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Wife with mans best friend

My wife had a small dog when we got married and said that it slept with her all he time. After we got married it still slept with us but died shortly after we got married. She had to have another dog and found a small poodle that she wanted. As before it slept with us all the time.
One night we were in the living room watching TV. She was watching I had dosed off. I awoke and she was lying on the floor with her bathrobe on which was not unusual but this time the dog was under her robe her legs were spread slightly and I could see movement near her pussy. I didn't say anything to her but rath... Continue»
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[Story] Going Fishing

I was supposed to meet a buddy of mine to go fishing on Saturday morning. I arrived at his at 6:00 am as planned. Upon arrival I noticed that his truck was not there. I knocked on the door, his wife Mary let me in. I asked where Jim was and she said he had gotten an emergency call from work but should be back by 10:00 if all went well. She offered me a cup of coffee and said I could wait for him if I liked. Since my wife was going to shopping I decided I might as well wait.
Mary said she was going to take a shower and would be back soon so I grabbed a chair turning on the TV to watch the weat... Continue»
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[Story] Dream and Fantasy

My dream:
My wife and I had arrived at a party, she saw someone she knew and went to talk to them while I got a drink. I went looking for her but not finding her I sat on a couch in the hallway to wait for her. When she gets talking to friends sometimes she is gone for quite awhile. Another guy came in and sat down, he asked where Beth was, I told him that she was still socializing. We chatted for awhile when this couple came in taking their coats to the coat room. He stated that must be this was her first for the night. I asked what he meant, "he said she was married and fucked around". Her ... Continue»
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My Neighbors Wife

My former neighbors were a few years younger than my wife and myself but we got along great. We went dancing together and several parties. She would want to dance with me to a slow dance. She would rub against me till she got my cock hard. She would ask me if it excited me to dance with her. I told her that if I could get her alone I would show what it would do.

We continued to be friends for several years and I never got a chance to do anything with her. She was a fair dresser and would cut hair at her home. I usually went over to their house Sunday mornings for coffee with her husband. S... Continue»
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[Story] Camping with Friends part 2

As the first part ended with me seeing Carol's blond bush for the first time. I finally got to feel that sweet soft pussy. She was already wet as I fingered her pussy as she stroked my hard 6 inches. Beth and Joe were in the bedroom with the light on so I could watch the goings on. Joe immediately got Beth in the missionary and mounted her. I meanwhile buried my face between Carol's legs, as I started to lick her she pushed me away telling me she didn't like that, I didn't know of any girl that didn't like a good tonguing but I just moved up and buried my cock in her soft velvety hole. I kept... Continue»
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[Story] Camping With Friends

First a little background. This story actually happened a few years ago. Beth was a virgin when we met. I often tried to get her to find a well hung guy to fuck her but she always said, "I was all she needed", though when I suggested it she would get very hot and fuck like a wild woman. I by most of her work clothes so I know she will show off her assets. Beth is a 36C with great legs the other night she was working her part time job where they wear shorts a young lady told her that she hoped her legs looked that good when she got Beth's age. I make sure that her skirts are short or if long ha... Continue»
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[Story] Best friends wife

My best friend and I always went places together. We went skinny dipping with his girlfriend and a cousin of hers. They planned on me getting hooked up with her but we didn't hit it off. His girlfriend Mary had a big set of tits which I enjoyed looking at. At this time I didn't touch just looked.

After they got married they moved about 30 miles away so when I visited I would spend the night. He and I would go out leaving her home with their son. When we returned he would fuck her in the next room while I tried to sl**p. Her loud moans and grunts kept me hard and made it hard to sl**p.

... Continue»
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