A College Night to Remember

I finished the last sip of my drink and looked around the party. It was a college event organised by some or other society and I had only gone to try and get my mind off my exgirlfriend. We had broken up a week before and I was still feeling pretty down so I decided to go get my mind clear by hooking up with another girl. I’m a decent looking guy with blonde hair and blue eyes and a good body from years of playing sport, I figured I’d be able to find someone who was interested in helping me have some fun right?

Just as I was about to leave I saw my ex talking to some guy across the party. She was wearing a cute little blue dress that stopped halfway up her thighs, her blonde shoulder length hair swinging lightly and her perky breasts pushing up against the fabric as she smiled and swayed to the music. She looked amazing and I must have looked disappointed because out of nowhere a voice next to me was saying, “you like her don’t you?” The voice belonged to a short brunette girl with a pixie haircut who was standing beside me freshening her drink. “ Oh, she’s just my ex” I said sheepishly. The brunette looked at me with a naughty smile and said “ well I think we should get your mind off her, don’t you agree?” The girl drained her drink with one sip, grabbed my hand and led me off away from the party. As we walked I noticed how incredible her body was, short and petite, she was wearing a skintight pair of denim cut-offs and a shirt that showed off her cute 32 B breasts. We walked around to the varsity gym and the brunette smiled as she pushed through the door and led me inside. It was deserted at this time of night and we quickly walked across the giant space and into the women’s changing room.

The brunette pulled me against her and said “My name’s Julie” before leaning in and kissing me. My cock stained against my jeans as I realised what she wanted and Julie must have felt it because she let out a soft “Mmmm” as my bulge pressed against her. I pushed her up against the wall and pulled off her top as she kissed me and frantically starting rubbing me through my jeans. I moved my lips down her neck as I continued kissing her until I had her nipple in my mouth, flicking it with my tongue and feeling it go hard. She pulled of my shirt as I unbuttoned her cut offs and smiled when I bent down to pull them off, noticing her cute pink panties had a wet spot over her pussy. “Does that get you hard? Seeing how wet I am? She taunted as I stood up. I smiled back and slid my hand down into her sticky panties finding her clit and gently rubbing her as she moaned and started moving her hips to my hands rhythm.

She seemed hypnotized for a while, her arms around my neck as I played with her pussy until suddenly she shuddered against me as an orgasm swept through her body. Pulling my hands out of her panties, she licked her juices off my fingers and then started undoing my belt. “I wanna taste your cum” she whispered as she turned me around so my back was against the wall and got onto her knees. Julie pulled out my rock hard cock and smiled up at me as she took the head into her mouth and gently started sucking. It felt amazing, leaning against the wall while she licked and sucked my cock, sucking out the precum like a girl on a mission when suddenly I heard what sounded like a moan.

Julie didn’t notice and kept on sucking me off, starting to go faster and deeper when behind her back I saw someone quietly step out of the shadows of the hall and into the doorway. It was my ex, staring at me with one hand up her little dress, her mouth open and her cheeks flushed. Julie didn’t notice and kept swirling her tongue around my head, trying to get the cum she said she so badly wanted to taste while my ex silently lifted up her dress and showed me her tight shaved pussy with two fingers inside up to the knuckles. I fucked Julie’s mouth while across the room my ex pumped her fingers in and out of her snatch, her juices literally running down the inside of her leg. I could hardly take anymore and kept staring at me ex while I said to Julie “ I’m gonna cum..”. Julie immediately opened her mouth and looked up at me as she slowly licked the full length of my cock. As soon as she got to the head I began to cum, shooting a load over Julies face and tits as she giggled and swallowed what she could. “I’d better clean this up!” she said as she walked past me to the showers, cum dripping off her chin and lips.

Once Julie was round the corner I stared over to the doorway where my ex was and saw her using two hands on her pussy, one pumping inside and another rubbing her clit. We heard the water start up in the shower and my ex silently walked over to me, bent over and sucked the remaining cum off my dick. I instantly got rock hard in her mouth as her expert tongue went to work. After about a minute she stood up without saying a word, turned around, pulled up her dress and showed me her dripping wet pussy. I ran my cock up her lips, feeling it get coated in her juices before pushing it into her tight slit. Julie called from the shower telling me to come join her and I told her I’d be right in while I pumped the full length of my shaft up into my ex. She started biting her lip and I could tell she was cumming as I looked down and saw it dripping down my cock and felt myself getting close again. My ex used her hips, letting her tight pussy take me to the edge until I started cumming deep inside her snatch.

She pulled off me and slipped her panties back on, putting a finger to her lips as she smiled and motioned for me to join Julie in the shower. Dazed and tired I walked round the corner and stepped into the shower. Julie immediately bent down and licked my cock, “Mmmm, you taste really good” she said. The though of her tasting my ex’s pussy juice and getting turned on made my dick start to get a little hard again, and noticing Julie said “wow, ready for round two?” It was a long night…
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