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School girl

hi whats up i got something to say.I meet a girl in high school and i really liked her.So one day i groped her ass while she was sitting down in the classroom with the teacher there and she looked pissed off.The next day during the afternoon i followed her down the hallway and talked,while i did that i smacked her ass an gave her a quick kiss.Sometime during the last school class i was sitting at the same group table as her so i got close and reach down in her pants and put my fingers in her pussy and stroked it and she moan,the teach ask her were she ok and said yes and i put my fingers depper and she was tighted liped trying not to moan.After that class she slapped the shit out of me and i slapped her ass again.So friday comes last day of school and the prinical have a special announcement to make we go there and after class it's time to go home so the same girl i was groping asked me for tokens and money to get home because she didn't have any and so i said ok.But i need you to do something for me and she ask what is it and i said its sexual and she still agreed because she needed the money and tokens.i told her 1. i want to kiss you 2. i want my dick suck and three i want oral and anal sex.I ask do you want to do it or not.She looked nervous and scared and said yes because she needed the money and token to get home.So we went in a hallway down the basement.i grabed her and kissed her on the lips my whole tongue and mouth in her while grabbing her titties nice and pretty ready to be sucked on,i liked her bra and sucked her titties and put her hands on my dick and rub it she did the she put her hands in my pants and stroked my dick so hard and fast i cum twice my heart beating so fucking fast,the i orded her to suck it and she looked scared and kneeled down licking the head of my dick and stroked up an down i pulled her head all the way deep down my dick and cum in her mouth.Then i put my dick slowly in her pussy and stroked my dick in and out and i got faster and faster she strarted screaming and moaning and finally cum inside her pussy,next i was time to fuck in tha ass she bend over and my stiffed dick ready to fuck i pulled in slowly in her tight asshole and squeezed it felt so good i began to stroke her and she held her hands back saying it hurts and said i don't care and if we don't finish no money or tokens so i go back my dick in her ass stroking it and stroking it and she starting crying then moaning and i felt tight asshole getting wet as i continued to stroke it,then i cum in her asshole and she looked disappointed of what i did.The next day she told me that was the best first sex she ever had and have me her number.THE END
Posted by hollabuyor 5 years ago
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