English Rose - Part 1

I met him when I was 13, he was 23, married when I was 19 and had two k**s - we spent our lives watching the k**s grow and had no time for each other.

He called me just before Christmas one year - "I am having an affair and leaving you" - I was devastated as I thought our once a month sex was all he wanted - obviously not - he had met an older women who loved oral, anal, dogging and some fetishes I had never even heard of.

He came home for Christmas and we talked, we both said a few home truths and it hurt like hell but I didnt want to loose this man - we had been through so much and I knew deep down I loved him as much as he loved me.

He said he wanted to see me with other men and women, he wanted me to wear sexy clothes and appear on websites so others could see how I looked - I was shocked and scared - what happens if someone I know sees me naked on a website??

I did what he wanted, I joined a web models site and he took a few pictures of me in glamour wear - we spent a fortune on clothes .... but the reviews on the site were not good - they wanted young girls not maturing mothers.

One photographer was keen however, "Would you do a private fetish photoshoot at a top class studio??"

"What fetish" I asked

"Oral and watersports ...... with your husband - I will pay well and it will be for my private collection"

"How much and how long?"

"£200 for an hour - can you manage that - ohh and a BJ for me at the end of course"

The deal was done and a few days later I was on all fours pissing over my husband while this photographer videoed and photographed every part of my body - I felt totally degraded but happy at the same time and when I slide his erect cock into my mouth and sucked him off my pussy was so damm wet.

On the way home husband and I spoke - "we can make good moey doing this babe"

Within a few hours I was signed up to another site - men and women offereing sexual services - sorry no - consenting adults paying for time with another consenting adult!!

Soon the calls came flooding in - mature women were wanted as e****ts - my pussy, arse and mouth was filled on a daily basis by strange men, I walked on my high heels across there chests, balls and cocks, I sat on their faces and squirted all over them ..... basically I did anything they wanted.

Husband came home one day with a leather collar - and i knew then that he had turned me into a cock slut, a slave to men, a submissive whore.

He collared me and we went out to an adult swingers club in a nearby city - it was mainly couples but there were a few single guys.

I was dressed in a see through top, a very short skirt and high heels - underware had been banned months ago.

He lead me in and i was made to stand in the bar turning round slowly so that everyone could get a good view of my body and total submission.

Soon hands began to touch my breasts and pussy and i could feel myself getting wet .... very wet.

I was then blindfolded and led into a smaller room, my chain was atttched to a hook in the wall and my arse was smacked hard - just once but that was the sign .... fingers soon were in all my holes, my nipples where being squezed and my mouth was pulled open for the first of many cocks that night.

I was used by countless men (and women) that night ... my cunt, arse and mouth were sore for days and I leaaked cum all over the car seat on the way home ....

My life had changed for ever ... or had it???

Part 2 to follow ...
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3 years ago
wow great story hope we hear more
3 years ago
yes it has lil'lady