Taz - Part 1

I sent a text the morning to my friend telling him I was going to come and rock his world. He wasn't going to be allowed to fuck me, but if he was a good boy he'd be allowed to cum for me. I asked him to have a belt, small piece of rope and nipple clamps ready for when I arrived. I would bring any other accessories with me. I sent him a text a few minutes before arriving and told him to stroke his cock and have it hard with pre-cum dripping from the head whenever I arrived. If he didn't he would be punished.

When I arrived, I was wearing a short black skirt, black thigh highs, black heels, black lace panties and a black demi bra. I had a bag with me with my surprises in it. I told him to get on the bed and continue stroking his cock while I got ready. I put the belt he had out on the bed beside him. I took out nipple clamps and a strap on dildo. I leaned over and put the nipple clamps on him. I then stepped into my strap on. I then straddled his face in a 69 position, telling him that he couldn't lick me but he could smell my scent. I then lowered my cunt to his face and ground it into his nose and lips. As I did this I took over working his cock to the verge of climax. I could tell he was close and I lifted my cunt long enough to ask him if he wanted to cum. He said yes and I said no, he said please and I said no. He tried grinding his cock faster into my working hand and I took the belt and smacked his cock and balls to hold off his orgasm. I then ground my cunt back into his face and started working his cock again, this time also taking it into my mouth. Again as he got close to orgasm I smacked his cock and balls. I then took the piece of rope and tied his cock and balls up. My cunt was soaked, but he hadn't tried to open his mouth and lick my dripping panties. I then slid down and started working my wet panties across the shaft of his cock. Once again I worked him to the brink of an orgasm and told him that he couldn't cum yet. I then took off my panties for him to suck the juices out of while I slid my wet cunt across the shaft of his cock, making sure that he couldn't enter me (not even just the head). I rocked back and forth and then slowly slid the head of his cock across my clit. He was begging for me to let him cum. I refused. He was rock hard, soaked from my cunt and his pre-cum. I rocked and ground my clit onto the shaft of his cock and slowly slid the head of his cock up and down my clit until I shuddered with orgasm. I then slid off of him and told him that he could stroke his cock to orgasm. I lubed his ass and the dildo good and slid it into his ass as he stroked his cock I pumped his ass. I told him to tell me when he was on the edge of cumming. He did and I told him not just yet as I pounded his ass with the dildo. He begged me to let him cum. I said not yet and pounded him some more. He screamed, please let me cum and I said go ahead you've been a good boy and continued to pound his ass. He shot his load and I pulled out as the final spurt of cum came out of his cock. I got up and left.
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