My wife and her step-dad

While I was dating my wife at the time girlfriend she told me something interesting. I popped her cherry, but there was other times after we had sex she had encounter with her step-dad. I told her I wanted to hear all of it (turns me on when she tells me other guy fucked her). The first time she told me she was in her room naked and masturbating,she had some orgasms and her dad peeped in and watched her. Before she came he walked in on her(her bedroom door had no lock on it),he's dick was rock hard because he was masturbating while watching my wife rub herself.

He shut the door behind him and went up to my wife at that time she took the sheets and cover herself up. He went over and pulled the sheets off of her exposing her naked body, her nice 36 C cup tits, nipples hard. She took her hands and covered up her pussy. She ask what is he doing in her room, he said he walked by and heard her moaning and he wanted to fuck her. She told him no and get out and he told her to get up and make him leave. She just laid there with nothing to cover up with her clothes was in the corner of the room across from her.

He walked up to her and put his dick next to her face, she turned her head away and he said if you want me to leave suck my dick. So she said ok and sucked his dick, while she was doing that he was rubbing on her pussy. She was getting wetter, he felt that pulled out of her mouth and got on top of her. She covered up her pussy with her hands, so he started to kiss her neck and started to suck her hard nipples. She enjoyed it and she took her hands off her pussy and opened up her legs for him. He slide his hard cock right in to her wet pussy and starting to fuck her. Went slow at first cause his cock is 8 in. long and mine is 6 in. so he thought it might hurt her. Then he went faster and little bit harder, the bed started to squeak and she started to moan. Then he was pounding her and she was having loud orgasm. Since her mom was at work he didn't care if she was loud. They fucked for about 45 mins. and she came on his dick and he felt that so he slow down and held her arms up above her head and fucked her slow and hard. She moaned some more and he then came in her pussy, a big load of cum went in her. He kissed her nipple and pulled out of her. I came over about half an hour later after they fucked didn't know. She was in a nightgown sitting on the couch she had no undies or a bra on. Her dad was in bed asl**p and her mom won't be home for about another couple of hours. I was horny so I pulled her down on the couch lifted up the gown and spread her legs open and fucked her myself. I asked her why does it feel like she had a dick in her already and she told me just before I came over she masturbating and she put a banana in her. So I fucked her good and hard and she was moaning and she looked over my shoulder and her step-dad was there watching me fucking my wife. While I was fucking her I asked if she came with that banana and she said yes. Her dad was getting excited and he started to masturbate while I was fucking her. I came in her and pulled it out, sat there watch some t.v. while she sucked my cock and when she was done I licked her pussy.

Her mom came home so I left and went home myself, she said later on that night her dad came into her room and licked her pussy. He said that turned him on watching his step-daughter getting fucked. He slowly fucked her because her mom wasn't that far from her bedroom. She started to moan and he covered her mouth so her mom can't hear her. Her mom walked by my wife's bedroom and heard the bed squeaking, so her mom peaked in to see why the bed was making noise when my wife was in bed asl**p. She saw someone on top fucking but didn't know it was her own husband fucking her daughter, so she walked away. He told her to take off her nightgown and bend over her desk. So she did and he fucked her hard on that desk, he shot a load of cum in her and they went to bed (not the same bed).
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2 years ago
Wow great story !!
3 years ago
Would've sucked if she got pregnant. A Maury Povich episode...nice story.
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Nice got my cock up and ready would love to hear more can even swap some storys with you
4 years ago
I hope the old guy keeps getting that pussy.
4 years ago
well I didn't really go for it but it was well ploted