Going Fishing

I was supposed to meet a buddy of mine to go fishing on Saturday morning. I arrived at his at 6:00 am as planned. Upon arrival I noticed that his truck was not there. I knocked on the door, his wife Mary let me in. I asked where Jim was and she said he had gotten an emergency call from work but should be back by 10:00 if all went well. She offered me a cup of coffee and said I could wait for him if I liked. Since my wife was going to shopping I decided I might as well wait.
Mary said she was going to take a shower and would be back soon so I grabbed a chair turning on the TV to watch the weather. I was engrossed in the news when Mary came back out. She had changed but had a low cut top without her bra as her nipples were at attention.She also had on a pair of short shorts so short her ass checks hung out. I had never seen her dressed like this before and had know them for 20 years. We often flirted but that was all. Mary had a big pair of tits that I had always wanted to see and play with. Now mind you she is not a tiny gal as she is 5'4 and weighs approximately 140lbs. I made a remark that she had better be careful walking around dressed like that in front of me. She asked in a sexy voice "what would I do if she did?" I told her that I always wanted to see her big beautiful tits and thought she should give me a peek since we were alone. She came over in front of me bending forward so I could look down her shirt. I could see everything but her nipples and told her so. She stood up pulling her top over her head and off. Oh to finally get a good look at those melons. Her nipples were the size of g****s. She moved closer pressing them in my face. I took a nipple in my mouth using my hands on the soft supple skin of her tits. I switched sucking her nipples sucking first one then the other all the time having the opposite one between my fingers. She told me to bite on her nipples and pinch them harder as her nipples were very sensitive and make her very hot. I s*s as asked as she started to moan then she shook as she had an orgasm from the nipple manipulations.
She suggested we go to the bedroom. I asked "what about Jim>" She told me that we had a lot of time before he came home and he would call first to see if I had waited for him. We got to the bedroom and she peeled my cloths off. When my cock appeared she licked it from top to bottom then engulfed my whole 6 inches to the base. Since my wife only halfheartedly sucks me this was a great thrill watching my cock disapeer down her throat and she knew how to suck cock getting me of in less than 5 minutes shooting my load down her throat. I apologized for coming so quickly and she said not to worry as she could get me hard again and she loved the taste. She stood removing her shorts and thong revealing a shaved pussy. My wife refuses to shave her. I lay her on the bed and went to work on her baby smooth labia. I kissed all around her lips, slowly spreading them before sticking my tongue as far inside as possible. I kiss licked and fingered her till she came.At one time I had two fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her ass. She was bucking her hips so hard I had a hard time keeping my tongue and lips attached to her pussy. She grabbed the back f my head holding me tight while she humped my face to orgasm.
i was hard again and moved between her legs rubbing the head of my cock between he pussy lips then sliding all six inches in with one thrust. I remained still getting used to the feeling of her wet pussy engulfed around my cock before I started to pump into her. I wanted to savor this fuck as I had thought about it many times and she was a good as I had thought. We switched positions several times before she finally got on her hands and knees telling me to fuck her hard. I reached around grabbing a tit in each hand while I hammered into her. I was pinching and pulling her nipples as she shuddered in orgasm while I filled her with my second load of the morning.
It was only 8:00 am and Jim wasn't due for a couple hours so we took a shower together. We soaped each other as I took pleasure in soaping her huge tits while she soaped my cock. We dried each other off and headed back to the bedroom. We were all over each other kissing and feeling each other up. Mary started sucking my nipples then biting them which got me hard immediately. Mary rolled me on my back then straddled me slipping her wet pussy down over my cock. She was riding me with her big tits swinging. She bent down covering my face with those big globes. I suddenly felt the bed move and someone crawling over my legs as Mary bent forward more. I felt another cock pressing against mine then slipping inside Mary's now stretched pussy. She said "Jim, I wondered how much longer you could stand just watching." It felt weird having another cock pressed against mine but we finally got a moving in unison making her yell out telling us to fuck her hard and stretch her fat pussy. Jim called her his "slut bitch" telling her to make us both cum at once. She used her muscles to squeeze our cocks till we both exploded at once. The cum was running out of her down over my balls.
Jim said "old buddy I wondered if she could get you to fuck her." I told him there was no way I could refuse the chance.
We didn't go fishing that day but we did do a lot of fucking. I got my first chance with anal sex that day and enjoyed it very much. When Jim and I needed a rest Mary got out a 10 inch dildo that was as big around as a beer can. That lady really loves to fuck. I wished I had done it years ago. We talked about maybe getting another guy to help out next time or maybe my wife. I told Jim it would be easier to find another guy than expect my wife to go along. Jim said that he thinks they can get my wife to let him fuck her so all I can do is hope. If he can it will be another story.
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2 months ago
Great story, I loved the double pussy part my favorite way to fuck
8 months ago
Totally awesome...I hope it works out,,or in ...thanks
8 months ago
great story,thanks
8 months ago
awesome story.... had me so hard, mary sounds like a very very hot lady....