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[Story] Fucking a girl in hallway

This is the story about my first high school sex.I met this girl in school she kept staring at me.So i went in a quiet hallway and asked why she kept staring at me for.She said that she like me.The next day we go to class together and i whisper something in her ear and she noded.I put my fingers in her pants and in her pussy and she started moanining,then i went deeper and fater she was tight and she was tight liped.the next day i talked to her in the hallway i groped her titties and smack the shit out of her ass.I then gave her a quick kiss.The next day i'm in math class and i'm pis... Continue»
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School girl

hi whats up i got something to say.I meet a girl in high school and i really liked her.So one day i groped her ass while she was sitting down in the classroom with the teacher there and she looked pissed off.The next day during the afternoon i followed her down the hallway and talked,while i did that i smacked her ass an gave her a quick kiss.Sometime during the last school class i was sitting at the same group table as her so i got close and reach down in her pants and put my fingers in her pussy and stroked it and she moan,the teach ask her were she ok and said yes and i put my fingers deppe... Continue»
Posted by hollabuyor 5 years ago