Sex with Asian colleague

I hate long stories so here it is, I started fucking my Asian colleague a few years ago. Actually I'm her boss, she's 46 married f****y so it's on the DL for sure. We started three years ago, she came into the office on a Saturday wearing a sexy little summer outfit, almost sheer. Did not know she was coming so I was a bit surprised. Worked with her for over ten years...

Anyway, she said she came in to finish some work, it was close to the end of the day so I was wrapping up my work and getting ready to leave. She came to my office room with some paperwork for me to sign and got real close, leaning over and the light shining through her dress I could see she had no panties on...

I was instantly hard because she is such a juicy petite little thing and very cute for her age. Looks like 30 or younger. She caught my glance down there and looked at me, slowly pulled up her dress so I could get a full view and looked down at her neatly trimmed pussy. She said "you can have if you want". I was in shock basically but I did not hesitate. I reached for her pussy and touched her, she was so wet and hot and it made me even harder. I told her to take off her dress and she did as I ordered. She really has an awesome little rocket body. Did not waste any time, took my pants off, shirt everything and we both got totally naked and went to my couch. I positioned her in the missionary position and penetrated her. She was so tight but so wet and it took a minute or so to slide in her, she gasped when I completely in and totally lost control after I started pumping her. The only thing she did manage to say coherently is "please cum inside me".

Her pussy was so tight I almost came in 30 seconds but I gathered my composure and pumped her steadily. She beat me to orgasm cumming first and squirting a little. Her contraction popped me out of her pussy too. She grabbed on my cock and directed me back in and we continued. I noticed we were making a big wet spot on the couch...

She was in ecstasy I was in ecstasy, we changed position to cowgirl and continued fucking and kissing passionately. She came five more times I came in her twice and we were sweaty an sticky after 40 minutes of fucking. We stopped for a while just kissing and rubbing for about 10 minutes then I flipped her into doggie and enjoyed humping her while watch her lovely hips glide back and forth. She's a tiny lady but with very nice curves and ass. Yoga and pilates...

We fucked for another hour or so, I just could not get enough of her pussy. She took my thick cock like a champ so eagerly. We finally finished and had not really said a word to each other. We stood up naked, me still hard, and she sucked my cock. A wonderful sight that is. I came once more in her mouth she smiled and said to me "you can go if you need to I will clean up". She picked up her dress and modestly covered herself and left me in my office to get dressed. I got myself together and came out 5 minutes later. She had her dress on and was waiting for me to come out. She just said "I'll clean up" and went into my office. As she bent over to pick up a cushion from the couch I could see her naked pussy and some of my cream dripping down her left leg. She picked up the cushion turned around and said to me "I will not tell anyone, you know I can keep the secret. If you want me again please tell me and I will do as you like". I said "sure" like some dumb school k** and I wanted to fuck her all day and all night...

She made me hyper horny and I went home took a shower, went over to my 25 year old girlfriend's place (also Asian) and fucked her silly too...

From that point on things were pretty much the same in the office we never talked about having sex directly, I would ask her if she was "available" she would give the time and we would meet (outside of the office) and fuck our brains out. We don't talk a lot we kiss alot. We both know what we want from each other so it's very comfortable. She did say if I have to stop having sex with her she will understand (girlfriend). Now we meet once a week and it's not enough for me actually and I want more. Girlfriend is still around and she only has time to spend time and fuck on the weekends. I need another tight sexy Asian lady to fill in the gaps. Any volunteers?
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4 years ago
Fucked her again last week. Sent her home without her panties and a pussy full of cum. I love busting nuts in tight Asian women.
4 years ago
nice man :) loved the story :) you wanna hear my story?
4 years ago
oh HELL yeah!
4 years ago
oh hell yeah!
4 years ago
You're living the dream, dude. Fuck that slut!
4 years ago
how about a 29 y.o. Pinay?? =)