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my video was taken 4 years ago.

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1...not cock avatar and men use a woman photo for his avatar(do you want to be woman!? if you are "Transsexual", it is no problem)
2...under 50 friends in your list.
3...FUN! and something! lol
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2 days ago
Hi, very nice profil
3 days ago
Damn you are cute :D

Add me?
4 days ago
Hi Hinako, I hope you're surviving winter well. I'm wondering if we can be finds here. If you're interested, please send me an invite.
5 days ago
your message helped my bad weekend to be better :)
5 days ago
give me a little bit more time :P
5 days ago
さ・・・thank you!(^-^;
7 days ago
oh and sorry i didnt see the friend invite :c
i have never been registered on a site like this before sooo :c i dont know how it works and you dont get email notifications :c
so i am sorry about it o.o i did also send you an email uhm >_> but thank you for the invite! :) it was really kind of you!! :) ^-^ and have a wonderful wonderful weekend and friday! C:
7 days ago
then i guess i also want to wish hinako sama a wonderful and an amazing weekend! (^-^)
i hope it will be great and perfect! C:
7 days ago
Nice Weekend :p
8 days ago
Hi hinako!
Have a nice weekend! (*^_^*)
8 days ago
so i am sorry for disturb you hinako! (>.
8 days ago
and i am really sorry for write way to much :c but that is just what i am :/ i like to type a lot about things :/
8 days ago
dont be sorry! it is really nothing to be sorry about! :) hope you have a great and happy day in japan :)
8 days ago
i see (^-^;
8 days ago
never mind, sorry(^^)
9 days ago
oh! l(^-^)l then is it okay if i call you hinako sama? c:

oh you mean it is snow in your country? o: or what does snowly mean if you not mean snow ? (=o.o=)
oh what does samui mean? :c i am not that good in japanese i just can some words and some sentences i guess :c so i am very sorry hinako sama :c but i will do my best to learn more words and sentences but i think it is very hard to learn! (q-p) :c

but i guess you mean snow? :D we also have snow in my country it is so mashiro out here! D: it is kire (maybe i spell it wrong but i mean beautiful XD)

i am sleepy now also :,c i woke up some time ago and i am not good with mornings :c i wish i was a morning person :,c
9 days ago
Would love to spend a night out with you beautiful (^_^;)
9 days ago
9 days ago
i like hinako sama :D

it was snowly today, soooooo samui!
10 days ago
Yes! c: or maybe you want to be called hinako chan/san? o: or just hinako? :3

oh and thank you! D: i will try my best! :3 same goes for you! :)
What are you up to? C:(if i can ask! o:)
11 days ago
hinako sama?!
thank you, have a great day!
11 days ago
thank you, sorry for too late X)
11 days ago
12 days ago
12 days ago
oh! >_< and you dont need to answer if you dont want to! :) so dont worry! :) you should always do the things you want to do and be a happy person! :3
12 days ago
oh! c: hellow hinako sama! c:
How are you doing? l(^-^)l
hope you will have a wonderful day and be happy! :3
/kuroi c:
12 days ago
hi Hinako, you are so beauty, i wish chat with u soon !
13 days ago
You're adorable ;)
13 days ago
You have a PN. but please do not get confused. :( Pure chaos and confusion written. But I just wanted to help.

But xHamster has deleted everything. not my fault. i swear. :P xHamster delete URL's and links, general. I wanted to send you a link. But nope...

You will first think. What the Fuck Turbostep written. And yes What the Fuck I written. :(
14 days ago

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