Story Reqested From old GF part 2

Debbie and V had shared sex talk and compared notes over the years and V had always wondered about Debbies claim of being able to deep throat so she watched with a mixture of amazement and admiration as Debbie slid Josh's cock back and forth in her mouth. She would pull back until just the head was in her mouth, her lips forming a seal around it and her cheeks sucking in as she tightened her mouth down and slid her lips down toward the base, Each stroke of her mouth taking more and more of his cock into her mouth and throat until her nose pressed against his groin at the base of his cock and Josh groaned as he felt the tightness engulf his cock. "My god thats good" Josh blurted out while trying (moderatly successfully) not grab Debbie's head and f***e himself into her throat again. Deb had to flick her head to the right to break free from Josh hands and pulled back until his cock popped out of her mouth trailing a line of saliva that fell across her breast. Taking a breath she took him back into her mouth again and again repeating this action until his cock was so hard the head had turned purple and the viens on the shaft stood out and Debbies chest and neck where coated with saliva that had dripped from his cock and drooled from her mouth. While Debbie had been working Josh's cock V had been enjoying the work of his hands on her pussy and it was only the distraction of touching her that had kept him from cumming due to Debbie's actions. As she laid back feeling him working his finger into her pussy while teasing her clit with his thumb, she felt him trail a finger of his other hand down between the cheeks of her ass, she raised her hips to accomadate his probing and felt him gentally press against her ass. She reponded by lifting her hips higher.

AS Josh was probing and teasing V's pussy and ass Debbie took a break from sucking his cock to get her breath back. She turned and watched as Josh's fingers work on V, she found she enjoyed watching her friends responses to his touch and moved to the side so Josh could step closer to the table and V's exposed pussy. Still holding his cock she ran her tongue up and down the length of it while watching V out of the corner of her eyes.

Josh finally couldn't take it any longer when V pushed back on his finger probing her ass and the wetness from her pussy allowed him to feel her open around his finger. He gently moved Debbie to the side and smiling down at her said, " I can't wait any longer". He pulled V to the edge of the table and began sliding his cock head up and down the lips of her pussy. Without thinking about it Debbie reached up and taking her fingers used them to open V's pussy to Josh's cock, while using her other hand she guided his cock into V. Receiving 2 muted gasps as her thank you. Debbie moved to the seat to watch as Josh fucked V. She could tell that even without them saying anything to each other they were in perfect harmony and that they were close to cuming. Debbie heard V begin to grunt and saw her push back as Josh pulled out before plunging back into her. She watched as Josh bent down to take V's nipple in his mouth and hear V moan. She watch Josh use his tongue on her nipple swirling around then gently applying pressure by locking his lips around it and lifting his head until the nipple popped free. Seeing V's breast moving in time to Josh's thrust, Debbie bent down and tentatively flicked her nipple with her tongue, causing V to moan again. With this encourgement Debbie lock her lips around the nipple and brought her hand up to tease V's other breast as Josh stood up and reached under V to hold her ass began ot thrust harder and steadier.

Josh felt himself begin to cum and knew that there was no holding it back. He realized that this wasn't just cumming ,but that he felt a tightness in his stomach, that his cock was more senisitve feeling every inch of V's pussy as he move in and out, that the heat from her was becoming so noticable that he could feel her legs wrapped around him radiating it. He knew he was on his way to an orgasm, not just cumming, and he let himself go with it.

V had been feeling that same tighness in her belly as Josh, even as wet as she was she felt him plunging into her and felt his cock grow stiffer and his movement become more urgent. She adjusted her pelvis so that his cock brushed her clit as he thrust and knew that she was on her way to an orgasm and let herself go with it.

Debbie knew that both Josh and V were close and she sat back and stopped touching V's breast. She knew that her friend was about to cum and didn't want to distract her. She saw Josh thrust harder, she saw V move her pelvis and thrust back and saw the tension enter thier bodys as thier orgasm began together. She smiled when she saw them let themselve go.

Remembering this moment later both Josh and V would swear that it was the most intense orgasm of their lives. Well for Josh it was the most intese up until that moment. because as he caught his breathe feeling his cock pumping his cum into V and the world around came back into focus Debbie stood up and said," You relax I'm going to get us a couple bottles of water. and when you get your breath back It's my turn" Josh watched her ass as she walked back to the house and as his cock softened and slipped from V's pussy he thought, "hell i got at least on more in me".

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