My wife and the boss

My wife has been working late at her job at the restaurant. One day I went there to surprise her, but she wasn't there. The cashier told me it was her off day, but she got dressed and went to work as I thought. So I asked to speak to her boss about this, and she replied that he was off too. Lucky for me I knew where is lived at. So I went to his house to talk about my wife working over and not being at work today.
When I got there I saw her car in the drive way, I was puzzled about that. I went up to the door and saw it was open a little bit. I went in and start looking for him. I went upstairs and heard some laughing coming from a bedroom, so I took a peak in see what was so funny. There was my wife sitting on the bed with her boss chatting and laughing. I was about to say something, but before a word came out of my mouth, he started to kiss her neck. She laid down and he was kissing her stomach, then he lifted up her shirt and bra and kiss and sucked her nipples.
She took her shirt and bra off and push her 38 C cup tits together and let him lick and kiss them. He then took his pants off and his shirt, he put his cock in her face. His cock was bigger than mine, it looked about 2 in. bigger. I have a 6 in. and his looked like a 8 in. She put his cock right in her mouth and started moving her head back and forth fast. She pulled out and took her pants and panties off, and laid down and spread her legs opened. He started to eat her pussy out and she was moaning loud. I couldn't believe this, he is a married man and he's fucking my wife. It turned me on, my cock got rock hard watching.
He then got on top of her and was fucking her hard, shaking the whole bed off its frame. She was screaming with every bounce, she switch to doggy style and he pounded her hard that way too. I see why she was fucking him, I couldn't do her that hard. They did it against the wall, in a chair, on the floor. They've been at it for 45 minutes now and I just had to leave.
My wife came home and I asked her how was work today, she told me it was hard work and she was tired. She went upstairs and I followed her, I told her I wanted her right now, at first she said no, but she changed her mind. I couldn't do it like him but the sex was still good and I can picture it in my head. As long she's happy and I get some, its fine with me.
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3 years ago
Great story. Thanks.
3 years ago
Thanks for the story, and having seen your delicious wife in the pics, makes it nice to enhance the story. Can almost see it!
3 years ago
good man, let her play and you too get the benifits.
3 years ago
i like it
3 years ago
yes ,,i have been the boss a few times my self..but not your wife,,hope she takes care of you..mmmmmmmmmmmm good story
3 years ago
good story