Camping with Friends part 2

As the first part ended with me seeing Carol's blond bush for the first time. I finally got to feel that sweet soft pussy. She was already wet as I fingered her pussy as she stroked my hard 6 inches. Beth and Joe were in the bedroom with the light on so I could watch the goings on. Joe immediately got Beth in the missionary and mounted her. I meanwhile buried my face between Carol's legs, as I started to lick her she pushed me away telling me she didn't like that, I didn't know of any girl that didn't like a good tonguing but I just moved up and buried my cock in her soft velvety hole. I kept trying to watch what was happening in the bedroom with Beth and Joe as I fucked Carol. I was so hot from watching my wife and Joe changing positions that with the bucking from Carol I didn't last very long nor did she as we came together. I looked up to see J0e and Beth in the doggy position which is her favorite knowing that she wouldn't be able to hold out much longer in this position, I was right as a few minutes later he filled her with her first load of cum from anyone besides me.

As it was late we decided to call it a night. I told Joe that I would leave the door open so he could come over in the morning as Carol is a late sl**per and Beth and myself usually are early risers as he is.

The next morning when Joe came over I was between Beth's legs licking her pussy and any leftovers from the night before. I can spend an hour or longer between a her legs enjoying the fact she comes many times while I enjoy licking her sweet pussy and sucking on her clit. Joe came right into the bedroom taking Beth's big nipple in his mouth and sucking on it making her cum a gain.I lifted my head a telling him to get in bed with us, he reached between her legs and easily slid three fingers in her very wet hole. He said I think she is ready. I told him that he could go first but he said he had just fucked Carol and couldn't get it up this soon. He said he was going to make coffee, so I went back to breakfast in bed. He came back over later and was surprised to see me still giving Beth oral sex. He went back to his camper and Beth and I enjoyed a good fuck before breakfast. A short time later they got a call telling them they had to come home due to a medical problem with his mother. We did make plans for another time at their home where we could "sit" by the fireplace, or have "sex".

We got ready to go visit them, Beth and Carol had talked and we were going to visit an Antique store that afternoon looking for some old records for a "Fifties Dance" we were helping with.

I had wanted to shave Beth's pussy for a while and told her that we should do it so she could surprise Joe when she saw him. Beth agreed as long as I would shave her, I couldn't resist, Beth got naked lying on the bed while I retrieved the shaving utensils and towels. While I shaved her I made sure to touch her clit as I pulled her pussy lips tight. Every time I touched her pussy lips I would slide a finger inside or just run it up the open lips. She was having trouble lying still by the time I had finished shaving her. I washed off all the shaving lather then dried her now soft bald pussy, I couldn't resist going down on her. As soon as I sucked her clit she came pulling my face tight to her bald pussy. We had wild sex as she said it felt great to have smooth skin, she said it was really different.

Beth put on a tank-type dress that was very short, I had seen the dress before but it was never this short. I asked her when she shortened it and she told me that she had learned in her younger years at school how to take a belt and fold the skirt up under the belt to shorten it. I was happy with the look. We left and when we hit the interstate she produced a vibrator which she prepared to use. I offered to help as we drove. She let me work on her wet pussy with the vibrator making her cum over and over. We had to stop at a rest area, when we came back to the pickup a car was parked on her side of the truck. Iopened the door so she could get in, as the pickup is fairly high her skirt really rode up her thighs. The driver was watching and poked the passenger who was also getting a good view. As she sat down her naked pussy came into view. I made sure to stand out of their view so they would get a good look.

A short distance before their home Beth asked me to pull over so she could readjust her dress. We got to their house , Joe met us at the door with a big tongue kiss for Beth and a hand shake for me. Carol was still getting ready. I told Joe I had something to show him, I lifted Beth's short dress to reveal her freshly shaved pussy. He ran his hand over the smooth flesh easily slipping a finger inside. When Carol came down he showed her the newly shaved Beth. Carol even ran a hand over the smooth flesh, "I hoped that this might lead to something else but no luck"We took their van, Joe opened the door for Beth as I did for Carol. Carol had however worn slacks.

We got to the antique shop and the old guy running it took a double take when he saw Beth.I noticed that wherever she was he was nearby.I watched as she squatted down to look at something on a lower shelf, her legs spread slightly and by the look on his face he saw her bald pussy.. We checked a couple antique stores but none as interesting. We went to dinner at a small Italian restaurant. At dinner the waiter kept coming back to check our waters and drinks, making sure we were all set. He always got where he could look at Beth's legs. I reached under the table and pulled her skirt up to expose her pussy while I fingered it.When he came back he really got a good look.. A few minutes later the busboy came to pick up dishes being sure to come around by Beth where he could get a good look also.

We got back to their house, Joe started a fire in the fireplace while the ladies got more comfortable.They returned with blankets for the floor and with short robes on. We sat on the blankets , it didn't take long before the robes were open and the cocks were out. I got my first look at Joe's stiff cock , it had to be a good 8 inches long but not as fat as mine. Beth pushed him down on the floor then squatted down on his big cock taking it in slowly, before she had it completely inside she came for the first time.that night. Carol did the same thing to me riding like a cowgirl on a bucking horse. The four of us came about the same time. The part I didn't tell you is that Joe was about 60 and I near 50 so we didn't get it up real soon after that. Since it was early we all sat around naked and before too long the girls had us hard again, this time we fucked for a long time before cumming again. We were tired after that and headed to bed. The next morning Joe came into our room with a stiff cock, he asked Beth if she would like to take a shower with him which she accepted. While they showered I woke Carol and we had an early morning fuck. After breakfast we headed back home , but not before making plans for New Years Eve.

But that is another story.
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An Awesome Addition to my favorites collection. My hottest fantasies would come true if this was about my wife and me! Thanks for sharing!
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go for while you still can. like the mature stories.