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Final Ballot

I would first like to thank everyone for submitting all the awesome
nominations !! I know it's a long time overdue but here is your final ballot for the 2014 xhamster awards or the " Pervies " as I have labeled them !

1) Best Male xhamster member 2014 :


2) Best Female xhamster user 2014 :


3) Best New User 2014 :

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Posted by The-Awards-Hall 1 month ago

Private Messages

I noticed recently I missed what I would consider nice private messages. But messages get buried and I miss them sometimes. I make it a habit to respond to everyone unless your an asshole or you just message me and say "hi". Which is lame as fuck. If you have something to say to me the best way to get my attention is to post it right on my xham page. Other messages I will not respond to include.

1. Do you want to watch me stroke my cock.
2. Do you want to cam with me
3. Can I have the password to your videos.
4. Add me please
5. Your so fucking hot I want to fuck your brains out (ummmm... Continue»
Posted by Dark_Witch 11 days ago

Changing Sites.

Hey Everyone!

I am sure everyone is aware of the changes xhamster has made to the site lately. Recently they changed the site so that only pro models can cam. Unfortunately for me I am not pro nor do I ever have any intention of becoming pro. I cam because it is fun not for tokens. I refuse to conform and become pro because xhamster wants money. I never wanted to become pro and I do not want to now. I will no longer be camming on this site because of the changes.

I will be moving to a different site. If you would like to know which then PM me. I will have password shows on that site an... Continue»
Posted by Blooming_Flower 9 months ago

A Flower

A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It simply just blooms.

Posted by Blooming_Flower 8 months ago

To all the guys out there...please READ!!!

I thought I write this blog so I don't have to type the same thing over and over in replying to messages I keep getting so here is some info for you guys from a “REAL” verified girl. You can see me on my social media sites (links in my profile). The reason why i say I am a real girl...I mean I am not anonymous or a different gender trying to impersonate a naturally born woman.

So here are some facts for guys to know..because being ignorant to the below facts makes you an idiot...and I am sure “REAL” girls will agree with most of whats written below..and keep in mind I underlin... Continue»
Posted by amateurgirl 1 year ago


eccomi arrivata qui su xhamster...:)
sono una camgirl scrivetemi e vi risponderò
Posted by bijoubonbon 1 month ago

Motivi del rifiuto - Reasons for refusal

Caro amico sei stato reindirizzato a questo blog perché la tua richiesta di amicizia è stata rifiutata per uno dei motivi qui sotto elencati:
1) Profilo completamente vuoto.
2) Profilo completamente vuoto pur essendo registrati da parecchio tempo.
3) Profilo con solo video e foto favoriti.
4) Profilo con video e foto non di mio interesse.
N.B. Chi insiste nella richiesta di amicizia rientrando in una di queste quattro motivazioni verrà bloccato dopo tre rifiuti.
Concludo dicendo che mi piacerebbe ess
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Posted by virtual-lover 1 year ago

SassyBri and Leafee's Guest List

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Posted by PartyPlayHouse 7 months ago

What did James do to you?

This is more of a funny venting post. My poor James Deen gallery is at 38% and I just don't understand why. I mean I know he's not naked in the pictures (that's why I called it James Deen Unexposed) but they aren't bad pictures. He actually looks pretty hot in all of them. So why the JD hate? lol

That's okay, I know he's not for everyone. So I'll happily take the low score because I'm not giving up my JD gallery. =)

Posted by blackkitten 1 year ago

Link utili / Useful links

Qualche informazione in più sui link che vedete sul mio profilo.
More informations about the links I added on my profile.
Posted by Krug760 5 months ago

fuck men pretending to be women.

In case you missed dave aka 'steevo' the perv hamster had a freaky reaction to my letter. He claims everything he said about himself was a total lie. He just enjoyed 'the writing.' I wouldn't post this but he is one creepy dude. He taunted me that he would reappear and maybe we will meet again. The fucker intends to stalk me pretending to be someone else. He won't just exit my life like a normal man. He wants to fuck with me again. I will not be easy to fool. The problem is he has a vendetta against all other men who read my blog. I knew right away he probably contacted many people on... Continue»
Posted by linmarris 7 months ago

The "Fake" Profile (Cybersexuality)

This is a bit of a ramble covering some important subjects. I'll probably cut it down and shuffle things around a bit but that's too much work for now so I'm posting as is. verbose, redundant as it is the intention is sincere. and imperfection is one of the themes, here any

The “Fake” Profile
Cybersexuality---Some thoughts on Identity Issues---My Experiences---Sexual Integrity--- Transparency---My Limits---Gender Transitioning---Making Things Better for the Women of Xhamster

One of the issues we all gr... Continue»
Posted by anthony_weston 9 months ago

To Out or Not to Out The Fake Persona

No, I am NOT talking about someone’s sexual preference. I am speaking about false personas on xhamster. These come in many forms, occur for many reasons, and I believe require careful thought when considering exposure. Let’s list them and deal with them as I have done or would try to do when and if I found them.

Malicious Clone. This person takes over another’s avatar AND makes their xhamster name so close it is nearly indistinguishable from the original. EXPOSE THE FUCKING BASTARD to as many people as possible, ask those people to in turn warn others of the fake persona, and on and on. T... Continue»
Posted by edintx99 8 months ago

The disintigration of the social aspect of this po

They have, in one fell swoop, destroyed a community that made this porn site much more than that!

It was a safe outlet for many people and now it is gone.

It started when they took off the sidebar showing other viewers on the live cams, we knew each other and chatted in cam rooms, it was a friendly place but they just stopped that with no warning or explanation.

Then suddenly nobody could broadcast unless they registered as a model, no warning of that either.

A lot of the guys on the cams hide their faces but enjoy the exhibitionist side of it all. It was a thrill, taboo and ... Continue»
Posted by iceyblueheart 8 months ago

SassyBri and Leaflee's Ultimate Summer Party

WORLD WIDE PARTY EVENT June 9th 2014- whenever it ends!

Naughty or Nice?
We would like to extend a personal invitation to you! We ask that you please consider joining our 1ST ANNUAL WORLD WIDE XHAMSTER GET TOGETHER.
As we women at Xhamster know, the men outnumber us by very many! We would like to include more fun filled ladies to join in the festivities!
Friends throughout the world will be attending and it is a great opportunity to meet others and have an erotically exciting experience! The party will be held at an Xhamster profile site yet to be design
... Continue»
Posted by SassyBri 9 months ago

Speeding ??? who me ????

Woman: Is there a problem, Officer?
Officer: Ma’am, you were speeding.
Woman: Oh, I see.
Officer: Can I see your license please?
Woman: I’d give it to you but I don’t have one.
Officer: Don’t have one?
Woman: Lost it 4 times for d***k driving.
Officer: I see…Can I see your vehicle registration papers please.
Woman: I can’t do that.
Officer: Why not?
Woman: I stole this car.
Officer: Stole it?
Woman: Yes, and I killed and hacked up the owner.
Officer: You what?
Woman: His body parts are in plastic bags in the trunk if you want to see.

The Officer looks at the woman and slowly b... Continue»
Posted by iceyblueheart 11 months ago

Trick for private profiles & caveat utilitor

Someone asked me about this the other day so I thought I'd just put it here.
"caveat utilitor" is latin for 'let the user beware' for those not versed. I.E. this is as much a warning to the unweary than a how to. (some people seem to not understand this so I'll just point it out)

If someone's profile is private you can still see their videos and pictures using a little trick. This will not circumvent passworded or friends only videos! Nor will it let you gain access to their about me, verification photo/video or wall comments.

Step 1.
Copy these to your addr... Continue»
Posted by xXxPoistxXx 3 years ago

An Xhamster Conspiracy?

I made a rather unpleasant discovery here a couple of days ago, which may all be down to one particularly negative Xhamster member or actually comprises proof of an honest-to-goodness conspiracy.

Someone, either with the assistance of friends or via the use of additional fake profiles, has been deliberately downvoting a number of my galleries. I thought at first I'd simply misjudged the tastes of other members on the site, but closer examination quite clearly proves there has been a concerted effort to negatively affect the ratings of huge swathes of my photographic content, especially the... Continue»
Posted by rodent1 1 year ago



Ive only just started this blog.If youre not in it I appologise..I will put you in if you wish so it just takes time
Also if you wish to be removed please let me know i dont wish to cause harm ,THANKYOU


NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW LEGITE advertisers and uploaders "green clapper board" ..... Continue»
Posted by teg 4 years ago


Everyone here in xHamsterland receives avatar invitations from people who are not known to you in any way. Sometimes you even wonder where your path crossed theirs to elicit such an invitation. Unless you are into "peacocking" or collecting friends avatars just to have them on display, chances are that you would like to get some kind of a feel for this person contacting you before you click "yes" or "no". Life in xHamsterland starts for all of us in only one dimension...the profile. It's what we bring to that profile that adds depth, color and richness. But, if you click on an "invite ... Continue»
Posted by SMICHAELS 3 years ago

My Pet : a story for 42gary

Mistress was sitting up in bed,wearing black hold up stockings knickers and bra with a bodice,propped up by numerous pillows against the leather upholstered bed-head and reading a book, while Her pet was kneeling naked and collared on the floor by the foot of the bed and waiting for her command.

As soon as he heard her he crawled up onto the bed with obvious enthusiasm and awaited next to her on all fours for further instructions.

She looked at him and smiled as her hand ran over his hair, causing him to sigh delightedly he loved his Mistress and being touched by her in that wa... Continue»
Posted by JerseyBean 1 year ago


4 hours ago

great pussy, I want to fuck around ... I like to start by narrow your anus, then fuck you in the mouth, the tonsils to be drowning while you suck, then put him in your pussy fat ... and to finish napalnya your mouth with sperm ... do you like it?

6 minutes ago

I make a point of writting on my page exactly Why I AM here and even end up closing down my private messages to stop THOSE kind of messages
and you have the cheek to say this crap on my page and want to know if I like it...
What can ... Continue»
Posted by JerseyBean 1 year ago

xHamster Adult Poems (public domain)

xHamster, amazing as this site is does not have a dedicated poem section. They have a stories section, but nothing where adult writers could express and compare works. This is my idea that everyone who's interrested in sharring and comparing their works can do so here in the form of COMMENTS. If you want to add a poem just do so in the comments section.

NOTE: I don't know the how many people will wish to use this. If it becomes TOO popular (doubtful), I might have to start deleting ACTUAL comments, but I'll never delete poems. Try to keep the comments minimal. I will leave roo... Continue»
Posted by soulsnatcher1134 1 year ago

Female Comics Drawer

Posted by kryf 1 year ago

little story and artworks-azpiri

Posted by kryf 1 year ago

Budd Root x T-Rex

Posted by kryf 1 year ago

Those crazy scientists at the University of Washin

Those crazy scientists at the University of Washington have moved one step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming an international tech hacker spy. I want to sit in a van digitally unlocking doors and setting off distraction alarms on the opposite sides of buildings while my team runs into a building, steals the schematics of a sonic bomb. I want to play video games with my mind and surf YouTube while not listening to the General in command of my missions. I’m going to be so good at the future.

Researchers have managed to... Continue»
Posted by Black--Widow 1 year ago

Comics fan ...

You are a fan of spicy comic strip of eroticism.

A small address for your pleasure:

Http: // / comics/

Http: // / comics/

Http: // / comics/

Http: // / comics/

Four versions are available with a number of more or less important works, of soft erotic in the hard: French, English, Spanish and German.

Big names of the BD cross themselves on this site.

The images are of very good quality, considerable bit extra with regard to(compared with) other sites of the same type(chap).

Good reading!

Vous êtes fan de bande de... Continue»
Posted by WALKINGWITHYOU 1 year ago

Coraline- Beauty Updated 12/3/12

Posted by Coraline_ 2 years ago

Why Guys scare Girls off the xHamster

I think this is one of those things that needs to be said.

Guys on this site, drive Girls off the site. I don't think that Guys do that on purpose, but they do it - not by individual action, but by what they do in mass.

Not even 2 hours after signing up, I was close to tossing it all out, I was stressed out by the Guys, even though hardly anyone had said or done anything bad. It was just the sheer quantity.

I appreciate the interest and getting all the attention and all, but it just got way to much.

While I had just signed up, and was still filling in the profile info, writi... Continue»
Posted by AlyMelny 2 years ago