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Well...my recalling of an experience dressed in a swimsuit didnt seem too popular so perhaps you may prefare the story of a weekend visitor I once had. It was 1981 and I had just got my own place, a nice modern 1 bed flat.Apart from bedsits as a teen this was my first real place of my own.
In these pre internet days we had such mediums as contact mags, specialty mags and such and it was though one of these that I got in touch with Colin.....that wasnt his name but the rest of the story is true verbatim. He described himself as being athletic and in his 40s, I was 27 and he was hoping to meet a crossdresser, after an initial letter and some phone calls I invited him down to my place for the weekend.He was'nt a cd himself but was what we all call an admirer.I met him off the train full of trepidation and we recognised each other from our photos and descriptions , after a discrete public greeting we walked the short distance to my flat.
We were barely through the door when we had a passionate kiss..I held back and told him I wanted to dress and if he wanted he could dive in the shower....I was haf tempted to join him but thought I would take the opportunty to get dressed........I threw on a black dress, hold ups and my hairpiece, quickly re-arranged it and slipped on a condom (while he was showering).....and no panties.
I was dressed quicker than I had thought and it was some time before he appeared from the bathroom dressed in only my dressing gown which was far too small for him, he was well built , taller and far more powerful than me, and he sat next to me on the sofa, not being shy I cuddled up to him and we kissed passionately for some time, he then put his hand up my dress and I could feel his large hand on my bare bottom and then embracing my excited manhood...he stopped suddenly and told me I was very presumptious and tarty to be wearing no panties, with one arm he had me across his knee and raised my dress right up my back. He told me I would have to be soundly spanked ( we had through our leters and phonecalls discussed what we liked and disliked)....he didnt hold back either, his large hand kissing my bottom causing a loud slapping sound with every whack, after exactly 12 of these he picked me up and carried me in his arms , saying nothing...he placed me on my bed, as I lay there he grabbed both my ankles with his hands in a tight grip and with one pull lifted my legs high into the air, my bare bottom bouncing as it landed at the very foot of the bed.The dressing gown fell to the floor and he was obviously very excited....I gestured towards some rubbers and vaseline I has positioned earlier......ignoring the rubbers he put a finger or two into the vaseline jar and smeared what seemed a very small amount on my rose and none on his manhood.I expected him to take me immediately as he was so aroused but he said my bottom would be much more relaxed after an orgasm and he put his hand between my legs and gave me hand relief, I came very quickly as I was so excited....almost immediatley after my pleasure he turned me over raised my knees so I was in position for being taken 'doggy'. He must have been very experienced as there was no fumble , no clumsiness, he was inside me pumping away within seconds, he was right my bottom was relaxed after my orgasm and his manhood was impressive to say the least, I heard him groan , felt him withdraw and then I could feel his hot cream squirt on my bottom.I collapsed on the bed and after a few seconds I could feel him wiping up the cream that was on my bottom and the top of my legs and hold ups with a tissue or two.
We laid together for a while saying little , and within a very hort time we were both asl**p. We awoke almost at the same time , probably n hour or so later and he was far more chatty and we had certainly broken the ice well and truly.
He stayed for 2 days and we had a very enjoyable weekend behind locked doors.Even though we seemed to get on well.....very well infact...I always thought he saw me as another 'notch' and this was re-enf***ed when he asked for a pair of my knickers as a souvenier.I took him to the train station when it was time for him to go home and surprisingly even though we did communicate for a while and said the usual 'we'll have to do this again sometime'...I never did see him again..but I was only 27 and had many more enjoyable experiences ahead of me .
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3 years ago
Great story!