How I got to know about sex

Hi I am Leila from gulf, i am 22 years old and my body figure is 36, 32 34. round face, long dark hair and my height is 5 f 1 inch. i belong to a Muslim f****y. I share my real story with you Wichita happened with me 2 years ago. I grew up in a very stricken Muslim society in arab. I was not allowed to show my face and even skin. I used to wear abaya, hijab, gloves and cover myself from top to bottom like most arab girls in saudi arab. I was taught by my mother and elders not to look at men and stay away from them. So I was following that way and religious Islamic law. In my teenage. I had feelings to speak and look at men and started to like men. I had interest to listen stories from other women while talking about men. By that time I even understood as what happens when it's wedding night from my aunts and cousins. I was getting more interested. As the rules of my f****y I was not allowed to look or speak at men. But sometimes while going for personal shopping I was feeling shy when some men were looking at me.

One of the days I went for shopping with my aunts. I was standing while I covered my all body wearing a white color bra and blue top. And short which covers uptown my knees. Above all I had a black khilliji abbaya that covered my whole body upto feet and a hijab/nikabi which covers all my head and had gloves on to cover my hands too. My aunt was talking to the female sales lady about garments. I was standing in the back, suddenly I felt something touched my back. I was shocked so much as it never happened to me before. My heart started beating fast and faster. I became freezed like ice in that place. Again I felt the hand touched a little closer. I looked back and saw a man who was in the age of my father smiled to me. I felt so shy and he was looking into my eyes with a smile. I became shy and lowered my glaze down and stepped forward in the corner of the shop. My heart was beating so fast and scared as well. Thinking that time if why he is smiling to me suddenly I felt something pressed and moving on my left side of teez (ass). I felt more shy and he got advantage of that and stood in my back and pushed his finger deep in my teez(ass). My face became red and got more shy. And went and stood next to my aunts. They were done and we left there and came home. In that night I was feeling so happy and thinking of that man the way he touched me and was thinking of his zobar ( Dick) which I felt.

I got more interested to be touched by men, I used to look at men and they looking and winking their eye to me. It was making me so happy. My kussy (my vagina/pussy) was getting wet while thinking of men and the the touch.

I had a cousin who was married and lived in Jeddah. She came to our house. I was shy to ask her but was confused. I asked her what happens in first wedding night. She laughed loudly and said, you will see it soon inshallah. I asked how? She said when you get married. I said no, what a man and woman doing. She saiid, they while laughing, they Hugh and kiss and care each others. But that was not the answer I wanted...........

to be continued
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1 year ago
amazing and intersting story i hope learn more
1 year ago
very interesting story, if ever truly interested in sex and experiencing it, u should send me a message, I am a black American living in Al Ahsa, but I come to Riyadh often and would love to finally experience a true Arabic woman. Feel free to contact me.
1 year ago
very interesting
1 year ago
I hope that you are going to tell us when you fr got a zobar in you kussy.
1 year ago
nice story....