Bursting for a piss !!

So it was Friday afternoon and i get a phone call from my wife " babe shall we go fishing tonight?". I was a little shocked as the weather was so bad but i hadn't been out on the lake for a while so i said yeah, as soon as i finish work, ill pack the truck up and we will head down the lake.

We got there and there was a dry spell, so i quickly threw the Bivvi up and set up the camp beds, and she climbed inside. I was outside setting the rods and baiting up when she called for me to turn around. I looked round and the mrs was wearing stockings and suspenders under her jeans, and she pulled out her favourite rabbit. As she laid there on the camp bed with her legs wide open, pushing her toy deep into her wet rimmed tight pussy, i could feel my cock growing inside my trousers.
She asked if i was enjoying it and i nodded repeatedly. She told me to carry on sorting my rods out while she made her pussy nice and wet for me.

As soon as i was set up, i climbed in the Bivvi with her, and got my head between her legs and licked,sucked and chewed on her beautiful pussy. I tried to close the door but she made me leave it open so anyone who cared to look across the lake could see. She turned over onto all fours and told me to fuck her hard, and pull as hard as i could on her nipples. We went like that for ages until i pumped my thick hot seed deep inside her pussy, which i then gladly went back down on and licked clean.

That was that i thought, and we settled down for a night on the lake. I was woken by her a few hours later saying she needed a piss and she didn't want to walk around the lake in the dark. I jokingly said, babe just piss in a empty pot noodle cup, we giggled and then she said, pass it here then, and i sat and watched as she squatted over a pot noodle cup and filled it right up!!!! i was gutted that i never said for her to piss in my mouth !!! She said i can't drink it because its dirty in the cup.

But next time she said, she might just use my mouth !!!
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3 years ago
Lovely story, thanks for sharing
3 years ago
3 years ago
Excellent story. Please let us know if there is a next time.