Like in heaven

I was about packing my suit case and I found my very sexiest "lady undies" and put in the suit case and my silkone titties, a package of tena lady pads, just in case I should become wet between my tighs. I usually do get wet from too much precom.
Well everything was in place and I was fully dressed almost like a woman. I choosed black panties, black bra,black garter belt and black stockings and a black pantygirdle for to keep my dick between my tighs.
I had a long way to drive to this meeting and so I started very early in the morning. I jerked off into moms dirty panties before I started driving away.
After a while I felt that I became wet again and stopped and pu a Tena pad in the crotch of my panty girdle and so I felt quite safe not wetting my trousers with precom.
I was come almost half the way and took a brake, getting some food and go to the loo and then I continued driving the last 300 km. i got horny and needed to jerk off somewhere and I found a nice place along the road and went into the woods and got out my cock and rubbed it hard for to com as fast as possible. Oh, that felt good and very refreshing and no one saw me.
It was quite late in the evening when I arrived at the hotel where the meeting should take place and signed in and then I found my way to the bar for a night cup.
-Hello, I am Susan, - the woman next to me started talking to me.
-I am John, how do u do- I replied and then we started talking politics and after a while we got more intmate in our talking. Not long after she invited me for a drink to her room an I followed her and felt my dick getting hard. But as I had it between my tighs she could not see that and soon after the first precum dripped into my panties.
In her room I asked for the toilett and I had to pee, but naturally that took a little longer as usual and while I was dressing again she had made herself comfortable and sat on her bed in just panties and bra and they were black , too.
Well ne thing tokk the other and I had may hand between her tighs and fingered her on the moisty crotch and that made me really hot and wet. What should I do?
I could not let her see what I had beneath my trousers and so on. She enjoyed my fingering and became mor wet and offered me one more drink and she startet loosening my belt and opened my fly and then she felt it.
-oh my god! What are u wearing? Do u really wear ladies´undies, good god, let me see!- and what choices did I have? Running for life or just let her see?
Well it came to that I let her see and she gasped.
-U have good taste! But why that pad?- she asked and I explained it to her and she just laughed loud.
She pulled down my panties and put my slimy cock into her mouth and socked it and god what a nice feeling it was and she really knew what to do.
-I would like u to cum into my mouth- she begged me and that was ok with me. It was a fortnight since last moms girlfriend gave me a blow job.
Now I licked Susan´s pussy wich was very wet of her delicious juices and what a wonderfull taste while she continued playing with my cock.
Then all over sudden the cum just shut out of my cock and she quickly put it into her mouth to catch the valuable cream.
-Could I put on ur wet panties, please?_ I asked her and she said just - be welcome-!
She pu on mine and I felt like in heaven feeling her jucy panties down there.
It was almost 2 am and we said good night and agreed to meet again the next evening.
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4 years ago
lookin forward to hearing vabout the next night