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Josh was floating with his back to B&B when he heard the back screen door open. He turned around in and saw Debbie and V walking across the back lawn to the creek. "Damn," he thought, " busted skinny dipping. Now how am i supposed to get out of the water with them there." Debbie had made V wrap a towel around her shoulders, having convinced her on the run down the stairs that jogging across the lawn topless toward a man then had know for all of 60 minutes may not be a great idea. V had taken her advice but a semi close look would have revealed her tanned stomach and the hint tan lines from the strings of her batheing suit top around her neck. Debbie still had on her t-shirt and sl**p shorts and was trying to think of something witty to say when V burst out with, "Damn its hot, mind of we join you" " Uh hey no problem, but I'm embarassed to say I'm swimming naked can you through me my shorts please," Josh asked. V replied, " We don't have suits either so why don't you just turn around and we'll jump in. We're all grown ups here."

"Well ok if you two are comfortable with that I guess its ok", Josh replied, while thinking that this might be fun which caused him to feel the ticklish feeling of his cock beginning to stiffen. he quickly tried to think of something else as he spun in the water and listened as the girls undressed and waded in. "Ah this is nice" Debbie said as her and V swam out to the middle of the creek. Josh was about 10ft to thier left and when Debbie made eye contact with V and nodded her head in his direction. Josh was still trying to gain control of his erection when he heard the girls swimming toward him, "shit" he thought, damn hard on go away. But when he spun ot face the girls and the full moon surrounded them in its silvery reflex, which highlighted thier faces with reflected moonlight he knew getting rid of his erection was a loosing battle and decided to keep his lower half underwater as long as they were in the creek. As they glided closer he also noticed that the moonlight made it possible to see their breast under water and as they both came to stop close to him and set thier feet down on the bottom of the creek he saw that they both had very nice breast. Debbie's where smaller then V's due to her athletic build, but her nipples stood proud in the moonlight and Josh noticed how nicely rounded they were, V on the other hand had larger fuller breast with darker nipples. Josh would never have thought he could get harder then he was but after surveying the girls figures he felt himself stiffen even further. "You can tell you 2 work out"
"Thanks, Debbie replied, ' Gotta stay in shape and healthly." Without thinking Josh flicked his eyes back forth between the girls chests and said you certainly are in shape and damned healthy. Both girls laughed, knowing exactly what he meant, as both had noticed that they could see the others breast in the moonlight and had follwed Josh's eye as he struggled to not look and lost the battle.

Debbie was standing there thinking "this is ackward. Now what" when she felt something brush her ankle. Without thinking she yelled and launched herself up and at Joshua. for his part he did a great job of catching her just in time to keep from being knocked over. "What what's wrong" V asked." something touched my foot" deb replied. "Oh thats ok theres grass growing along the bottom of the creek in places you just felt that." Josh told her. "Are you sure" "positive he replied. Ok you can put me down. Josh lowered debbies legs into the water, but not before catching a glimpse of her trimmed pubic area and getting a good look at her flat stomach. as he dropped her legs and she swung her hips to stand up she purposely tried to land close to him. In a situation that V would laugh about all the way to the 5K event, what Debbie actually managed to do was to come down squarely straddling his erection.

Josh had'nt been the only one of the three suffering the physical effects of sexual desire, Debbie had felt herself becoming aroused and her pussy was warm and wet despite the water, V was in much the same condition so when debbies full weight landed on josh's hard cock he felt the heat even though he didn't penetrate her. The desire they both felt rushed to the surface of their consciousness and looking into the others eyes they locked thier lips together. This kiss was anything but tender, the hunger of sexual desire they had been living with for so many months, coupled with the last few minutes of ackward silent foreplay and the taboo of sex with a stranger all combined to turn that first kiss into a raw emotional signal. Debbie wasn't even aware that she wrapped her legs around him, feelling his strong hands slide down her back to cup her ass. A signal that said now, I will take what i want from you now. When they broke the kiss, Josh started for the creek bank with debbie held firmly in place and running hands over his muscled back.

She raised her head and saw V swimming along behind them, she smiled at her and V grinned back. V was about 3 feet behind Josh when he started up the creek bed and seeing his tight muscled ass with Debbies legs wrapped around his back knew that there was no turning back. Although she had not been feeling very worried about it, there had been moments doubting that anything would happen as they had stood in a circle in the creek. Well good old Debbie had solved that problem. She'd have to be sure to thank her later.

Josh carried debbie to a picnic table to the side of the path up to the house. He turned to V and said in a voice thick with desire " spread the towels on the tables" V grabbed thier three towels and quickly covered the table as she watch Debbie and Josh kissing. her eyes traveled down Debbies back until she saw the head of his erection poking form between the cheeks of Debbies ass. She reached out and ran her nails over the head of his cock, causing Josh to groan. placing her had on Debbies ass she lifted her and slid her hand around Josh's cock and began to stroke him. he lifted debbie higher so V could have free access to his cock. As she stroked his cock with her right hand she used her left to explore his balls, gently hefting and squeezing them. Her attention was too much and Josh stepped back saying' Hold on" and he lowered Debbie to the table top. She unwound her legs and leaned back on her arms getting her first good look at him, and enjoying the view. V who had been sitting on the edge of the picnic table seat, quickly reclaimed her hold on his cock, Josh took a step back and placing his hand on his hips braced his legs apart and thrust his cock out for her. Seeing him in the moonlight, like that Debbie gasped, she had never been so turned on before, she had a gorgeous man, shining in the silvery moonlight, her best friend was on her knees in front of him stroking the most amazing cock she had seen in years and she was on her back legs spread, nipples stiff and her pussy so wet she could feel wetness on her ass. Without thinking she reached down and gently started rubbing her clit. soft cirlces that caused her to wimper slightly as her stayed fixed on V's hand. Josh had been about to reach out to touch Debbie stopped himslef when he saw this. He had always found it a turn on to watch a woman pleasure herself and he was thankful for the distraction from V's expert stroking. He certainly didn't want to cum yet, this was a night her wanted to last.V was looking at Josh's face when she saw his hand start to move then stop and his eye fix on something Debbie was doing, from her vantage point on her knees in front of Josh she couldn't see around Debbies leg to see what she was doing. Switching hands she continued to pump Josh's cock and used her free hand to move Debbie's leg. She had never seen a woman masterbate before, she didn't like it in the few porno's she'd seen whne 2 women would have sex, but here with this wonderful cock in hand and friend's obvious effect on Josh, and erotic look of her glistening pussing in hte moonlight V felt herself become arroused further. Watching Debbie's flexing hips as she used her hand to tease her clit, hearing her breathing harder and faster, feeling Josh flexing his hips back and forth as he fucked her hand, she reached down to touch her own clit. The sparks that flew through her caused her to groan loudly. momentarily causing Debbie to stop and look her way. Debbie saw her hand between her legs and knowing the cause of the groan smiled at Josh and nodded toward V. For his part Josh had to stop V's stroking he was too close to the point of no return, he stepped back from her hand causing her to look at him. "Something wrong" she asked. Stopping her hand on her clit. "No not at all, Just don't want to cum yet, um would you mind if i watched you and Debbie for minute."

Smiling wickedly V stands up and scoots Debbie over. She lies beside her and pinches her nipples with her left hand as she slides her right to her pussy. Debbie lifts her leg and d****s her it over V's. "hows this" she askes Josh. "Perfect, you 2 are so sexy"

Standing at the foot of the table his cock throbbing Josh fulfills his fantasy as he watches these 2 sexy women masterbate for him. As he stood there he was about to see another fantasy come to life as V shifted herself and looking at Josh's cock reached over and brushed Debbies pussy. Josh's cock's throbbing and twitching gave her the answer she needed and pushing Debbies hand away she took over rubbing her clit. Debbie was shocked and almost reached to stop her when V hit "that" spot and the waves of her first orgasm of the night started building. "OH OH shit" was all Debbie manageed to get out before the waves of orgasm crashed into her. Her legs stiffened and she raised her pelvis off the table, reaching down she grabbed V's hand at the wrist and held her fingers on the spot. Lifting her head off the table she groaned out another "ohhh myyy god" and collapsed back breathing heavy and shaking as her orgasm faded. She pushed V's hand away and opening her eyes saw Josh was rubbing his cock on V's calf and smiling at her."I think you needed that" he said. "Your not k**ding. Wow" Looking at V she said " that was wild" and smiled.

As Debbie caught her breathe Josh slid his hands up V's legs and teasing her lips inserted a finger into her soaking wet pussy. V leaned back and let him take over, enjoying the feeling of his finger in her and the carass of his hand on her thighs. She felt Debbie move off the table and opened her eyes to see her kiss Josh then begin to lower herself down his body, kissing his neck, teasing his nipples causing him to groan, then slowly sinking to her knees and sliding the head of his cock into her mouth.

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