This is my dream part 2

She climbs off his still hard cock and once takes it in her mouth cleaning her love juices from his thick shaft after around a while he lifts her head off his cock and tells her to sit on his face so he can taste her wet pussy.
Has she moans and squirms she looks at me and and said"come here and put your cock in my mouth. As quick as a flash my cock is out and in her mouth were she once again gives me a world class blow job.
As she is blowing me off my mate as slid from under her and is giving it to her doggy this is one of her biggest fantasy to be spit roast.But has my mate has the cock of a donkey she is in far too much pleasure to Carrie on blowing my i back off to watch (with my cock in my hand)The biggest shock off my life comes.
My mate says "put it in my mouth" did you just say put my cock in your mouth?"i ask with a shock look and tone to my voice my moans ho yes(we have talked about a MMF threesome for ages but she did`nt think i would go through if the opportunity arouse.
I walk over to him stand by his side he looks up at opens his mouth and closes around my erection and starts to blow me.
For the first time in my life i am having a blow job from a man and it feels great.
My wife has turned round to watch us and has this is her dream come true she starts to buck my mates cock like crazy and comes again with in about ten seconds she moves off is cock turns round and lays on her back and proceeds to wank herself off watching my mate give me an amazing blowjob.
As i am on the verge of cumin he pulls his head back looks up and say,s i love to suck but i wont swallow.
He looks at me and asks if that was alright.
"That was great" i said.
He said "I have always wondered what it would be like to suck a cock and with my cock buried deep in her pussy i thought it was the time to ask"
I asked him how he new i would be up for it he reply's "we have chatted on a few occasions on the internet."oh i say"
My wife looks at me and she say`s you going to return the favor the.The next thin i now i am putting into action all the practice i have put in on my wife dildos into use and i am sucking his big hard wet dick he tastes of my wife and pree cum i think to myself yes i1m doing it i have a cock in my mouth and its great.I can hear my wife in the back ground moaning with pleasure
Then it goes quiet and the next thing i know my wife has her mouth round my cock.After five minutes of deep throating and wanking his magnificent cock he starts to moan loudly."i`m going to cum" he moans.
"like you mate not swallowing" my wife lays on her back and and tells us to cover her in man juices. we kneel by her side and start to wank then my wife say,s wank each other so we do and within seconds three people are orgasmic and my wife is covered in spunk.
This is my dream.If you are local don`t judge can accommodate and into sucking cock maybe my next story could include you.

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2 years ago
WOW sounds like a lot of fun. Great story. Hope to here more
2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
A similar thing happened to me