my first gay incounter.

One summer afternoon I went to a nudist resort to explore ny sexuality and stuff. The whole time I was there I played volleyball butt naked. During the game somehow I touch another man's penis also felt thr tip of his penis in my butt. Also he felt the my penis and the tip of my penis in his butt. During a bathroom break somehow heard a guy breathing hard low and behold it was the guy that felt my penis he was masterbating. I was shocked at first but he wanted me to join in. So we masterbated til we came and boy did we came. After that we made out in the bathroom stall. Few days later we we're at his house swimming in his pool butt naked. After we we're done swimming we dry off asked me to lay on his bed. Gave me a fantastic blowjob and buried his penis up my butt and came inside. The next later I gave him a blowjob and I buried my penisup his butt and came inside him.
75% (7/3)
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2 years ago
nice story after that I was horny.
2 years ago
short and sweet..
2 years ago
Can You bury yyour penis in my butt