucking manners you little slut, thats when your daughter comes over and says leave her alone mum she's just a silly little whore that loves herself. So you then say lets both teach her a lesson. we leave the club and get a taxi back to your house once there you drag me up the stairs by my hair while your daughter is behind me spanking my ass. once in the bedroom you rip my skirt and top off leaving me just in my suspenders and high heels you throw me on the bed and demand i spread my legs and play with myself while you 2 get undressed..you then get some rope and tie me up i'm now totally helpless your daughter puts her pussy over my face and slaps my tits telling me to lick her while you start to finger my dripping pussy, then you finger my ass then both at the same time, you get some nipple clamps and put them on me then you get 2 toys and start to tease my holes...your daughter then gets off me and puts a strap-on.... on you un-tie me, your daughter lies down and i get on top while you put a strap-on,,,on too i take her's in my pussy all the way in one go you then slide yours in my ass and pull my hair while you both fuck my like the little slut i am......i cum over and over she then gets from under me and you take it in turns at fucking both my holes calling me names has you fuck the hell out of me. then when you have finished with me you take the strap-on's off and make me lick your pussy's till you cum on my face xx
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3 years ago
now thats a gooooooood night
3 years ago
Hot story! You are a slut to have a fantasy like that. Two women DPing you with strap-ons.