my fantasy part one

slave enters the room and finds the items
her Master instructed her to wear prior to his
she bathes and wig....
plum lipstick and gloss....
tight corset....and this time Master provided her
with a sheer body stocking.....and 8 inch ballet
ankle boots......she pushed her stockinged feet
into the boots and padlocked them at the ankles...
the keys obviously were not with them...Master
had the keys in his brief once locked
on slut could not take them off....she hoped
that she did not get cramp....
there was also a strange bag made from heavy duty rubber
a note on the bed read....slave whore will place herself
inside this bag and await Masters arrival....
after sever minutes slave worked out what she was to do...
she opened the rubber sack fully by unzipping several
large of which could be fasted both had
2 clasps....but this bag seemed much too small...inside the bag
whore found what seemed to be a small dildo.....which she realised
it was not meant for a females pussy...but for a whore tranny
slave was surprised and daunted as Master knew she was still
a fuck virgin....however he had provided it so she had to at least try
to insert this into her tightness.....Master provided ample amounts
of lubrication....the anal plug was very heavy so slave realised
it must be the vibrator type....after many minutes of easing slave
managed to impale herself with the device...but could not work
out why it did no vibrate when she turned the button to on?
she locked the plug into position with the straps provided....which
was a good thing as slave was sure her virgin cunt would f***e it out
....slut then sat on the floor...and bound her ankles and knees
with thick leather straps had provided.....she then managed
to kneel...and place the wide posture collar around her neck..
making sure it was fastened tightly....slut thought
it odd that this time Master had not provided a gag?....
the instructions read that i should zip my worthless and partially
bound body into the bag by 6pm...or else.....
it was now 10 minutes to 6.....
i knelt in the middle of the cold slippery sack.....and pulled the 2 sides up
when stretched they barely reached my waist....i had to crouch low...which
f***ed the bonds on my legs to tighten...and the but plug to slide deeper into me
i zipped the bag from the back up over my back.....and as i did so a ball with
a tube attached fell into the bag....aha...the gag!....i placed the ball in my mouth and strapped it into position...and realised the the attached tube was for breathing...for the
rubber sack would be airtight....i took one last look at the clock and saw the second hand tick closer to 6pm....i took a sharp breath and with all my strength...pulled the zip shut...and in doing so...realised that i could not move my hands in any i was so tightly
squeezed by the rubber sack....and i could not therefore escape....panic began to whelm
inside of me...but i had to stay calm.....
i heard the alarm on the clock was time! that point the door opened...and i heard several people enter the room.....a husky voice said.....she is ready as instructed...
they placed something on the floor....which sounded heavy....i heard a muffled voice say
put her in the trunk and get her over to her owner as soon as he likes
his whores fresh....then another voice sniggering....they lifted my cocooned body.
and placed me into i very small must have been small...because they
had difficulty closing me inside....i struggled furiously....and heard one shout turn the fucking thing on ....i was instantly shocked into submission when the dildo in my cunt
began to vibrate furiously.......they let it run whilst they transported me to my Master.
i hope he likes what he see when he opens the rubber cocoon......wander what he will
have me do to please him?
your slut whore
with both body stocking and

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2 years ago
i would love to play this out x