Taz - Part 2

I tell Taz to come to see me at 5 o'clock on the dot. He is to be freshly showered and dressed to turn any woman on. He's to bring a piece of rope about 18" in length with a small loop on one end (the loop needs to be large enough to slip the other end of the rope through easily, but without too much extra room).

When he arrives I am dressed in a red satin robe, my hard nipples poking against the material. I ask him if he brought what I asked and he produces the piece of rope. He is wearing tight denim jeans that show off his wonderful package and nice firm ass. A light denim shirt unbuttoned to his waist showing off both his tan and his chest hair and a pair of cowboy boots. He is looking very hot in his outfit. He tries to pull me in his arms for a kiss and I slip out and tell him to go run a bubble bath for me and to light the candles in the bathroom. I tell him that he is going to bathe me. He is going to shave my legs and my pussy. He's going to then dry me off and dress me. He leaves the room to prepare my bath and I go into the bedroom to lay out my outfit for him to dress me in. My pussy gets wet thinking about how the evening is going to end.

I walk into the bathroom as I hear the water shut off. I wait for Taz to turn around and I slowly unbelt my robe and let it slide down my shoulders, exposing my breasts with nipples erect. I let it slide off on my arms and down my waist to hit the floor exposing me completely to his eyes. He steps towards me and I shake my head no. I step into the tub and slowly sink into the wonderfully hot, steamy bubble bath. My nipples get even harder from the warm water hitting my skin. Taz takes a wash cloth and lathers it with my favorite soap. He washes my back, my neck, my arms and then moves to my chest. He rubs my chest and hovers around my breasts and nipples. Accidentally sliding his bare hand across saying that the wash cloth slipped from his fingers. I smack his fingers and tell him that his job is just to bathe his mistress and care for her needs (non-sexual needs). He proceeds to wash my stomach and then moves to my thighs, calves and feet. He then drops the wash cloth in the tub as if he is finished. I hiss his name and tell him that he forgot the most important part and I stand up in the tub and turn to face the wall spreading my legs and exposing my ass. The water and bubbles glisten and slide down my ass as he watches then kneels and picks up the washcloth and gently washes my ass and pussy. His breathing increases as he feels the heat of my body in the palm of his hand. He slides his thumb 'accidentally' into my pussy and I inhale sharply at the pleasure that courses through my body. I allow him to gently probe my cunt for a few moments and then tell him to stop and that he will be punished for that inappropriate touching later. I have him proceed to shave my legs and tell him to lay me on a towel on the floor so that he can shave my pussy. He is hard as a rock and the outline of his cock in his jeans is wonderfully exciting. As he lathers my cunt his breathing quickens and his hands gently tremble as he picks up the razor. He then concentrates on the task at hand and shaves the cunt that he's hoping to bury his face and cock in very shortly. He cleans me up and then leans down and kisses his freshly shaved pussy. I allow a small kiss and then demand that he help me to my feet.

I tell him to follow me to the bedroom. I walk out first so that he can watch my naked ass sway as I walk in front of him. On the bed are black lack up thigh high boots, a black leather corset that laces on each side and a short black leather skirt that laces on each side. A black strap on harness with a gel dildo attached. A bottle of lube is on the table beside the bed. I tell him to start with the corset. He helps me into it and then laces me in. I tell him that the strap on is next. He helps me into it and my hard 'cock' points directly towards him. The skirt is next and he helps me in and laces me up. It's short enough that my 'cock' peeks out from underneath and my ass cheeks show without bending over. I sit on the bed and tell him to slip my boot on and begin lacing it. When he reaches the top he kisses my thigh and I pull his hair and head so that his lips are against my 'cock'. Suck it, I tell him as I keep a firm grip on his hair. He looks up at me with his gorgeous eyes as if to question me and I push his head onto my 'cock'. Suck it, I say again and he opens his lips and slides them around my cock and then slowly up and down the length. I'm having fun watching him, but I tell him to put my other boot on and lace it up. Again as he reaches the lacing at the top, he kisses my inner thigh. I allow it and then again tell him to suck my cock. He obliges me and I enjoy the sight of him sucking me off for a few minutes. I tell him to stand and undress for me. He slowly unbuttons his shirt, inch by inch exposing his sexy chest to me and then slides it off of his muscular arms and lets it hit the floor. He then unbuckles his belt, unbuttons his jeans and unzips them. He sits on the bed beside me and removes his boots then stands up and slowly slides his pants to the floor. I can see the outline of his cock in his briefs. I lean over and run my finger over the outline of his hard on. He attempts to remove his briefs and I stop him, saying 'not yet'. I run my fingers and hand over his hard cock making precum appear on his briefs. Now I am satisfied and tell him he can remove his briefs for me. His gorgeous hard on pops out and precum glistens the head. I lean over and lick the precum off. He tries to get me to take him into my mouth but I stand up before he can. I push him on the bed and tell him to watch me for a bit. I have him sit on the bed as I parade the room in my outfit and gather the piece of robe he brought, a flogger and the bottle of lube.

I lean over him so that my breasts are in his face and whisper in his ear to lie on the bed for me with his hands holding the rails of the bed. He hesitates and I lean back and slap the flogger across his cock and balls. He quickly positions himself the way I've asked him. I tell him to spread his legs. Again he hesitates thinking I'm going to fuck him. I slap the flogger down a little harder across his cock and balls. Precum instantly appears on his hard cock and he lies back in the position I requested. I take the rope and slide it around his cock and balls. I then pull it through the loop and tighten it on his balls so that I can begin winding the rest of the string around his cock and balls. I wind it around and around and then tie the end off. His balls are beautifully tied and laced up. His cock is hard and precum is dripping. I lick it off and then slide my mouth up and down the shaft. He lets go of the bed posts and twines them in my hair and f***es me to take him fully to his balls. I pull back and struggle to have him release his grip. I then get the flogger and smack his cock, balls, thighs and stomach with the flogger hard several times as I tell him how badly he has behaved. I then tell him to flip over and get on all fours. He complies and I drag the flogger gently down his back, across his ass and balls, down his inner thighs and then back up. I start back down his back gently and then slap it across his back, across each ass check hard enough to make them begin to redden. Harder and harder I smack him until his ass cheeks are nice and rosy. I run my hand across his balls and his cock is still hard. I slide my hand up and down his cock making sure he is still excited. With my other hand I open the lube bottle and put a little in my hand and rub it across his ass hole. I gently ease a finger into his ass and rub his prostate. His breathing quickens and I increase the pressure. I then add a little more lube and a second finger. Gently and then exerting more pressure and going deeper. As he gets more and more into his pleasure, I run my other hand over his cock ensuring that it stays hard. It is soaked with precum. I lube my cock and slide into position to enter him. I remove my fingers and gently replace with my cock. I allow him to increase the depth until he takes my entire length deep inside his ass. As I slide in and out of his ass I also work his cock. My pussy is wet from the friction created by the harness. I work his cock harder and faster and pound his ass in rhythm to the fucking. I ask him if he's ready to cum and he says yes very close. I tell him not yet that he has to wait. He begs for me to allow him to release his load. I pick the flogger up and smack his ass and tell him to hold it. He says I have to cum. I slam my cock as far in his ass as I can and pull the rope on his cock and balls to keep him from diving over the edge. He begs me again to allow him to cum and I give in and tell him that he can. He spurts his load on my hand and the bed. I slide out of his ass and have him lick the cum off of my hand. I then stand on the bed in my boots and make him lick my cunt for me until I scream as a shattering orgasm rips through my body.
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