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My Neighbors Wife

My former neighbors were a few years younger than my wife and myself but we got along great. We went dancing together and several parties. She would want to dance with me to a slow dance. She would rub against me till she got my cock hard. She would ask me if it excited me to dance with her. I told her that if I could get her alone I would show what it would do.

We continued to be friends for several years and I never got a chance to do anything with her. She was a fair dresser and would cut hair at her home. I usually went over to their house Sunday mornings for coffee with her husband. She would come out wearing a bathrobe tied at the waist. I could get a good look at her big tits when she moved just right as the top opened slightly. I assumed she was naked underneath as I never saw any coverings on her breasts.

Sometimes she would be cutting hair early in the morning. On many occasions she would have on a loose halter top that showed plenty of cleavage as she would move around cutting hair. I would watch and hope that maybe one tit would finally pop out but no luck.

One weekend I was over there for coffee when her husband had to leave. He left the three boys there to play. The boys went out to play. Betty asked me to keep track of them while she took a shower. I grabbed another cup of coffee and sat down as she went to take her shower. The bathroom door wasn't shut tight and she called out for me to bring her the shampoo she had left in the kitchen. I took the bottle in, she opened the door as I came in but the steam was so thick that my glasses fogged up and I didn't get a very good look at her naked body. I could notice a dark hairy pussy but not very well. I had to leave with my f****y and told her I was going home.

I walked to my car and she came out to pickup her Sunday paper. she had on her bathrobe again. It was tied very loosely as she started talking to me I walked over to her, just then my wife and k**s came out. I told her that she should quit teasing me or I might get mad and strip her out of her robe and take advantage of her, she just smiled saying "promises, promises".

She worked at a gas station store, sometimes nights or early mornings. I came home from work one morning to pick up something I had forgotten. I noticed her car parked in the driveway so I went over to see what was up. My real thought was to catch her in the shower or just sitting around in her famous bathrobe. I knocked on the door and she called for me to come in. I went in and she was sitting at the table having coffee. She said she had to go to work later so she was just goofing around. She offered me coffee which I gladly accepted. When she got up her robe opened to mid thigh and her right breast almost fell out. I informed her that she better be careful or I might not be able to just go away without seeing what she had under her bathrobe. We sat around just talking when she slipped a foot up in my lap and started to rub my cock with it. I let it go for a few minutes then I got up walked around the table bent over giving her a kiss. "We had kissed several times and sometimes they were really getting hot with tongues but had to stop before we got caught." This time however I wasn't going to stop. I moved my hand to her breast and found her hard nipple, "I always thought she was naked under that robe!" I moved my hand down to her thigh, she uncrossed her legs ans spread them slightly as I moved toward her pussy. She had a very hairy pussy which was very wet when I found her pussy lips. She spread her legs more giving me easier access, I worked a finger inside followed by one then another till I had all three sliding in easily. She took my hand leading me to her bedroom where she removed her bathrobe then started to pull my clothes off I got my shirt off as she removed my slacks and underwear. My cock was standing at attention. She bent forward to take my six inches in her lovely mouth. She swallowed my hole cock right to my balls, I had never had anyone deep throat me before.

She lay on the bed on her back. I started sucking on her 36B'S. Her nipples stuck up like huge erasers. I was sucking and biting on them as well as pinching them making her twist and turn. I moved down to get a taste of that pussy I had been wanting for so long. I licked her pussy lips till I found her clit, I sucked on it as I twisted and pincher nipples. She started to cum telling me to suck her cunt and pinch her nipples, make me cum you dirty old man. As she was coming down from her high I climb over her pushing my cock into her still spasaming pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back pulling me inside her. I lay there for a couple minutes before I started moving. She was matching me stroke for stroke all of a sudden she was cumming again, she pulled me all the way in then held me there till her orgasm subsided. When she calmed down I had her get get on her hands ans knees so I could enter her from the rear. I pushed into her all the way with one shove. I reached around her to grab her swinging tits. I got hold of her nipples pinching and pulling them as she seemed to really enjoy that type of tit torture. I was pulling and pinching as she begged me to fuck her hard and make her cum again. She was moaning loud and screaming to cum with her. I filled her with my cum jut as she orgasmed. We both collapsed on the bed. We cuddled and kissed passionately as she told me that this can't ever happen again as we are both married. I agreed but told her that I still expected her to give my sexy shows at every opportunity and we could still make out at every chance we had. She said that was what the thrill was anyway seeking a peek or a hot kiss while our spouses were there and not knowing about it.

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5 months ago
Damn....what a hot story!!
11 months ago
I got so hard reading this!!!!

Great story!!!
11 months ago
Hot story. Who wouldn't want a hot flirty neighbor?