Right i thought, ill get this last job sorted then race home and have the house to myself for an hour or so before the wife gets in. Both the k**s are away so i thought ill enjoy some sexy time alone. I rushed home and swung the van into the first space i could find. When i jumped out my freshly shaven cock was already starting to pulsate as i thought about my beautiful wives sexy panties in the wash basket just waiting to be explored.

I kicked of my shoes and dropped my trousers releasing my massive hard throbbing cock, and went upstairs. I reached into the wash basket and found 3 pairs of nice fresh dirty panties. The nice white pair where cotton with blue dots on, i sniffed them deeply as i reached in for her tiny little black lace thong, which i wrapped around my cock. Then i noticed she had worn my favourite ones, peachy coloured full lace French briefs, i climbed into them so i could feel her lovely gusset on my shaven balls.

I went into the bedroom and laid on the bed, black panties in my mouth and rubbed the white ones on my cock. I must have been in heaven as i never noticed the wife come home and she was stood in the door way, her arms folded and giving me daggers. She stormed over and grabbed my balls and squeezed them so tight i nearly blew my load " so you like to wear my panties when im out of the house do you" she said. I stared back speechless. Well you little tart she said, if you like to dress like a lady, ill screw you like a lady, she told me to get on all fours and wait.

After a while, she came back in, i looked round and as usual she was drop dead sexy, in black boots, lace hold-ups, and a huge flesh like strap on swinging between her legs. Ive never seen that before i thought.... She said, "you know what's going to happen, pull those panties to one side and lube up" she said. I couldn't find the lube fast enough, once it was applied she strutted over and plunged her massive rubber cock up me. Id never had anything like that up me before, she has used fingers and beads but never something like that, i thought, will it even fit?? I let out a helpless yelp,which was a sign it did fit, but it was a tight fit ! she just reached round and pumped my rock solid cock while she pumped my ass. She asked if i was enjoying the role swap, and i was loving it !!!!!

Harder baby i asked, and she happily obliged, when i told her i was about to cum, she put the panties she had been wearing all day beneath my cock and told me to spray my load over the gusset, i shot a massive thick white load all over her sexy panties. When i looked down i noticed i hadn't seen these panties before, they where sexy satin ones, i looked round at her and before i could say anything, she said, "if you try and wear these panties and end up stretching them like my others, next time will not be as pleasant, do you understand".

I nooded, she withdrew her huge cock from my throbbing ass, and said, clean up then baby, and lets go food shopping. I was walking like John Wayne all round the supermarket.

Morale of the story, don't let the wife catch me in her underwear
91% (8/1)
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3 years ago
I would have thought that the moral of the story is to be caught by your wife, while wearing her underwear, I can sense that you loved every minute of your "punishment"
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Yes indeed,,but you enjoyed it